New is New…and Old can be New too.

I used to know this old Ukranian lady who moved to Rochester from Elmira after her husband died…her “new” house was built in the ’90s, and she just kept saying over and over, “I always say, New is New.”

I think of that now when things change for me. I’ve always been dead set against living in an old house. Seriously, I did it for a while with an ex who kept the heat at 57 degrees, and there was dirt on the windowsills that couldn’t be washed off. Yes, he was cheap. He was also a mama’s boy…but that’s a different story.

In my “new” place, I’m faced with being in an old house. Luckily, for the most part, this place is well-kept and not yucky like a lot of old places are. My issue is the bathroom–it’s fine. It’s not what I would call luxurious or stylish. But it’s fine (and I’m over the fact that I had to stick my hand in the toilet tank already to re-hook the chain). I also replaced the toilet seat–it had a big gouge out of it, and I think my new toilet rule is that every time you move, you need to replace the toilet seats. I mean, really. They should not be shared.

Lately, things like electricity, Internet, and having a place to sit have been a slight issue. All solved now.

Now that my furniture has arrived (many days later…long story), I can get things settled.

I’ll just share some pics from the last 7 days…


My Erie Canal Path. Usually I walk this alone. I was lucky to have Matthew there with me on my last day.



I'll admit, I almost bit it when I took this pic. I'm not so good going downhill, one-handed on a bike...



The water only looks dirty because it had rained the night before. The ducks didn't seem to mind.



My love. We biked for a couple hours. Water was necessary. Doesn't he look like Jen there?



I bought THIS, and let me tell you, I am READY to take advantage of my new ability to multi-task! (p.s. I'm working on getting a desk and curtains)



My favorite things moved with me.



This braided rug was made by my great grandmother. She used old clothes and dresses that had been worn by my mom and her sister.



I love my bench. No one sits on it. But if you come over, I'll let you.


My friends in Penn Yan are having a yard sale this weekend, and they happen to live right near the Windmill craft market…we’re anticipating big sales going on Saturday…

My friends have this yard sale every year (sometimes it has gone all night long!) and they told me they have a new game to play, so I’m eagerly anticipating that. Plus, it is falling on #winefriday. I have some major work to do this weekend, but I’ll handle it all…and unpack. And buy rugs.

My bike ride with Matthew was a lot of fun—we rode for about 45 minutes without even talking…he is definitely My Boy! (according to my heart, not my uterus)

What do you have going on this weekend?

I have posts coming up soon about eggs, and other interesting nutritional things I’ve learned lately. First, I need to go pay attention to my lovely students.

Happy Wine Friday! Tweet #winefriday to me if you celebrate this week 🙂

(p.s. I am going to learn a wine fact tomorrow and post it–all I’m doing right now is drinking the wine, not learning about it).


19 thoughts on “New is New…and Old can be New too.”

  1. Um totally agree with that new toilet seat rule!!!!  I love the look and feel of an old home, luckily for me my boyfriend is veryyyy handy bc I’m sure issues tend to come up more often than in a newer home!

    That is such a lovely rug with an even more lovely story 🙂 

    I will be able to tweet #winefriday later this evening, woo!!!

  2. Oh my god. Matthew is so so precious. I said it once and I’ll say it again: he is going to be SO hot when he gets older. Truth.

    That is a huuuuuge ass computer!!! And beautiful, I can’t wait to visitttt! I come home for a week in November and I can visit!! 🙂

  3. How beautiful that you have a braided rug made my your great-grandmother from your mom and aunt’s clothing.  That’s history.  It probably feels like family when you touch it.

    I grew up in old houses and the two houses that I’ve owned were both built in the 40s (not old by my standards, but definitely not new).  One of my childhood homes was built in 1894.  It had bats.  And mice.  But it also had this really cool trapdoor that led from the front yard to the basement.  That said, old houses are fine…but new toilet seats are a must!

  4. I am in love with that rug! And what a beautiful thing to keep, also! I love old houses, but to visit mostly. I don’t know about living in one! 🙂

  5. Loveee that braided rug-super cute! Its so nice to get things settled when you move. Hope the yard sale goes well

  6. oh my gosh, lisa, i am going gush over that braided rug – what a treasure!! i love that your grandmother MADE it. i have a small braided rug in my kitchen, but yours is amazing! also love that orange pillow!
    erie canal – what a great spot. glad you and matthew could spend time there.
    i have a thing about bathrooms, too…good call on replacing the toilet seat. i agree with your rule!
    have a great weekend, lisa!

  7. That braided rug is absolutely amazing.  When I lived in Buffalo we were in a very old house.  I actually really loved  most of it but am with ya on the bathroom.  I had to stick my hand in and do the same thing with the chain a few times.  It is zero fun.

  8. Susan MacLaughlin

    It will be too late to Tweet you later; so, I’m letting you know now that wine is in my future tonight. It’s our Gourmet Group (dinner with friends), and wine will be flowing. 🙂 Congrats on your new place; enjoy the New.

  9. Ohh, I never thought about it – but you’re right about toliet seats needing replacing when you move!

    Your and Matthew’s bike ride looks beautiful. Those are some of my favorite times with Adam – just riding bikes and enjoying the beautiful scenery. 🙂

  10. I can definitely understand that you want a new place that you can fully put your touch on. Being new to you completely might help with that..thank goodness there are no bugs painted into the wall or mold growing in the shower. These pictures are great. I love the new computer and the bike path you rode on!! Make the most of it!!

  11. Sounds like your bike ride was magnificent!  The trail is absolutely beautiful and so is Matthew =)

  12. So happy for you that you’re getting settled and making the house a home!  And yes, so many, ahem, issues with moving into older homes…notably the bathrooms & plumbing usually are doosies!  I’ve been there, 1929 vintage charm alrighty!

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