PIP Foods, an iPad, and the Gym (not wanting to)

Many people have asked about the lentil burger recipe. So here it is!

Dress it up however you like! It would be fab with avocado, greens, tomato, red onion....mmmmm.

First, add 1 bag of lentils (1lb) to 5 cups of water and bring to a boil. Simmer until soft.

Chop in food processor:

1 carrot
1 onion
1-2 cloves garlic (optional)

Put 1 tbsp oil (I used walnut oil, but use any healthy kind you like) in frying pan, and add the chopped (almost pureed, but still chunky) carrot, onion, garlic.

Wash 1 container of your favorite kind of mushrooms, and then add to food processor. Chop till they’re in tiny bits. Then dump them in with the carrot and onion.

After about 5 minutes, dump the carrot, onion, garlic, and mushrooms into a large bowl. Add 1/2 cup pureed tofu or pureed soaked cashews (I used cashews). Add 3/4 cup panko breadcrumbs (I used gluten free the first time and skipped it the second time).


1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp chopped fresh oregano
juice of half a lemon

Mix, and then add drained lentils. Put in the fridge (or freezer till it is cool enough—easier to work with). Make burgers!

Other Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) friendly foods I’ve eaten today:

Swamp Thing Smoothie---spinach, romaine, acai puree, water, and stevia. Why the pillow pet? Because it cracks me up to see Matthew's reaction when he sees these sludge-y smoothies. I paid him to try one once and he said it was ok, but on second sip, his gag reflex got him...I should post that video. It's super funny!
I'm a sucker for things like this in the store---three types of organic kale next to each other? I'll take one of each!
The kacinto kale ( I think it's dinosaur kale?) is great---you can use the whole thing because it has eater-friendly stalks. I used coconut oil, and added turmeric, dulse, kelp, herbamere, and nutritional yeast. Yum!
More of this. I may eat this everyday until I hate it! A few people asked---I did it in the vitamix, but it would work in the food processor too. May have to scrape the sides once or twice. Today I added half a scoop of vanilla sunwarrior protein to 2 avocados, several drops (like 2 droppers full) of stevia, and 1-2 tbsp pure cocoa (cacao) powder. I'm in love, and it's totally sugar free so it fits in with PIP 🙂

No coffee again today!

I did a few polls in class today with the texting thing—and 17 out of 22 participated. I call that a moderate success. I ran into a roadblock with the texting scavenger hunt…so I need to work on that one. I’m hoping to still do it at some point, but I really don’t want to pay for a subscription since I’ll have such limited use.

I used the “Do it not wanting to” technique twice today, and it worked so well. First, when I didn’t want a green smoothie, and second when I wanted to play on my new iPad instead of going to the gym. I channeled my mom’s voice saying, “Do it not wanting to!” …and I just did it. And it was no big deal. And I love my new gym. I’m super close to taking a body pump class, but I’m slightly scared—any opinions? I’m pretty tough, but not sure I’m in that kind of shape!

A thought on Pre-PIP Planning: Usually I go all out and try to be extreme and get huge results really fast. Sometimes it works, but the times in my life when I’ve taken the “slow and steady wins the race” approach are the times when I’ve actually sustained the changes. It makes sense—when I’ve changed unintentionally, it happened in small steps and gradually, so I feel like changing intentionally in the same way might work best. My PIP is just a way to focus what I want, clean things up, and help me stay motivated to make good choices. My work plate is full—I need to be as healthy as I can so I can do all of it without burning out…and now I have the iPad to assist me in everything!

Oh—and I’m not sure what to make of THIS!

In the mail today---I think I have quite a few years before I need it!

How was your day? Did you eat/drink anything green?

Have you tried peanut flour? Maryann is having a giveaway for peanut flour (which will soon be discontinued!).

123 thoughts on “PIP Foods, an iPad, and the Gym (not wanting to)”

  1. I totally thought that was a glass of wine at first!! Haha! I had green bell peppers today. Definitely not as good as the reds, but still nice to get a green veggie! I need to try kale. I'm like the only blogger who hasn't!

