Valentine’s Dinner (early), and how splurging a little can lead to saving money (iPad)!

I don’t really have many interesting food experiences this week (lots of green smoothies, kale, and avocados), since I’ve been keeping it simple in preparation for PIP. But last night, we had our Valentine’s dinner since Matthew is going to be here tonight (and he does not see eye to eye with us on food choices), and Joe will probably be out of town for work on Monday. Mostly, it’s because I’ll have started PIP on Monday and I don’t want my first night to include crab cakes!

Joe’s crab cake recipe, perfected over the past year:

Jumbo lump crab (I don’t really know which kind he buys, but I know 4 crab cakes worth of crab is somewhere around $20…which is way cheaper than eating out!).

1tsp dry mustard

1/4 cup veganaise

black pepper

worcestershire (couple shakes)

sprinkle of dried parsley

2 shakes of onion powder

2 shakes of Old Bay

He made a veganaise sauce with chipotle powder and lemon juice (yum!)

Nope—-no eggs in the crab cakes or the “mayo.” Joe is totally grossed out by eggs. And chicken. So we never have either of those things.

Yes, I ate two. And they were big. And it was heavenly.

I made the salad:

Spinach, tomato, soaked and dehydrated pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, & balsamic/walnut oil vinaigrette with garlic

It was the best dinner! And I think crab cakes are the reason I could never call myself vegan (besides that I think labels are unnecessary).

Now for what I’m really excited about:

The iPad.

Not only did I find an app to use the iPad as an extra monitor for my laptop…

Use the iPad as additional desktop space! The app is called Air Display, and it cost about $10...totally worth it since I was considering spending $1000 or so to buy an extra monitor. I'm going to benefit a lot from this when I'm grading papers (and it will help me not have to print so many things out!)

I also did some searching and found out that if you have an iPad, there’s no reason to buy an AppleTV thingy. I have been seriously considering buying Apple TV because I don’t have cable…but instead, I bought a $30 component cable, and can plug the iPad right into the TV. We watched About a Boy last night with Hugh Grant and Toni Collette on Netflix…and it was awesome to not watch a Netflix movie on a laptop monitor! The movie was really good too. So, I figure I can subscribe to Hulu and Netflix for under $20 a month…and then rent movies from iTunes when I want to, whereas cable would cost close to $100 a month. For a non-frequent TV watcher, this really makes sense! I’m not much of a bargain hunter, so I’ll admit this all kind of fell into my lap (I just bought the iPad for fun).

Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) planning:

Making checklists, and grocery shopping tomorrow. A couple things PIP is going to include aside from food/digestion/fitness are: dental care, skin care, and stress management. I’m thinking about trying to keep track of the costs too—I’m horrible at that, but it should be easier during PIP since I’ll be planning what I buy anyway. Any interest in how much it costs to eat in detox-mode?

I have a body composition scale (Tanita) for wellness coaching that I never use for myself, but as part of PIP I’m also going to track my weight and just see what happens. I’m not actually trying to lose weight, but I’m thinking things might change a little.

Does anyone want to join me in PIP? If you do, email me, and I’ll send you my checklist in Word doc form so you can change them to fit your own needs.

What are you doing that’s healthy or unhealthy this weekend? I ate my crab cakes and some dark chocolate coconut thingys that Joe bought, and I think that fits nicely in pre-PIP. I’m not going to the gym today because my new gym doesn’t open till noon on Saturday (it’s the Jewish Community Center), and Matthew will be here later. I still haven’t gone to a Body Pump class, but I’m going to soon!

Do you have an iPad? Any app recommendations?!

27 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dinner (early), and how splurging a little can lead to saving money (iPad)!”

  1. have fun with matthew today! i'm guessing what types of foods he prefers!…not really seeing kale and seafood in my crystal ball! we're off to see the nieces this aft, too!
    i don't have an iPad but i loved reading about how yours has already saved you money and is so convenient. i am waiting for the new blackberry playbook to come out…then i am so getting one!!!

  2. Crab cakes are the one thing that I am dying to try, but I've never cooked with seafood before. Maybe when I get a little braver! I really want an iPad!! Have fun with it!

  3. I've always really wanted to try crab cakes but never have (I'm a huge seafood fan). Yours look delicious though. 🙂 And no, I don't have an ipad, but they look really neat.

  4. I highly recommend crab cakes! The only problem is that sometimes when you

    order them out…they're fried and made mostly out of breadcrumbs! You

    should try making them—they're easy and the crab is already cooked when

    you buy it!

  5. You should definitely try crab cakes! They are so good (and easy), and the

    crab comes already cooked, so you don't have to worry about cooking it

    enough….also there's no fishy taste 🙂

  6. Ryan absolutely ADORES crab cakes. I think this would be PERFECT to make for his dinner tomorrow night!!!

    I would love for you to email me the PIP document. I'm not capable of going into full detox mode again this month but I would love to follow it loosely based on my needs!

    Healthy–ran a race.
    Unhealthy–not sure yet…probably some champagne. 🙂

  7. I've been feeling pretty unmotivated to workout this weekend which isn't very healthy. But what can you do?

    Congrats on your iPad! My dad has one and I love using it 🙂

  8. I made some peanut butter cups and other candy-like snacks for one of my tattoo artists to give to his girlfriend for Valentine's Day, so I had to taste test my creations. 😉

  9. oh man, i'm so technologically inept. i only got a cell 3 years ago, and i still barely know how to use it. iPad…i'm completely lost…. 🙂

    hope you had a nice weekend! we celebrated Valentine's early with a nice dinner and i didn't think about the gym once. (hey, recovery is part of training too. 🙂 )

  10. Living in the DC/MD area, I loooooooove crab cakes. Esp. when they're lighter on the breading/fried stuff and heavy on the [real] crabmeat 🙂

    Looking forward to reading all about your PIP journey 🙂

  11. I've already watched three things on netflix on TV via the ipad…and it

    works really great! Just get the AV component cable (and make sure your tv

    has the component plugin options—if its a relatively new tv, it will).

  12. Great topic! I have also found that I save money with my iPad. I cancelled my newspaper subscription for weekdays and just get the paper on the weekend (I like to read the entire newspaper when I have time on Saturday and Sunday). During the week, I read the news on my iPad. My favorite apps for reading the news are NY Times (free if you are a print subscriber, which I am) and WS Journal.

  13. Haha- I don't have an ipad or a smart phone- I just use my boyfriend's or other peoples'! I've found somebody else always has one haha.
    Neat site- glad I found you!

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