Misdirection, or Productive Procrastination

One of the best things about being a teacher is back to school shopping. Even though I teach primarily online, I still have two evenings a week this fall when I’ll be teaching in classrooms. First, I should be figuring out how to fill 3 hours of time with productive, useful, interesting information (for class times that end dangerously close to my bedtime). Second, I need to figure out what to wear.

The catch is that it is much easier to work on the wardrobe before the class planning. So that’s what I’m doing.

I always start out being picky about my clothes for teaching, and then I relax a bit (after my feet are injured from walking too far in uncomfortable shoes, usually). Standing in front of a class for 3 hours is hard on your feet. Even in Toms.

{Note, I’m also supposed to be packing/moving right now…but it’s raining…So, clothes shopping is to school prep as blogging is to moving?}

I’m going to weed out everything I don’t wear when I unpack it. First, because it’s wasting space, and second, because my closet situation is going to be abysmal. And since I can’t take pics of any clothes or anything relevant here…I’ll just show you more apartment pics from my phone…


Any idea why Starbucks is so awesome? I try to stay away from it---but it makes me feel like I can rule the world (not that I want to)
Notice the fireplace in its context...not so bad, but I still may vote for the plant idea.
Into the bedroom view. Maybe they could have nixed the double doors and put in a real closet? I guess when the house was built, people didn't have as many clothes...
Yes, you are seeing that correctly...I have no choice but to roll with it and work around it.
Here's the kitch. Lots of cupboards (that you can't see here) and space. My kind of place...
This is the second bedroom, but I am calling it "the room" because there is no closet. Really, it's not a bedroom if there's no closet!

Do you procrastinate? On work…I usually don’t. But on other things, I definitely do. I justify it by doing something else productive!

If you were (or are) a teacher, or even in any other job…what do you wear? Do you go for style or comfort? I won’t lie…I sometimes wear jeans, and I’m thinking evening classes should be really casual. Plus, I can pass as a student, so I like to anonymously walk the halls and blend in–note to students: be careful what you say to your friends in public places, that “student” walking next to you just might be your next teacher…{yes, I have a story on this one!}

Where is your ideal place to “back-to-school” shop?

Mine are: Anthropologie (although I’m not funky enough for a lot of that stuff), Banana (although I’m not tall enough for a lot of that stuff), Lord and Taylor (which a lot of you probably don’t have…it’s a dept store with a good “brand name” dept). Five years ago I would have said Urban Outfitters, but I’ve been in there recently, and I think I’m too old for it now.

What about house/apartment shopping (I need ideas!)? My living room furniture is from Arhaus. I also like Design Within Reach (but can’t really afford most of it since I bought my Nelson Bench and Eames Chair), West Elm, CB2, Blue Dot…and if I’m not patient enough to catalog/internet shop, I like TJ Maxx for odds and ends. I also am considering ordering from the Flor website…

Hopefully I’ll have more substance and better pics soon—if it stops raining and my furniture actually does get moved today!  Please cross your fingers for me 🙂

27 thoughts on “Misdirection, or Productive Procrastination”

  1. Lauren@Spiced Plate

    I actually got some good deals from EMS with pretty blouses and skirts…I was surprised but they were 50% off, which probably means they were too pretty for the hard core EMS ladies who usually shop for hiking clothes there…but I’ll reap those benefits.  I love Anthropologie clothes, but have never been able to afford them!  some day…usually I see what pretty clothes I can find at the cool second hand shops around town.  Luckily, my teaching environment is a little more relaxed, since I’m going to people’s homes and nobody expects me to dress in a certain way…I still like to look nice and put together, though. 

  2. I think picking out clothing and blogging are just as important as prepping for your class 🙂  I’m a teacher, but I teach pre-school so comfort is definitely important, because I’m up and down all day long!  And have you ever tried to sit in a pre-school sized chair?!

    Your apartment looks cute, can’t wait to see how you decorate it!!

  3. Good luck moving! Ann taylor loft is my go to for work clothes. And i dont know what it is about starbucks but i get totally sucked in too

  4. Wow, you’ve got alot on your plate, Girl!  Back to school shopping would get my vote over having to pack for a move.  I have experienced that shopping at department stores makes me depressed.  I can’t believe how expensive things are for cheaply made clothing!  Resale shops are my new best friend.  I walk out of there with double, sometimes triple the amount of clothes that I would in a department store.  You’d be surprised what great deals on name brand items you can get.  Going to Ann Taylor is my splurge, as I love how their pants fit me.  I personally think you should dress for comfort (from head to toe) and have a professional look.  