  2. I thought it was wine too 🙂 Three different types of organic kale would make me excited too! I have had some broccoli with hummus and am about to eat a spinach salad.

    I seriously wonder how companies decide to send us stuff… Gerber randomly started sending me baby food samples and baby magazines a while back and I called them to ask how I got on their list and they said they got my name from my prescription (which is for Synthroid since I have hypothyroidism). Random!

  3. i, too, have never had peanut flour since it is nowhere to be found in canada, to the best of my knowledge. maybe i can get some pb2 or p2b or that other non-tj's brand sometime?!!!
    i had loads of spinach and broccoli today – yum! definitely got my greens!
    thanks for the choco/avacado recipe and the lentil burger one – they both look great!
    congrats on another coffee free day!

  4. Thanks for the lentil burger recipe- they look amazing! As for green things? I had spinach in my smoothie this morning, as well as lettuce and clover sprouts in my wrap at lunch.

  5. I love lentils! Thanks for sharing the lentil burger recipe. I ate two spinach salads together… I love to get my greens in every single day!

  6. I really want to make some of that pudding! I ate a green apple, a salad, and zuchinni today! Yum, yum, and yum! Way to go with the coffee and the green smoothie! You're rocking the PIP! 🙂

  7. Nice to know the pudding turned out well with the protein powder! Lentils are such magical little disks of awesome… love the sound of those burgers!

  8. I didn't have anything green yesterday, but I LOVE green monsters!
    The lentil burger recipe looks awesome! Thanks for posting it!

  9. i can't believe how easy that lentil burger is. i might have to steal that from you. 🙂

    and yeah, i always have something green, i'm a spinach-aholic! seriously. and it's totally worth it. last month i was on holidays in Canada and i wasn't eating properly….i definitely noticed. spinach really is a super food.

  10. Glad you're enjoying the new gym, just be sure to watch postings for closings very carefully. Their holiday schedule is different from what you might expect.
    As for Body Pump – I love it, but I hear the success of the class is dependent on the instructor. Go early the first day so you can gather up all the equipment you'll need before class starts. Start small. I started ridicuously small the first day, but I would rather have a light work-out than destroy my body and not be able to move for the next seventy two hours.

  11. I'm glad you shared your lentil burger recipe, since it's quite a bit different from mine…I'm bookmarking it and I'm definitely going to give it a try! I've been enjoying green smoothies lately too…and I know what you mean about the gag reflex…the taste is great but it's the color that gets my husband every time, lol!

  12. Thanks for the tips! I have noticed the unique hours of the JCC in

    general—I guess I'll never have to work out on Fri evenings or Saturday

    mornings (oh darn!).

    I think starting out extra light in body pump is the way to go. If I can get

    up early tomorrow morning, I want to go to the 5:45am class. Not sure if

    that will happen!

  13. I really don't get the peanut flour thing either! But I read an article

    about TJ's…and the way they have such cheap prices is to only sell things

    that are super popular (they buy in bulk…and not give lots of options).

    Maybe it's only bloggers that love it!

  14. Oooh yum those lentil burgers look DELICIOUS!! I *heart* lentils sooo much:)

    I really want to try peanut flour!! We don't get it in the UK, and it's SO sad they're discontinuing it!! 🙁

    And TRY BODYPUMP!! I just got back from a class, and I love it!! I only started a few months ago, and trust me, I had ZERO muscle when I started! 😛 So don't worry about it!

  15. That recipe is calling my name!! I think I'm going to have some chocolate avocado pudding tonight–I have all the ingredients and it's also calling my name! haha 🙂

  16. That lentil burger recipe looks amazing. I definitely want to make it.

    I did drink green things today — I had two big green smoothies, one for lunch and one for dinner! For some reason it was all I wanted. Absolutely delicious. =) I also made a similar chocolate pudding, but I used pumpkin instead of avocado. It was awesome.

    I love peanut flour and I'm so sad it's being discontinued. Seriously SO SAD.

  17. I am loving you sharing about what you are doing with your classes! Any advice on a motivation lecture? I like the texting thing!

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