Wordy Wednesday

My friend Kyle began doing Wordless Wednesday posts a while ago, and I thought it was a great idea. But I tried it, and I’m horrible at not using words. So I think Wednesdays will have to be all about the words (and I’ll try and throw in pics to keep it interesting).

Also, I was tagged by Jenn at Knack for Nutrition to complete the 4 Things survey. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should! I’m very flattered that she tagged me, but also slightly embarrassed that I can’t think of enough details to fill in all the spaces. You see, I am odd—I have no cable TV, so I don’t even have four TV shows to tell you about (but I do like Private Practice and Weeds).

I think I’ll adapt (read: butcher) the survey format and just give you a list of some of the words popping into my head today:


I bought this kit a few years ago from Remo and I love it. The part that sticks to the wall is kind of like that 3M sticky stuff (and doesn’t leave any marks), and the magnets are extremely strong. For a while I had one set up with the magnet directly on the metal plate (so it made a kind of hook) and I hung a framed picture on it—it stayed! It’s great for hanging printed artwork (or painted in the case of my nephew) and keeping a neat look without having to frame things. If you put one in each corner of your artwork, it keeps everything super straight, sleek and flat to the wall. Makes it easy to change your art displays and pictures more often!

Can you see how it works? Hold on, I'll show you the inside of the kit...
Magnets, plates, and sticky things...
I'm also guilty of using the magnets instead of bag clips (because I can't be bothered to find one)


I heard this term from a crafty friend—apparently upcycling things into something useful is different than recycling. It just sounds more positive anyway, doesn’t it? Uncommon Goods has a lot of upcycled stuff–things like welcome mats made of flipflops and such. I use the term “Upcycle” in my mind-body training. Some people call it pivoting, but I think Upcycling your Thoughts sounds much more desirable! I’ll tell you about that technique soon—it’s pretty awesome.

Grapevine christmas tree...not my favorite example, but I have this picture of it. www.uncommongoods.com has a lot (even though they call things recycled instead of upcycled). A chair made of baseball bats, a handbag made of yoga mats, a table made out of a wine barrel...

Prickly Pear

When I’m bored or procrastinating, I often go to the grocery store and buy a weird kind of produce that I’ve never tried, and then I dissect it to find out what it’s all about. This is also a great technique to use with kids (did I just insult myself?)—a study showed that in an elementary school, kids who were able to explore and talk about brussel sprouts (not talking about their health benefits, but pulling them apart and discussing their attributes “the leaf looks like a little boat!”) were much more likely to try them when they were subsequently served in the cafeteria ( ref: The China Study). Play with your food!

Something new (to me) to explore
Apparently it's called "prickly" because it's full of seeds....but it tastes amazing, so maybe it would be great for juicing!


How could I leave this word out? I don’t have anything to say about it except this: I used to hate winter. I wish I had access to the pic of me standing outside waiting for the school bus (after my sister’s friends had picked her up and left me standing there even though they had room in their car). Really, my winter mantra was always, “Why does anyone live here?!” I’ve grown up. I still prefer sun, sand, warmth, and summer, but I’ve learned not to fight winter anymore. In fact, I’ve changed my perspective on life (over the last 7 years) from one of fighting for everything to one of accepting and creating. I can tell this is true because I am in the midst of winter, and I’m feelin’ no hate 🙂  (I’m also working at home right now, and don’t have to go outside in it before the roads are plowed in the morning!)

This is obv not today, and I clearly swiped this picture from someone who may have downloaded pics for work on my computer...


I have a product review and giveaway coming up very soon—don’t miss it (the giveaway is a $25 gift certificate!).

Do you have tricks for keeping food interesting when you’re not inspired?

Have you ever upcycled anything?

Do you have any Words for Wednesday?

34 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday”

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  2. I knew being inspired to eat raw this month might be difficult so we watched raw chefs in documentaries so I had some instant inspiration!

    We upcycle anything and everything we can!

    (Love private practice and Weeds…and don't have cable either so I'm missing PP a ton!)

