How is/was Wine Friday? Plus, I’m FINALLY Moving (How’s your patience? Mine stinks!)

Thanks to everyone who tweeted and commented and celebrated Wine Friday today! I celebrated with Joe. Except he doesn’t really drink a lot, so he ate sandwiches and I drank a very nice un-oaked Chardonnay.


Please remember that from now until further notice (until I un-bury my belongings in the new place) all pics are phone pics...

Here’s what I learned (by asking my wine expert friend Kyle):

Acidity in wine makes your mouth water and saliva helps break down food. So it makes food and wine a natural pair. “Plus, who really likes doing shots of vodka when eating?” – Kyle

Higher alcohol wines do not pair well with food (gewurztraminer is the exception–we’ll discuss that later).

Did you learn anything about wine this week or just enjoy and relax?


New topic.


I’ve wanted to live in Canandaigua NY since I was approximately 12 years old. Growing up in Penn Yan (pop: 6,000), there were limited opportunities, and I was just sure I belonged in Canandaigua. It was bigger. There were more people (and so I thought–fewer ding dongs)…and they had gymnastics. But that’s another story for another day!

Of course, I’ve lived in Ithaca NY and Boston…Penn Yan again, and Rochester NY since then. But now I’m on my way to living in Canandaigua (yes, with Joe), across the street from my mom and Fred. The rent’s cheaper. The place is nicer…and it’s in a house so it feels more like a home than this stanky apartment complex.

Matthew spent a few days with me this week. And man, we worked hard. I mean, we spent the whole entire time packing, cleaning, moving…No resting or recreation over here!


Nope, no fooling around going on over here!
We were all business.
Moving and organizing... (old apt)
No fun and games...just work!
We definitely did not buy anything new this week--moving is a time to weed out, not acquire more!
No time for play...


This is what we accomplished in moving to the new place. Does it look like nothing? It's not really...we checked out the place, and I've packed, moved, and deposited two car loads. My thighs are bruised from carrying boxes that are too heavy, and I'm planning to get into psycho-moving mode ASAP so it can just be done.
Yes those are deer on the fireplace. I was chatting with my dad's wife about what I could put in front of that (a plant?), and Matthew got a really confused look on his face and said, "Why would you want to cover that up?!"


A chair, ten boxes, two armfuls of coats, 3 garbage bags filled with clothes, and my bike...have made it to the new place.

Tomorrow: Moving more stuff. Joe’s playing golf and then playing cards with friends…but he has his car full of boxes to drop on his way (yes, the boxes I packed…so now I have to pack more before I can load my car again. It’s fine–I’m a better packer than he is and I’m also getting a killer workout.).

I can’t wait to get my stuff all settled in the new place—I know for sure that I am going to need to go shopping. I drive by all these antique stores (like 7 of them) on my commute between new and old apartments. I was contemplating going “antiquing” and picking up stuff there. But really, I don’t want other people’s old stuff. I like new stuff.

What are you doing this weekend? Does moving (or other things) stress you out and make you feel impatient, or do you just make it happen and go with the flow? I’ve been feeling impatient, but I know it’s happening now!

Come and visit me!

26 thoughts on “How is/was Wine Friday? Plus, I’m FINALLY Moving (How’s your patience? Mine stinks!)”

  1. Those floors!  Oh my!  Beautiful!!!  I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.  Hold on, I did tell you I’m not working tomorrow, right?  After the (how many?) times you’ve helped me move (in the bitter cold!) I need to return the favor.  Call me!!

  2. Love the Matthew pics!  What a handsome little man!  And I agree with him…why on earth would you cover up the doe and buck?  I would work that in my house.  I’d find a way to make it even MORE of a focal point.  (and I’m dead serious here…I kinda wish I had something like that it my house!  I’d probably also name the deer.  But that might just be me.)

  3. If I name them, then I think I can really embrace them….I’ll have to work on that! I think my first instinct is to associate them with deer-hunting-rednecks (i.e. My friends and family…just kidding, sort of). But if I can frame them as a “nature” thing, then I think I can deal with it!

  4. The moving part is actually not what I’m dreading…and Joe is uhauling stuff on Sunday. So I’m only taking two trips tomorrow, and unpacking some kitchen stuff (maybe). The part I need help with is wtf I’m going to do with all my clothes. Wait till you see the (lack of) closet space in this place. One bedroom closet…and it’s a third of the size of one of three closets we have now…. So, we should go shopping for Stuff I Need (like furniture and accessories). Really…and if I don’t buy pillows for my couch soon, please just shoot me.

  5. I’m with you! I get pretty impatient. When I move I have to have everything unpacked and put up right away. I can’t live in chaos. This last move we started moving our stuff on Friday and everything was unpacked and put away by Sunday night! It was hard work but totally worth it! Good Luck!

  6. Ohhh how fun. You and the little man make great box forts. I feel like moving would be both stressful and exhilaration. The idea of starting FRESH somewhere thrills me. Getting everything transferred over is another story though. Keep a bottle of wine on hand and you will get through it. =)

  7. I get overwhelmed and dramatic when it comes to moving…I could probably just buck up and get it done, but I make a big deal out of it instead, haha!  I hate to say it, too, because I’m currently in the process of moving as well! Ugh.  Good luck to you on finishing up and settling in the new place! =)

  8. Yes and Yes! (although…I’ll have to keep the wine under control since I have to drive back and forth with loads of stuff 🙂
    New places really are the best. I want to get rid of most of my stuff and start over…unfortunately buying new isn’t completely practical…but we’ll see!

  9. Ha! I was just saying that‹if I would stop talking about moving and “the plan” for moving…maybe I would make more progress! Good luck moving :):)

  10. Gina (Candid RD)

    I work with a wine guy and he recently explained that same acidity thing to me, with regard to food and wine.  He said the higher then tannin, the better the wine is for fatty foods like steaks.  And he said you want to sip the wine in between each bite, which makes sense.

    Your new home looks fabulous!  I am a HUGE fan of hardwood floors and large windows with natural light.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. I only learned about the alcohol/ food taste combination in this book I read about a year ago- it was all sorts of chemistry in the kitchen type info and now I can’t remember what it was called, but it explained why people use alcohol in cooking and it was so interesting. I love the moving pics, also!

  12. Good luck with the move..moving is…awful!  And of course it’s stressful!  Anyone who says it isnt?   They need to come help me move 🙂

  13. lisa, your new place looks wonderful! i love the hardwood – and that is the cutest comment from matthew about the deer on the fireplace (i’m going to go with the plant suggestion, too!). and i LOVE that photo of m hiding in the cardboard box.
    sounds like you got a lot moved over – awesome. i am a very impatient mover – i want it all moved, unpacked, set up….NOW! but really, it can be an enjoyable process to just go at a slower pace and enjoy the chance to set up the new home.
    “but that’s a story for another day” – > i love that phrase! have it on my blog today, too, coincidentally!
    hope you enjoy some antiquing and some coffee today! 🙂

  14. I’m enjoying my coffee right now (and also being thankful it tastes good…since I know now that it really is possible to NOT want it!)…I moved 4 loads yesterday (and unpacked nothing). Today is move-the-furniture day, and it’s pouring rain with no end in sight. THIS will surely test my patience!!! 🙂
    My family always joked that when we moved (which happened like 4 times when I was growing up), that I would disappear and return when everything was done…well, yes, that’s just the way I prefer it 🙂

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