Wanting or Not, and Food/BP Success

I kept my apartment totally clean this week. Everyday, I picked up my stuff, cleaned the kitchen, put things where they belong, and made the bed (well, Joe might have done that).

Does this sound like a big deal? Because it was. And it was easy too.

That’s not to say I never made a mess.

I'm planning a course...Ready to work, armed with laptop, texts, paper, pen, phone, and bose remote
...A few hours later.

But I did clean it up.

I practiced my Mom’s advice from my childhood when I was whiny about not wanting to do something.

It’s quite simple.

“Do it not wanting to.”

As frustrating and non-enabling as that statement can feel, it helps me a lot (especially when I picture my Mom saying it in her sing-song-y voice). It takes the choice out of doing a task. And it reminds me to be more positive in general, like my mom is (we call her Pollyanna and The Glad Game…a post for another time!).

Work out? Β Do I want to? Β Sometimes, sometimes not. When I don’t want to, it doesn’t matter—-wanting or not wanting has nothing to do with doing!

Sometimes it even feels good to say, I don’t want to do this, and I’m going to do it and not enjoy it!

…Then, it’s not actually that bad. I stop thinking about why I don’t want to wash the dishes and what I could be doing instead…and I just wash the dishes.

That’s all.

What strategies do you have to do cleaning and other things when you don’t want to?

Other news:

I’m going to Florida tomorrow! It’s quite possible I’ll be doing work half the time I’m there, but at least it will not be snowy!

Joe made me dinner last night: His best ever sauce. I’m going to have him share the recipe soon–he makes it almost every week and has adapted it from a recipe he got from The Bible (Runner’s World). Simple dinner…the best I had all week.

Sprouted grain toast with Joe's Magic red sauce. He really puts his heart into this stuff πŸ™‚

One of my clients had a huge wellness success this week–he had super high blood pressure, and I helped him find some good strategies for improving it without medication. His BP dropped 40 points in a month! I don’t think he even knows what a big deal that is, but if it wasn’t totally inappropriate, I would have hugged him today.

I love my orange blood pressure cuff. There are all sizes of cuffs in the kit...even one for the thigh (never had the opportunity to try that one...yet!). I also have an awesome cheap supplement-remedy for high BP that is 100% safe and effective (the guy who researched it won a Nobel Peace Prize)...but I'm guessing it's not marketed and no one knows about it because it would not benefit the pharmaceutical industry. Sad.

Have you seen these?

I thought these were just square wraps, but it turns out they are paper thin...
I don't know if you can tell...but, seriously thin like wonton wrappers only the texture of a wrap, not doughy

I made taco-lasagna with them, and the pics are ugly, but it was so good….layered 4 sheets of this stuff in a square pan with black beans, salsa, and Daiya in between each layer. Am I the only person who is concerned about Daiya being a processed healthy food? I read the ingredient label, and nothing scary jumps out, but I have to wonder about it a little…

It was really hard to choose a pic because this is so darn ugly...but Joe tried it tonight when it was cold and said, "That's the best thing you've made." Umm, that's great, considering it took me all of 4 minutes to assemble and 15 minutes to bake.

I also had another great girl-talk session with one of my guy friends/clients. Β πŸ™‚ Β I know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. I also had two people tell me today that I’m easy to talk to, and I said thank you…but I don’t think they know how much that really means to me.

What compliments have you gotten lately?

55 thoughts on “Wanting or Not, and Food/BP Success”

  1. I see another mac lover πŸ˜‰ How did we live before them?!

    My desk at home always looks like this by the end of the day, let me tell you! Recipes everywhere, scribbled sheets, you name it!

    This wrap filled with taco goodness looks freaking amazing πŸ™‚ thanks for the ooey gooey pic!


  2. haha, isn't that always the way…a dish you slave 2 hours over gets a “so-so” review while a 15 minutes quick 'n' ez meal gets raves!…
    i like your mom's philosophy-fits with nike's “just do it” slogan which is one of my mottos.
    have a great trip to florida! any escape from snow is wonderful!

  3. It looks like a clam exploding with food…. and by that I mean it looks like it would taste fantastic! =)

    I had toasts and oranges for dinner… I've melted into the couch as well. I cleaned the fridge… the freezer… did some paperwork and just melted. oops.

  4. I was *just* saying the same thing about Daiya earlier! I mean, don't get me wrong… I love having a melty cheese alternative for when the craving strikes or for when I want to make a Mexican-themed lasagna like I plan to next week, but it's definitely something I try to see as a treat and not a staple.

  5. Lisa-CONGRATS on the client BP success. That's got to feel great! Can't wait for Joe's recipe! You sound like me when it comes to the things you tell yourself to get things done….especially DISHES! I've done them 4 times this week which is craaaazy because normally Ryan does them everynight! Self talk makes a huge difference. My kids laugh at me because I sing-song a lot. πŸ™‚

  6. I love that other people in the world are figuring out what I've known since I was four… that you ARE easy to talk to!

    And I expect to try those taco/lasagna things next time we hang out. Have fun in Florida!

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  8. I'm in love with my mac. Sometimes I just look at it and smile…ok not

    really, but I really do love it quite a lot! I want a docking station with

    all the accessories…dreaming about that πŸ™‚

  9. I'll try to get Joe to do a step-by-step on the sauce. He probably will, but

    the trick is getting him to do it on my schedule πŸ™‚

    I haaaaaate doing dishes!

