The Perfect Chocolate Pudding, Productive Texting, and Pre-PIP Planning!

Random things for today.

1. I have been getting a lot of emails from my workshop participants who want an electronic copy of the smoothie recipes. So I posted the smoothie workshop recipes in a new page tab (see above). There are also a bunch of other ones if you click on smoothies/juices in the right side panel.

2. Chocolate Pudding:

I think I found the secret to perfect Chocolate pudding...thanks to a hint from Petra. Ingredients: avocado, cacao powder, vanilla stevia. Definitely the best texture---and the simplest I've tried. Go figure!

3. My great idea may not have been as great as I thought it was…but the first part of it still worked. I forget sometimes that most college students don’t actually care about nutrition class. The first part of the idea is to use cell phones/texting in class (since many of them are texting under their desks anyway…thinking I can’t see it). I found Poll Everywhere, and set up an account so I can make up my own poll questions. Then I put it up on my screen in class, and as the students enter their responses via text, it shows up on screen. I can use this for getting opinions…finding out if they’re absorbing what I’m saying, test/quiz reviews, etc.

One of the polls I posed to the class. Notice 12 of the 18 students present participated. The others were either (1) too cool or (2) didn't have a cell phone/texting (and the remainder of the students who were not there must have been hung over from Super Bowl festivities!)

Phase 2 of Operation Cell Phone…is to send them on a texting scavenger hunt. There will be a practice round tomorrow inside the building, and then an offsite hunt on Friday. I’m letting them choose–if they’d rather do a written assignment, they can. Or they can work with a buddy or two, go to the grocery store, and do a 5-clue scavenger hunt that I’m going to set up through SCVNGR online. Apparently, this program is a big thing—you can be a Builder or a Player, and set up scavenger hunts anywhere for the random general public to play (or, in my case, for students). However, if you have more than 5 clues it’s $80 a month to build. Playing is always free. Have you ever done a SCVNGR hunt? If you were/are a student, would you think this is a fun idea and way to learn about nutrition…or would you rather just do a written assignment? I still think it’s a good idea, but I’m also the teacher…and I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm about nutrition (but they should!).

4. Personal Improvement Plan – I decided to choose a throwback name for my detox, PIP, which is something my mom’s friend instated several years ago. She got braces, a personal trainer, and a master’s degree (I think, right mom?). I copied her idea, and it worked really well for me back then. I like the idea of making the detox just part of a larger campaign toward better well-being. I also like not focusing on just wanting to rid my body of toxins (which will just happen naturally if I focus on the positive side).  So it’s Pre-PIP week! I cut out coffee on Monday, and replaced it with Dandy Blend, which is herbal coffee-ish tasting bliss. It says on the label that it will help you avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches. I didn’t believe it would—but it totally did! No headaches here! I’m a little sleepy though. But I added in green smoothies (again) yesterday, and am going to start (again) with green juice on Thursday. I also joined a new gym, the JCC, and I’m strategizing ways to fit more sauna time into my life. My plan will be complete in the next day or so, and I’m going to keep inching my way toward it until my start day next Monday.

Want to phase out coffee? Phase this in! It's yummy, and totally helped me avoid a no-caffeine headache!

Other highlights of PIP will involve: my second batch of cultured veggies, a focus on slow carbs, growing a new crop of sprouts and micro greens, and regular use of my trigger point therapy kit.

I can’t wait!

Have you ever done your own version of a Personal Improvement Plan?  If so, did you follow a book or come up with your own? I love books like Crazy Sexy Diet, Detox 4 Women, and Body Ecology…but if I don’t tailor the contents, I don’t stick to it!

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