  3. Thehealthyapron

    Oh I have heard of upcycling before but have never tried it! I love the xmas tree!! ps. I hate the snow!! I used to love it as a kid for school cancellations but not anymore!

  4. ohhh I've never tried prickly pears. I've seen them thought. I also want to try dragon fruit. Looks cool.

    as far as upcycling (I JUST heard that term last week for the first time) I am doing just that: I ripped apart a knitted jacket (that was a hand me down) and using the yarn for my lastest knit project (sweater)….so that's as Upcycle as it gets I think!

    Wordy Wednesday is more my style too….I think.

  5. I just upcycled a pillow sham into a yoga mat strap. 🙂 And my words for Wednesday are “almond butter” because I am enjoying some with celery right now.

  6. Love the idea of upcycling, and I think the grapevine Christmas tree is pretty cute! I'm glad you've made your peace with winter, lol!

  7. The only issue with the prickly pear is that the seeds are not “chewable!”

    So, it's not all that friendly to just eat, and I don't think it would be

    easy to remove the seeds either. But it tastes fabulous, so I just didn't

    really chew it, and swallowed the seeds…maybe I'm growing a prickly pear

    tree in my stomach now 🙂

  8. haha, i am with you on not being able to do a wordless post! some day i will do a WORDY wednesday!
    you know, i've never been a winter fan, either…but last winter and this winter have been not so bad, for some reason…i think it's because i am dressing appropriately for the temps. the crisp and cold air is refreshing! but i am summer girl at heart…just not HATING winter this year!
    i'll look forward to hearing more about upcycling your thoughts! love the sounds of that!
    stay warm, lisa! have a great aft!

  9. I'm still not a fan of winter. Well… cold weather. I love the snow and I love how pretty it is. But I hate how cold it has to be to get that way =) So a love-hate relationship, indeed!

  10. My words today were exhausted, snow, dance, and love!

    The magnet thing is cool! Never seen something like that ! I love how u used the magnets for closing stuff! I spot that the bag is daiya cheese! love that stuff!

    Hope your day was great girl and maybe you squeezed a workout in!

  11. Yeah, here's my word for today….
    I was thiiiiiiiis close to buying one of those prickly pears at a Mexican market, when all of a sudden, a NOSY old bag comes over and tells me to not touch them because I'd get spines all over my hands. So I said I'd use a plastic bag to pick them up. Then she started making those tisk, tisk noises. AND I CAVED. I WALKED AWAY!!! Dang it!

    Next time, I will wait for her to disappear around the corner, and get me one!

  12. Being a mom and not wanting to spend a fortune on everything from toys to clothes to snacks…my entire life is one big up-cycle 🙂

  13. It wasn't prickly at all….maybe there's other varieties or something (or

    maybe she was from a different planet!). The only non-user friendly thing is

    that the seeds are hard and evenly dispersed throughout. So you can't really

    just chew it (the seeds are not chewable). The texture is a cross between

    watermelon and a pear, so when I ate it I just didn't chew it all that

    much…and swallowed the seeds 🙂

  14. When I am not insprised I always check out some blogs. Seeing all the crazy foods people are combining motivates me to stop being lazy and make something!!

  15. My words for wednesday would be:
    Tired: We just arrived yesterday.
    Warm: Its sunny here.
    Bananas: Brazil has the best bananas in the world! =D
    Happy Wordy Wednesday!

  16. I just ordered the China Study on amazon! What did you think about it??

    Also, I 'upcycle' paper towel rolls/wrapping paper rolls by using them for cords or Christmas tree lights! Although I've never used that word in particular!

  17. I'm in love with the China Study! It's definitely not light reading… It

    took me a while to get through it, but then I ended up doing the Plant-Based

    Nutrition certificate through eCornell and the T.Colin Campbell

    Foundation… So I'm a really big fan. He's actually doing a talk here next

    Friday, but I'm pretty sure I can't go….I was fantasizing about meeting

    him and getting my book signed 🙂

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