  10. I was going to ask you how you felt about Daiya because every time I use it, I think “this feels like processed chemicals” but the ingredients don't appear all that concerning?
    And this post really hit home with me this morning as it's only day 2 of my “home alone detox spa stay-cation” and I have little messes everywhere I look! Thinking “I have 5 days, I'll do it later”
    You and your Mom have motivated me to “do it not wanting to” so I'm not scrambling around on day 5!
    Happy sunny travels!

  11. Sometimes the ugliest food is the best though. Funny how that happens, but it seems to be fairly true. Hope you have a safe trip to FL and please enjoy the warmer weather for me too! I have been told that I inspire someone to workout, that I am motivating and that is a huge compliment to me.

  12. Nothing by itself on the ingredient list is too scary (as far as I know at

    this moment)…but put all that stuff together and it sort of feels like

    just a “cleaner” version of processed junk. The texture is almost fake

    too…maybe things that aren't cheese shouldn't melt like cheese?

    But I'm not going to ban it personally…just not use it very often.

    Good luck cleaning up your messes!

  13. Thehealthyapron

    I just left a message under your about but I think it got erased? Let me know if you got it!!
    As far as doing things I don't want to do…I walways envision how clean things will be when I'm done and how happy I'll be. Sometimes I can't relax until things are clean or at least slightly more organized than they were!

  14. “β€”-wanting or not wanting has nothing to do with doing!”

    Man oh man this is deep! I'm going to apply this to working out from now on! Starting with right now! I don't want to walk/run on snow and ice. But, not wanting to has nothing to do with doing!! L)

  15. Erica - Itzy's Kitchen

    owwwww where did you get the mountain rye bread from? Whole foods? I totally want to try this. And Joe's Magic red sauce looks amazing. Glad to hear things are going so well with your clients- that is awesome. And yes- the satisfaction of just getting something done is enough for me to do it 95% of the time!

  16. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your interest in Daiya dairy free products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly cr@daiyafoods.com, and I can help you with any concerns that you may have. Our nutritional content and ingredient lists are also available on our website, http://www.daiyafoods.com.

    Taco lasagna–what a great idea! Can't wait to try it!

    Healthy Regards,

    Shnane Liem
    Daiya Foods

  17. Do it not wanting to is the best advice I've ever heard! Might use that one on my kids. Some of my best runs are when I feel like I don't want to go but I do anyway. Thanks for that!

  18. I like your mom's advice! I guess it's basically how I handle things when I don't want to do them, but I've never heard it put that way. And there's always Nike's advice- Just do it!

  19. Well I have to say that your Mom gives some great advice. I like to think that tin the time I spend complaining about not wanting to do something, I could have already done it!

    Have fun in Florida!

  20. DiningAndDishing

    I've been trying to make an effort to do a bit of cleaning up each night. It really doesn't take that long and it feels so much better when it's done! It's my new 2011 thing :).

    – Beth @ wwwDiningAndDishing.com

  21. I love your mom's advice! When there is something I don't want to do, I try to focus on the result rather than the task. So when I'm cleaning I think about how good it will feel when I'm done and when I need to work out I think about how I will feel when the workout is over. It helps get me through the tasks I hate.
    Also, Joe's magic red sauce looks amazing!

  22. I bet the taco lasagna was fabulous!!!! =D
    When I don't want to do something, sometimes I have to resort to bribing myself, for example, I'll find something that I actually want to do and only let myself do it once my other tasks are complete. I also imagine how good I'd feel when I'm done.

  23. I like that saying…it's so true. I was just saying the other day how I think it's impossible for me to get annoyed anymore. Nothing gets to me—it's fab!

  24. I got it at a local health food store…and I'm pretty sure it's not
    made in the US. Β But maybe they'd have it at whole foods too? Β It's
    really awesome—I used it as a wrap today with microgreens and
    avocado, and it was great. Β Just like a regular wrap, only not as
    doughy and filling…just enough πŸ™‚

  25. When I don't feel like working out, I'll tell someone that I'm gonna run 5 miles today (or whatever the workout is), then I feel obligated to do it so they won't be disappointed in me. It's a hangup from my childhood. Wanting to please, not wanting to get in trouble, etc. πŸ™‚ Parents sure can damage their kids! HA!

    Your dinnder looks awesome!

  26. Gosh I hate when things become overwhelming, so I am learning now to clean as I go. I am trying to teach my boys this, but it is not easy to learn at any age. Great job on helping your client. I love hearing that non medication methods work! That has to feel good! Be safe on your trip!

  27. that's so awesome for your client. i'm all about doing things the natural way w/o medicine if possible. that must have felt good to hear for you too – i love making others lives better. i thrive on it. i need a job like that, something in hospitality.

    my awesome compliment today was the tax director at the client told my manager that i did a good job πŸ™‚

  28. I love this post. Designing courses? A woman after my own heart πŸ˜€

    Wonderful news about your client's blood pressure. I keep trying to get off of my meds, but I'm a Type A and it's hard to relax. But if I can bring myself back from the brink of Type II Diabetes, then I know I can do it!

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