Work it like your grandma

I visited my grandparents this weekend (to fix a computer issue and beg them to let me store some containers in their spotless-eat-off-the-floor basement). Gosh, their life is so simple now at 87—but they’re happy. We cheered on grandma as she got out of her chair 10 times to try and kill flies on the window–it struck me oddly as a form of exercise for her. We also played 20 questions (not really, gpa just fires the questions at me every time I see him—he’s so concerned that I will not find a parking spot), and contemplated how I would get all the dead bugs off my car.

It got me thinking about how life is different now than when they grew up (yes, grandma walked to school uphill both ways in the snow, etc.).

Then I was thinking about the way I’m approaching food now (I’d call it traditional nutrition), and that I could apply it to exercise too. Especially now that I’m mostly working at home (I’m not going to stop talking about how much I love this fact).

I’m going to do an experiment with fitness/activity over the first two weeks of September. I’ll fill you in tomorrow or Thursday. I hope some of you try it too…I’ll explain why, etc., then.

Random things from this week so far:

I had a 3 hour class last night. It was our first class, with a new smartboard in the classroom. First issue: they changed the classroom number and didn’t tell anybody. Second issue: the smartboard wouldn’t connect with the computer so I couldn’t show my syllabus, online classroom, power point, or videos that I had planned on.

I laughed.

I cried.

Not really—I just laughed, and then called Tech Support.

His response: Oh sh*t.

Truth: I let them go 30 minutes early because of the tech issue (it was annoying to them, I’m sure)


I finally found a way to do my texting-based scavenger hunt in the grocery store. The idea is that I’ll send them to the grocery store with a clue. They’ll have to go to a certain area/product and answer a question by texting it to a certain number. When they get it right, they’ll get a text back with the next clue.

I will definitely include some nutrient questions…and high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil facts. Do you have any other ideas for what I could send them to do/learn in the grocery store?

I found a parking spot. Kind of. I gave up asking neighbors if I could rent a spot from them. It’s annoying to ask and most people don’t have the space anyway. I used my sleuthing techniques and found public overnight parking just a few blocks away. Of course, there are designated spots within the lot for parking on alternating nights of the week.

Here’s where it is (my place is the blue star and the potential spots are where the blue lines are):

To the other Lisa B and Kyle - Rio T is one block south of where my car will be parked--I think it's a sign that I should swing by there for margaritas to warm up when I'm walking home in November in the dark.

Yes, I made that map. And it’s not because I have nothing else to do, I just felt like being really clear on where it was. I also printed out the downtown parking map provided by the police station and highlighted it by area where I have to park on each night. Joe parked there last night, and said that he left the highlighted map on his dashboard–it’s like a parking pass. See, we can park here legally and we know it!

I vow to have my apartment be presentable by Saturday (and I told Joe this too, so I better do it).  Then I’ll probably have more pics.

There is lack of interesting food in my life right now, and also lack of interesting photo ops since I’ve been working non-stop. (Not a complaint. I like it. Remember—at home!).

Last thing:

Big overhaul on the blog soon. New logo, new plan…related to business changes, but I don’t plan to be more business-y on the blog, just so you know. I am anticipating being more informational at some point–I’m teaching a Contemporary Nutrition course that is awesome, and I’d like to share some of the content with you.

What are you up to this week? I noticed blog world is a little lacking right now—must be everyone is back to school!

I’m glad you all love eggs as much as I do 🙂

16 thoughts on “Work it like your grandma”

  1. I already know that I’m going to love hearing about your exercise experiment.  I spent six months in Africa, and I remember the incredulous looks on people’s faces when they watched tourists go for runs.  When you’re physically active all day, every day, “working out” seems utterly bizarre.  When I was a teenager, I volunteered in a living museum.  I dressed in costume, went to school, worked in the garden, milked the cows, cooked and cleaned…every day was a work out and I absolutely loved it!  I’d love a job like that now.  Well, only a few days a week…I’m loving my new-found freedom and flexibility a little bit too much to give it up altogether.

    I love Smartboards.  Not so much when they don’t work…but when they DO work, they’re absolutely fantastic.

  2. I am excited to hear about your exercise experiment — no clue what it is, but I’m sure you’ve come up with something interesting.

    Yes the blog world seems a little quiet — I wonder if people are starting school/on vacation?

  3. glad you got to spend time with your grandparents, lisa! i bet they loved seeing you. the 20 questions time sounds very funny!!
    looking forward to hearing about your exercise plan! always good to go with the flow and switch things up.
    are you happy to be working from home?! (joke!) – > that is excellent! and that the parking has worked out. so great to find “free” options for what you usually have to pay for.
    contemporary nutrition sounds like a really interesting course! i would take that! for the scavenger hunt, what about hidden sodium? people often are unaware of how prevalent salt is in foods…and how sneakily it’s hidden!
    have a great day – and enjoy a coffee for me, ok?!

  4. I’m definitely going to have them look for sodium—thank you–I hadn’t thought of that one yet!
    …currently, I am enjoying a large hot coffee (made with my beloved keurig) in your honor 🙂
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  5. I’ve heard the same thing about a friend’s visitor from India–they were in DC, and he couldn’t stop laughing at the runners and asking why?! would anyone do that?!?!
    What an awesome job you had—I’m not sure if I would have
    appreciated that as a teenager, but I would now!
    My new fitness plan involves lots of daytime pjs (aka comfy workout clothes) and not a lot of sweating…
    You’re so right on the smartboard! The receptionist told me that
    mine was one just installed….so apparently they didn’t feel the need to test it after they installed it?!
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  6. The other Lisa B

    Hahaha…the first thing I was looking for on your map was Rio T! I’m ready, It’s been awhile. Glad you’re getting settled in. Can I come by soon?

  7. Yes! Soon, whenever you’re free…and hopefully by this weekend my clothes will be inside something instead of in a huge pile (a neat pile, but still…).
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    The other Lisa B

  8. Hmm, not sure how your grocery store scavenger hunt works, but how about: BPA-free cans; hormone-free/antiobiotic-free meats; cage-free, organic eggs; chemical-laden dairy creamers; artificial sweeteners; hydrogenated oil in foods (on ingredient list but not listed as trans fats); chemical-laden cookies vs. “natural” cookies; “natural” anything (what does that label mean, exactly?). 

  9. I am excited for this blog overhaul.  You have so much knowledge to share I’ll take it!   Also I am sure your students will love you more now that you let them out 30  minutes early.  I remember loving my teachers that let us out even 10 minutes early!

  10. All of these teasers! I can’t wait to hear about the new fitness plan and see the new blog! Its so cool that you’re planning that scavenger hunt… I want to do it haha!

  11. That’s crazy that you have to park so far away, but I guess it could be worse – a couple blocks isn’t that bad. 

  12. I can’t wait for the info from your class! This scavenger hunt is a great idea too, I wanna play! Why does technology have to fart at the wrong times? That had to be frustrating!

  13. I noticed that about the blog world too… what a busy couple of weeks we’re all having!

    Your nutrition class sounds just as interesting for you as it is the students, having to figure out technology to teach both in and out of the classroom. I’d love to hear more about the topics you cover on the blog and look forward to the makeover!

    I’m busy with work this week too – we’re having a huge bbq tonight for some of our athletes and I got tasked with making dessert… 2 batches of cookies later, we’re good to go 🙂

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