I’m So Grounded. Gojis, Rebounders, Chlorella, and the Infrared Sauna

I’ve written in the past about the concept of being grounded…electromagnetically speaking, that is. It really is an important concept—in fact, many people go entire (winter) seasons without coming in contact with the ground even once (due to shoes and tires and cold weather). Getting grounded takes just an instant—you touch the ground with your skin or you touch a living thing that’s in the ground (tree, bush, etc.) and your electromagnetic frequency is instantaneously balanced.

You’ll always catch me touching every single bush or tree I walk by.

Hard working farmers and construction workers often don't experience chronic disease at the same rates as office workers. Partly because they're more active, and partly because they are grounded many times throughout the day.

You’ll also catch me with my bare foot on a grounding mat while I’m on the computer (most of the time). It plugs into a grounded outlet, and has the same effect as touching the ground or a tree. Because I’m on the computer so much (for work and play), and because the computer, cell phone, and iPad are are all major sources of EMF, I feel better mentally if I’m grounding myself as much as possible.

Since I’m spending the next 5 days in Cali, and it takes a while to get there on a plane (which also emits a lot of radiation), I want to be extra grounded before I go …and stick my toes in the sand as soon as I get there!

Water is also very grounding (and airplanes are dehydrating).

Chlorella tablets help the body detoxify from the radiation…so I’ll take extra.

I also really believe that being balanced in general helps the body to ward off and deal with toxins and physical stressors. Because of this, and because (aside from my travel companion—Mom) the crew we’ll be spending time with are of the extra-meat-and-alcohol-and-after-all-it’s-a-celebration mindset, I want to be prepared.

The infrared sauna emits detoxifying rays that promote health and penetrate more deeply than other heat (mobilizing toxins). Mine is in the corner of my spare bedroom in between Joe's golf clubs and my piles of books.

Before leaving:

Extra time in my infrared sauna (detoxifying, and wonderfully sweaty!).

More greens and chlorella.

More deep breaths (I’m working on that in general—I swear it helps!).

More water.

Yoga – because I’m so darn tight in the hips that a 5-6 hour plane ride may possibly cripple me if I don’t.

I’d go stick my feet in the grass, but on this property it has been doused with pesticides (boooo!).


I’m taking my Amazing Grass with me (Orange Cream is my new favorite flavor, but I also love the kids’ fruit punch flavor to mix with water–Matthew says it’s de-stusting, but I like it!).

An easy convenience food that's worth buying---add it to water or a smoothie. It may be a little muddy looking, but it tastes ok and adds a lot of value!

Foods/Drinks high in chlorophyll help protect your body from radiation and also help detoxify

I’m also taking goji berries. Ron Teeguarden’s Heaven Mountain are the absolute best goji berries I’ve ever had (we call them gogo berries in our house). I may have to write an entire post about goji berry quality–beware of additives, processing, and fake colors!

The Best Goji Berries I've ever had. That's significant!

I can’t wait to finally get to Cali and see my family—cousin Kristen is picking Mom and me up at LAX (she lives in Santa Monica) and we’re driving to Fallbrook (outside of San Diego). We’ve already planned to discuss The Killing on the car ride—so thrilled for K—the show got picked up for a second season, and she’s got another show in the works in addition to a new collaboration with Lisa Ling!

Do you do anything special to prep for a trip?  The one thing I am terrible at is….packing!  I just can’t plan ahead or deal with it. I bought two new dresses for this trip and never got one of them altered…so much for being classy, I’ll just use safety pins if my mom forgets her needle and thread!

I’m hoping to be grounded as much as possible while traveling, and then I have PIP3 (Personal Improvement Plan) planned for when I return (I’ll have three weeks till we go to Disney…the land of processed food and sugar). Balance is my motivation—with micronutrient loading, yoga and rebounding.

My am routine (when I’m on track): drink 12oz water, rebound for 20-30 min while watching something on hulu, 60 minutes of yoga, then 45 min in the sauna. Wellness is a part-time job!

How do you stay balanced and grounded? Do you feel “off” when you travel?  I always feel kind of stale when I get off a plane–at least this time I’m sitting with my mom, and I’ll make her sit next to strangers!

Side note: I’m disappointed in myself for not booking a flight somewhere by today—I needed to use some airline miles, and if I don’t do it by midnight I lose them. Do you ever waste free stuff?  I’ll admit, I’ve wasted two groupons too. I wish I wouldn’t do that!  Where can I book a flight to in the next few hours?! I need someone to visit in a place where Air Tran flies to.

34 thoughts on “I’m So Grounded. Gojis, Rebounders, Chlorella, and the Infrared Sauna”

  1. Ugh I totally wasted my Yoga Groupon – I bought it and then I just didn’t go as often as I like.  Meaning – I went twice in 30 days.  What a waste due to my laziness.  

    I have heard of those infared saunas and wanted to check it out at this spa I used to go to.  It sounds fantastic.

  2. I think I’ve been spending too much time with pre-teens, since when I first read “I’m so grounded”, I wondered what you did to get in trouble.  Ha!  What an interesting post.  I have to admit that I don’t know much about EMF at all.  You have me very, very intrigued.  I always touch trees and bushes as I walk by because it feels good.

  3. Go find yourself a granite mountain and sit for awhile, walk around awhile and then you know just what it feels like to be grounded. The earth’s magnetic fields do work on us.

