You’re Invited to Wine Friday!

Last Friday, I went to a friend’s house to visit, and she told me I could get there anytime after 5pm, but that I should note that there would be some other people there from 5-6pm for Wine Friday.

Truthfully, I spent half of Wine Friday outside with the kids running up and down the street while they rode bikes (they asked me if I would watch them so they could ride in the road—um, yes, ok…no problem!).  I liked that part–it slowed me down a bit on the wine, and it also got me some bonus points for the exercise (note: the bonus points were both given and received by me. Still good, but not as impressive as if they were from someone else).

Wine Friday was started by two sisters (Amber and Stacey) who decided that (1) they wanted to learn more about wine and (2) they didn’t drink enough wine. Now, each week, they rotate to a different person’s house, and anyone can show up (within reason, I’m sure).


It's {almost} Wine Friday! (yes, I used this pic already..but remember? I'm moving and my camera battery is dead...and the other one + charger are packed somewhere logical, like with the vita-mix or some textbooks...

I, personally, like the idea of Wine Friday for a couple reasons.

1. I don’t drink a lot of wine, and I don’t know a lot about it (but I wish I knew more).

2. I live in the Finger Lakes region in NY, and if you haven’t heard, this is one of the best places to visit for wineries and wine tasting*. Plus my second oldest friend in the universe is the Tasting Room Manager at Fox Run Vineyards.

*I’ve been wine tasting, first in the immature way–where you beg someone’s brother to drive you on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, and you try every wine that is offered. So…you drink too much and all the wine tastes the same after the third stop. I’ve also been more mature about it in the past few years–more selective. Although, the time I went down the east side of Seneca Lake (4 years ago) with an ex and a friend from out of town, we planned to end in Ithaca, eat at Ithaca Bakery (Sweet Rachel for me…my fave from college days), and drive back. Instead, our third winery was offering a cheese tasting (Yancy’s Fancy)…we had had enough to drink that it might be possible that the three of us housed a couple pounds of cheese. Should I be embarrassed? I’m not—I mean, wine and cheese go hand in hand (right?). Plus, it wasn’t busy and the cheese tasting was being offered by the owner’s daughter. She was a little redneck and a lot interesting. The cheese binge helped us appreciate the rest of our wine tour (full bellies=slower alcohol absorption), and it also hindered us from wanting anything to eat in Ithaca.



This is Me with Carol at last week's Wine Friday. She's one of my very best friends in the whole world, and I was happy that her friends brought their kids to play, so I could also get some good kid time too. (Kids are welcome at Wine Friday---this is not Binge Drink's relax after a long week with a glass of wine, and then move on about your life Friday)

Will you come to Wine Friday? {And by “come to Wine Friday” I mean, will you have your own Wine Friday?}

Where: Your Corner of the Universe

When: FRIDAY at Happy Hour time

RSVP: Yes please do let me know, commenting and tweeting your intent is fine (I’ve got 3 #winefriday Twitter RSVP’s as of the posting of this invitation–including myself). Also, feel free to participate virtually—the sentiment behind Wine Friday is to relax and enjoy yourself, so you can do that without wine too (especially if you’re not 21 yet—ok, sorry, that’s the health teacher in me).

Notes: Don’t drink and drive. Try to learn something about wine on Wine Friday, and then report back. OK?

If you hate wine, you can make it Tequila Friday. That’d be just as fine with me!

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