Successful and Delicious, but non-eaten food!

I slaved in the kitchen yesterday…and I can tell you that it won’t be happening again anytime soon!

There are two reasons:

1. Joe got home and was ill, and I had eaten way too many kale chips out of the dehydrator all day…so we both took two bites of dinner and stopped (even though the food was awesome). And neither of us like leftovers.

2. I’m planing my detox, which will not be called a Detox because I don’t like that word, and I’m still working on the details. Following one plan doesn’t work for me in general—so I’m combining my own expertise with what I’ve read from people like Dr. Hyman, Dr. Junger, Kris Carr, Natalia Rose, etc. Then I’m putting it into a plan that fits my lifestyle and what I will actually do/eat. I know it doesn’t involve a lot of elaborate meals and recipes. The start date is Monday, Feb 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day to me!), and this week is the ease-into-it-week.

Joe's Friday Soup: 1 large jar tomatoes, 1/2 onion, 1/2 cup unseetened coconut milk, 1/2 cup black quinoa, 1 chopped avocado. This was Awesome!
Kale chips---amazing. How have I not had these before? The coating is red peppers, cashews, nutritional yeast. I got the recipe from Averie at Love Veggies and Yoga.
Spinach Artichoke Dip---the healthiest way I could do it. I used the recipe Gena from Choosing Raw posted the other day. This really was awesome, and Joe loved it too---even though we only ate a few bites, he told me this morning that he's having it for dinner. We put it with blue corn tortilla chips. I used gluten free bread crumbs on top.
Lentil burger. I really should post the recipe for this one---it is amazing! I made a ton though, so I think I'll make lentil balls and throw them on salads all week.
Lentil Burger. Joe ate a bite, and had to stop due to not feeling well, but he went back and ate half of it later because he couldn't stop thinking about it. He said it rivals Owl House's lentil burger, but I'm pretty sure he just felt really bad that he couldn't eat anything without wanting to barf.
Gluten free....almond/pretzel crust with cashew cream and pineapple. We tried to split one of these during the super was good, but neither of us wanted it!

So I spent half the day in the kitchen (making all that stuff except the soup)…and then we didn’t eat any of it. I wasn’t upset about that, but it sure doesn’t make me want to do it again anytime soon! I’m much better making one thing and putting it with a salad. …Or letting Joe do what he wants and then I just eat some of that 🙂

I also prefer to take food pictures during the day when there is real light coming in the windows.

It was, however, a great weekend for me. I got tons of work done and read a lot too. I was rested, so I easily got into my Monday morning grading-papers-groove. In a few minutes I’m heading to teach my nutrition class (which is the only work I have to do outside the comfort of my pj’s today), and I’m going to pose my Great Idea to them. Can’t wait to tell people about it!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen? When things don’t work, do you get frustrated? I’m more likely to laugh and move on (and clean up the mess).

Have you read Crazy Sexy Diet? I liked it a lot, although I didn’t learn anything new–but it still made me feel motivated.

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