Wanting or Not, and Food/BP Success

I kept my apartment totally clean this week. Everyday, I picked up my stuff, cleaned the kitchen, put things where they belong, and made the bed (well, Joe might have done that).

Does this sound like a big deal? Because it was. And it was easy too.

That’s not to say I never made a mess.

I'm planning a course...Ready to work, armed with laptop, texts, paper, pen, phone, and bose remote
...A few hours later.

But I did clean it up.

I practiced my Mom’s advice from my childhood when I was whiny about not wanting to do something.

It’s quite simple.

“Do it not wanting to.”

As frustrating and non-enabling as that statement can feel, it helps me a lot (especially when I picture my Mom saying it in her sing-song-y voice). It takes the choice out of doing a task. And it reminds me to be more positive in general, like my mom is (we call her Pollyanna and The Glad Game…a post for another time!).

Work out?  Do I want to?  Sometimes, sometimes not. When I don’t want to, it doesn’t matter—-wanting or not wanting has nothing to do with doing!

Sometimes it even feels good to say, I don’t want to do this, and I’m going to do it and not enjoy it!

…Then, it’s not actually that bad. I stop thinking about why I don’t want to wash the dishes and what I could be doing instead…and I just wash the dishes.

That’s all.

What strategies do you have to do cleaning and other things when you don’t want to?

Other news:

I’m going to Florida tomorrow! It’s quite possible I’ll be doing work half the time I’m there, but at least it will not be snowy!

Joe made me dinner last night: His best ever sauce. I’m going to have him share the recipe soon–he makes it almost every week and has adapted it from a recipe he got from The Bible (Runner’s World). Simple dinner…the best I had all week.

Sprouted grain toast with Joe's Magic red sauce. He really puts his heart into this stuff 🙂

One of my clients had a huge wellness success this week–he had super high blood pressure, and I helped him find some good strategies for improving it without medication. His BP dropped 40 points in a month! I don’t think he even knows what a big deal that is, but if it wasn’t totally inappropriate, I would have hugged him today.

I love my orange blood pressure cuff. There are all sizes of cuffs in the kit...even one for the thigh (never had the opportunity to try that one...yet!). I also have an awesome cheap supplement-remedy for high BP that is 100% safe and effective (the guy who researched it won a Nobel Peace Prize)...but I'm guessing it's not marketed and no one knows about it because it would not benefit the pharmaceutical industry. Sad.

Have you seen these?

I thought these were just square wraps, but it turns out they are paper thin...
I don't know if you can tell...but, seriously thin like wonton wrappers only the texture of a wrap, not doughy

I made taco-lasagna with them, and the pics are ugly, but it was so good….layered 4 sheets of this stuff in a square pan with black beans, salsa, and Daiya in between each layer. Am I the only person who is concerned about Daiya being a processed healthy food? I read the ingredient label, and nothing scary jumps out, but I have to wonder about it a little…

It was really hard to choose a pic because this is so darn ugly...but Joe tried it tonight when it was cold and said, "That's the best thing you've made." Umm, that's great, considering it took me all of 4 minutes to assemble and 15 minutes to bake.

I also had another great girl-talk session with one of my guy friends/clients.  🙂  I know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. I also had two people tell me today that I’m easy to talk to, and I said thank you…but I don’t think they know how much that really means to me.

What compliments have you gotten lately?

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  1. I just tried daiya for the first time last week… that stuff is AMAZING!!!

    Also, congrats to your client!! That is such great news for him!

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