Spring Fever!

Welcome to Spring, New Yorkers!  Today and yesterday were like being let out of jail.  The sun came out, and the temperature was mild. We spent several hours yesterday bike riding and at a playground swinging—Matthew was here for the night. I wish I had taken a picture because he had on rain boots, jeans, a sweatshirt, and “work gloves.” I think Joe was slightly embarrassed that I let him ride around in public like that, but I don’t want to stifle his creativity 🙂

I’m feeling great about the week to come—I have high hopes for being right on target with all my work. I’m trying to think of a great topic to cover here on the blog—one that will be interesting and useful (and that I already know about so I can just write it and not think very hard!). So far, I’ve got nuthin’.

As a result, I’ll apologetically (sort of) just tell you what I’m thinking.

1. I can’t wait till the summer, when I have a lighter workload (read: time to work on fun projects). I have two smoothie workshops scheduled, plus I’m going to run a Mind-Body Skills Group in the next few months too. Since I’ll be doing a lot of traveling (SC, CA, CA again, FL), I’ll probably be surprised at how fast time goes.

It's almost Aloe Cooler Season!!!

2. I’ve been focusing on potholes inadvertently.  My mom uses that phrase for when you focus on what’s wrong with life instead of what’s right. Focusing on the potholes seems to just make them bigger and deeper.

3. Spring Cleaning is in order. I am cleaning out closets (I already gave Katelyn a pair of jeans I’ve been holding onto for no reason—they’re more her “age” now than mine). But this reminds me that someday…

4. I’d like to have a tribe. I once read on a blog that this woman and her friends formed a tribe. One day a week, they’d pick one of their homes to meet at, and they’d just collaborate on whatever needed to be done. This could be cleaning, painting, a home repair project, organizing a play room, etc. The jobs were just so much more manageable to face when it was a team effort!  Do you have a tribe? I want one!

Spring Cleaning Time---some of these? Probably. The Kid flavored Amazing Grass is so good (Matthew won't drink it, but I like it!)

5. I need to re-vamp my PIP (Personal Improvement Plan). My health problems are not improving with what I’m doing, and I don’t have health insurance. Am I desperate? No. But am I a little frustrated (and trying too hard not to focus on that pothole)? Yes. I’m going to be designing cleanses for others this summer, and I’m perfectly confident in my knowledge, but the fact that I need to adjust my own cleanse approach makes me even more empathetic with my clients. The process/concepts are Simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s Easy.

Maybe I can ignore my health problems for one more day and have one of these?

6. I made juice today that was disgusting. It’s still in the fridge waiting for me.

What’s your latest news? Have you tried any new health improvements lately?

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