Smoothie Success, Giveaway Winner, etc!

If you haven’t bid on my granola in the Kisses From Katie bake sale yet…you should! Granola may not be as enticing as cookies, but I’m telling you, this gluten free, mostly raw granola is totally awesome!

Enough about that!

Giveaway Winner: Crystal—I’ve emailed her, so I’m waiting for a reply!

The smoothie workshop went smashingly well on Thursday night. Petra returned to town in time to pick me up (with all the prepped smoothie stuff and paraphernalia), and I didn’t forget anything! The only thing we did not have was a photog. Smoothies and wellness/nutrition talk for 2 hours with 40 smoothie newbies?  That is so up my alley—and I love doing things like that where I’m bringing new info to people, but it doesn’t tax my brain! The location had just a sink, no real kitchen facilities, so I had to be extra prepared (and I usually rely on Petra to second-check me and help, but she couldn’t…so let’s just say I would not have been surprised if something really important was missing!).

This little bit of pineapple, plus a bit of frozen fruit and some coconut milk were the only things left! I think we have this down to a science 🙂

Remember how I said I am the Queen of Ideas? Well, I thought of a super great fabulous idea yesterday! But…I’m going to wait till I actually do it before I tell you about it. I’ll tell you this part now: It has to do with my nutrition students and a “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” theme. More later!

NuNaturals sent me this and a bazillion recipes to try. I'm thrilled---I've used stevia since 2001, and it has come a long way, baby! This is going to go really well with the info I am using from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet book (that I read in its entirety until 1:30am)
Here's a pre-prep shot of some of my smoothie ingredients---I forgot to say earlier that I'll post all the recipes I use in workshops and demos soon.
I really don't have interesting food lately. I've been over-snacking and under-mealing...and I don't like it this way. So, I'm working on that. We did have taco salad night on Wednesday. Spring mix, guac, homemade salsa, blue corn tortillas (unsalted), and cheddar goat cheese.
I had a super nice surprise in the mail the other day---from Lindsay at Cotter Crunch, as a thank you for my guest post. Thanks Lindsay!

I hope you have a great weekend!

What is your latest great idea?

Are you watching the Super Bowl? I’m not—even if it’s on, I’m sure I won’t pay attention. I’m looking forward to using this “free” weekend for lots of work time. I’m a little extra excited about starting next week completely prepared. Joe is going to Penn Yan tonight to go ice fishing with friends tomorrow. I’m invited….bahahahahaha.  Um, how nice, but I think I’ll stay home where it’s warm and cozy.

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