    As far has your apartment.  Again, I’m big into repurpose, reuse, recycle – second hand stores or rummage sales have cool stuff!  My splurge is Ballard Designs.  Flor rocks…love their flooring.  Your new digs look adorable.  

    Take one day at a time…it will all fall into place.  Enjoy your Sunday!  🙂

  5. Again, I kinda like your kitschy chandelier.  Sometimes it’s fun to have things that will make people’s eyes widen!  My house doesn’t have any of that…that’s why we did things like put a lobster trap on the wall and buy a wooden duck at a thrift shop.  Houses shouldn’t be too serious! 

    re: teaching, well, I taught young children, so it might be different.  But seeing as how I was usually sitting on the floor and/or covered in paint, I always wore comfortable machine-washable pants (not jeans, usually…I taught in a pretty hoity-toity neighbourhood where the moms looked like Barbie dolls…I always felt kind of insignificant next to them if I wore jeans), button-down shirts and uber-comfy flats.  Pretty boring, actually, but I often threw on a bright scarf or a chunky necklace to make it a bit funkier.

  6. Love the new place!  Bummer that there’s not enough closet space – but maybe that just calls for a nice winter project?

  7. Ok so now I am nervous for you.  I read your tweet about your sauna =(  I hope it made it safely to your place!!!!  And I am typing this to you while I sip my starbucks (its full of crack for suree).

  8. Ahhhh….starbucks would be good right now 🙂

    We did it make it with the sauna, approximately 3.5 seconds before
    it started thunderstorming/pouring…. Phew!

  9. Ahhh I love the energy you have now!!!! Food works wonders! Especially if you see my latest fb pictures — my skin and hair have never been better <3

    Also I want to see this house soooo badly, it is beautiful!!! We need to have a proper house-warming party around thanksgiving time, don'tcha think?! 🙂

  10. My ideal back to school (or back to fall, for me) would be nonexistent, or target… but this week I plan to go to Mall of America to get a bunch of it done all at once. urgh.

  11. I definitely procrastinate. I write freelance articles, so usually on pieces that require research, thought, analysis–that kind of thing. Ugh. What better time to empty wastebaskets, put in a load of laundry, take out the garbage!

  12. this is such a fun post, lisa! first, the tour of your apartment – you know what? i love it, fireplace, dramatic chandelier and all. the hardwood is gorgeous, and it’s got charm and character. can’t wait to see it with your touches!
    back to school: i taught for three years, and for clothing footwear, i was only in my mid-20s so being fashionable was most important to me. yup, standing 7 hours in heels! i did it!
    furniture: i, too, love west elm (have a glass desk) and i honestly love ikea! getting a couch there this week!
    good luck with your lesson prep. i do not procrastinate, so i can’t help you there! maybe limit your starbucks time?!! good luck with your unpacking, lisa!

  13. Your new place is so cute!  Gorgeous flooring  and lighting too.  Lol, and I know what you mean about Starbucks!  For some crazy reason I think it’s the green straws.  😉

    P.S. I’d love to hear the “student”/hallway story!

  14. Oh My!! Your new place is gorgeous! I love the floors and the fireplace!! So exciting for you!!!!!!!

    Sooo glad I stay away from Starbucks. i totally would be addicted!!
    Oh, yes I am a major procrastinator

  15. Maria@healthydiaries

    Your new place looks great! You really have a lot going on with moving and going back to work soon. I miss back to school shopping, but I’m sure my wallet is happy! I hope your back to school shopping goes well 🙂 I always dress for comfort at my job. I’m in an office all by myself so I don’t see too many people, and I sit mostly at a desk, so I like to be comfortable 🙂

  16. I love the look of the new place. I imagine it being very cozy with all of your furniture moved in! Wishing you luck with that today!! The “second bedroom” is so quaint, but I’m with ya on the closet theory. 

    We don’t have any of the stores you mentioned in Canada, haha. Can’t help you there!

  17. I’m the queen of procrastination… I’m actually procrastinating right now, I should def be studying, but I’ve just watching an entire movie and now I’m blogging… oh lord lol 

    The new place looks AMAZING! Sooo big! lol Do you live by yourself? I would feel a little intimidated lol 🙂 


  18. Get to work! HAha…I know that feeling. In fact, I’m procrastinating right now too…
    I don’t live alone—and I’m right across the street from my mom (I’m waiting for her to stop laughing every time I show up at her door, and tell me to give her some space)….

    On Wed 24/08/11 15:13 , “Disqus” sent:

  19. I love your new house, Lisa!  I love the character you find in older houses.  The huge windows in the 2nd picture are gorgeous!  You may have said this before, what do you teach?  Do you teach at a local college?

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