New Year’s Eve lunch was a big win. Takin’ one for the team at dinner…

Joe and I found out that Owl House is having a set dinner menu this evening, and as a result we decided to go there for lunch while Matthew was still with Mimi (my mom).


Joe's beverage of choice. He said he wanted to cast his vote so this local gluten free option will stay on the menu.
Vegan Mozzarella Sticks (made with Daiya cheese). I don't think they're gluten free, but Owl House can make most of their dishes gluten free and/or vegan if you ask them to (the menu says so)
The Smoked Trout Hummus snack, and Joe's long-term favorite: the Lentil Burger. For some reason my phone deleted the pic I took of my salad.

For dinner, it looks like we’ll be stuck with the original plan (to please my rib-lovin’ nephew), and we’re going to the Beale Street Cafe. I don’t want to be negative, but I looked at pics of their food online, and I’m anticipating eating something I don’t really want. Or maybe I’ll just get a cocktail. No complaints though…there’s not much I’d rather do than make my little love happy.

Joe and I were also discussing our possible New Year’s resolutions—I’m not going to call them that, because that screams failure set-up. I am going to set goals though. One is to drop the coffee/caffeine (which is only an occasional habit anyway). Another is to go as gluten-dairy-soy-meat-egg free as I can. I don’t anticipate a 100% success rate, but if I focus I can do a lot better (and feel a lot better) than last year. I have a few other ideas, but nothing concrete yet—I will clean my workspace on Monday…maybe that will help.

What do you plan to improve about your health for 2011?

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