  4. Great ways to stay grounded!!!!
    Traveling really throws me off……I don’t do well with change in schedule at all!!! I’ll really have to work on that because I’ll be traveling alone in a few weeks!

  5. I hate how I feel after flying, espcially when the flights are longer than 4 or 5 hours. You are going to be so prepared with all the detoxifying goodies though! I always buy my tickets through kayak which compares through multiple websites. Hotwire is my fav, but I am not sure if they fly Air Tran. I HATE wasting..I would cry if I lost airline miles! 

  6. I never knew the whole concept of being “grounded” I hate being bare footed, in my house Michael calls me Mr. Rogers bc the second I get home it’s slippers. Even though I workout so much whenever I get a pedicure my feet are never too rough because they are always covered. I think I need to start getting grounded!!!!

    Also, how cool that you have that high tech sauna in your house!!!!!!

  7. I never thought about the feet not touching the ground actually. There really is something so “grounding” about feet in the grass. I do feel off kilter on vacations, even when I have a kitchen and access to gym or workouts. Just thing something off about not being home.

  8. Have a safe trip! Who in your family lives in Fallbrook? That’s where my mom lives and where I went to high school! What a small world, we probably know some of the same people.

  9. Wow, I have never really though much about grounding and the effects of day to day radiation, such an interesting topic! I am very glad that I dont have to travel much however I do spend a lot of time of my computer. hmmmm

    I love your morning routine. I am all for personal wellness being a part time job! 🙂

  10. This is really interesting- I only knew about as far as the grounding for working with electronics, but I definitely am grounded by getting outside and near water- when I lived in Madrid and there wasn’t water nearby it made me a little nutso. 

  11. wishing you safe and hassle-free travels, lisa! ENJOY cali – so great that you get to travel with Mom and meet up with Kristen.
    grounding is very important to me. i LOVE going barefoot as much as possible (have you tried the vibram shoes? i find they really make you feel connected with the ground). i love that your infrared sauna is RIGHT in your spare room. flying makes me feel dry from dehydration and dry from boredom. (i saw your tweet re public bathrooms – airplane *washrooms* give me the willies!).
    i’d love to try a rebounder – looks like fun!
    can’t wait to hear about your cali experiences – enjoy every minute!

  12. Cali, Cali, Cali! I’m so jealous!! I feel off when I travel too but it’s so worth it when sun, sand and surf is your destination… I saw that Orange Creamsicle stuff last time I was in the States but the jar was MASSIVE and $20. I felt like that was taking a big risk if it was gross… kind of regretting not trying it now though.

  13. I feel kind of silly because up until now, I never knew the whole concept of being “grounded.” You never let me down when it comes to learning something new. Now I’m going to do some researching about it!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip to Cali with your mom. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  14. Cosmic Cowgirl

    1.  FYI: For future reference, there are numerous organizations that will accept your donated air miles: Families of Deployed Soldiers, Make A Wish, Honor Flight, etc.
    2.  My #1 pre-trip task is to clean the house so I can relax and know that I am coming home to my own personal paradise.
    3. Hope you stay grounded, but not your plane. Blessings to you.

  15. What is this grounding mat you speak of?  I am on the computer constantly for work.  I need to invest!!   I have wasted multiple groupons and vow to stop!  That is how they make money afterall!

  16. Gina (Candid RD)

    I guess I stay grounded by getting up and walking all the time, which I do so I don’t get stomach aches.  I literally can’t sit for long, and when I’m outside walking in the middle of the day, I feel much better (and I do this at work, just walk outside for a bit!). 

    I had no idea that chlorelle tablets were good for radiation detox.  This is new to me.  I’m surprised I didn’t hear more about it during the whole JApan crisis.  IT was all “iodine”!

  17. Have an absolute BLAST on your trip! I’m still totally jealous of your sauna, I want one 😉 And I’ve never seen that flavor amazing grass- how tasty. 

  18. Have a great trip!  I have a Chi Machine and HotHouse, which I really love, but man, than sauna looks so much prettier 🙂  The orange wheat grass sounds yummy!  Oh, I just wanted to let you know I have tranferred my blog to wordpress today and had to change the name of it (which was kind of sad, but I like the new name better)

  19. Have a great trip. So love this post and all of the great things that you are sharing. I am into grounding as well and just listened to a great interview on grounding and talks about the EMF in our house. I still need to get my rebounder. Awesome plan you have in place.

  20. I’ve never wasted stuff like airline miles or groupons, but i have a horrible habit of refusing to return things if something is wrong with it/clothes don’t fit/etc. I hate returning things so much that I’d rather throw it away or donate it than to have to stand in line and do the whole exchange thing, haha! I need to get over that!

  21. feeling grounded really is great.  as far as wasting free things – i try not to unless it’s junk food 🙂

  22. That’s a good question…definitely it helps the body and cells to run “properly” and over time can play a large role in preventing disease. 

  23. I just realized I never replied to your comment! My aunt and uncle live in
    Fallbrook–I forget the road name but it’s off S. Mission/Sterling Bridge
    (basically 1 road away from Stage Coach and what I think is the high
    school). They’ve only lived there for 7 or 8 years, and were in Orange
    County before that. So I don’t know many people in Fallbrook (just their
    neighbors!)…what a small world!

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