Country Meets City – Complicated But Fun

I spent the last 5 days in southern California, in both LA and north of San Diego (Fallbrook/Temecula/Bonsall). There was just so much going on with the wedding, family, and Mom and I trying to make the most of our trip (we did, btw).

We (mom and I) uninvited the boys (all 3 of them) on this trip — we’re the only representation from our side of the family that could attend my cousin Jimmy’s wedding (Gpa and Gma are too old to travel, and there’s no one else), and we just thought it would be fun as a Girl’s Trip. Cousin Kristen picked us up at LAX on Friday morning and said…

“So good to see you! Um, so we have a little issue to deal with.”

This was predictable—a friend of Kristen’s has nicknamed her: “Complicated But Fun,” and this truly captures her essence.

Long Story Short: Because of a too short bridesmaid dress, Kristen talked Nordstrom into deconstructing two dresses (that were bought elsewhere) and connecting the correct top with the bottom half of another dress (and then shortening it to the right length). 14 hours later, it was done (she didn’t bother trying it on—sometimes it’s better not to know).

The highlights:

Sprouts health food store (only $1.50 for wheatgrass shots…and I’ve already failed once at recreating a version of the freeze dried beets that I ate everyday from there).


Green juice (wheatgrass, etc) blended with frozen pineapple...this is so awesome! I probably won't make it at home due to the sugar content, but I loved it. This had been sitting for a while, so it doesn't appear as smooth as it really was.
Goldenberries - snack, bitter deliciousness. They almost taste like grapefruit! Having stuff like this prevented me from indulging on junky travel food. Chlorella, Amazing Grass, and Goji Berries helped too!
The wedding was at Vessels Ranch, which is located in a place that looks (aside from the vegetation) strangely like Guyanoga...
The wedding and reception was city-classy with a bit of country-rustic...note the ode to Keuka Lake bonfires: A S'mores station. They wouldn't allow actual bonfires, so the bride built this setup (her husband is in the coast guard and has been at sea for the last 4 months...she did everything)
I made one, but didn't eat it. I think a s'more would kill me---besides, I had my eye on the wedding cake and figured my three bites of that would put me into sugar shock (considering my cocktail consumption that evening). It did---but I danced it away!
Me and My Soul Sister. We laughed a lot last week.
My Mom, also my very best client---at 60, she'll do anything I tell her to do for her wellness. It has paid off.
On our last day before our 10:40pm flight from LA, we spent time in Santa Monica while K met "a famous person" about a new show project they're collaborating on. We walked all over the place, and relaxed at Planet Raw with fancy cocktails.
...and Cheesy Kelp Noodles. So good, I promptly ordered kelp noodles online.
Pre-flight wine bar, enjoying the outdoor atmosphere and company in Santa Monica.

Other Details:

Both cousins forgot to pack underwear for wedding day—Jimmy’s mom delivered his, and we bought Kristen new ones (no, she did not wash before wearing).

The morning we left our resort, we walked outside and the car parked next to ours had the windows all smashed in. Thankfully this did not happen to Kristen’s brand new car (now named Y-Nez).

Car washes in Cali are awesome—full service, vacuum, wash, and hand dry—for $11.99. Cost to fill K’s SUV gas tank: $87.

Other Things:

We took the overnight flight home and loved it. I’ll do it again when I stay in Santa Monica again in August.

We have an apartment prospect in Canandaigua, but since the current tenant was arrested, we can’t look at it yet. Trashy situation, but perfect location and hopefully nice apartment. The downside: one parking spot (another one would have to be rented nearby). The upside: perfect location, reasonable rent.

What do you think….does the perfect location make up for crappy parking?

Does your family laugh at their drama or get intense? ¬†We’re mostly go-with-the-flow (and laugh) people!

Who is your favorite person to travel with? I have two–Joe and my Mom, together or separately.


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