Balancing tree-saving with peace of mind

I have a problem. Really, it’s not natural for one person to have so many email addresses. If I teach for six schools (or is it seven?), that means I have email logins and online classroom logins to remember for each of them (even the face-to-face classes are web enhanced). That causes me to have something like 12 usernames and as many passwords, and that doesn’t include any of my online banking, credit card, or other accounts. I have many of them written down, but not all of them. And some of them I had written down before I changed passwords and never updated my list.

Why do I do this to myself?

Sometimes I say it’s because I have such a great memory (want to know about my third grade field trip to Genesee Country Museum?). It’s really because I’m lazy. I can’t be bothered to find the piece of paper (or come up with a better system) to record my logins as they get updated.

I do know that I would be more organized and avoid stress if I were more organized about this. Similarly, I really do believe that writing down goals makes them more likely to happen. I do it sometimes, but it’s really an unorganized process.

Lots of bloggers are talking about goals for 2011 right now. It’s got me thinking—what are mine? How am I going to document them, keep them organized, and …reach them?

Step 1: Write them down

(Goal 1: Record all of my login information, and update it when needed)

Aside from all this…I’m really happy on vacation this week. Matthew has been with me since Tuesday, and having him here on New Year’s Eve will be fun too—he wants ribs (I don’t). I found a non-dinosaur bbq place (no offense to them, but I’ve been there twice this year for the sake of Matthew, and that was quite enough for a while) that has ribs as well as other more edible food. However, Joe just got home and suggested we might want to just get takeout for Matthew at dinosaur, and for us at Owl House——Sounds fabulous to me, and they’re pretty much in the same neighborhood.

We have gone sledding, went on a horse drawn wagon ride, visited mom at work (at which time I immediately needed a nap—something about being in an office sucks the energy right out of me), played games and watched Where the Red Fern Grows (again—it’s about dogs. Enough said. And did you know that it’s possible to die of a broken heart?), went on a super fun play date at Bounce It Out and then out to lunch with friends…and we’re hoping to go sledding again tomorrow.

Also, I actually spent money buying a Pillow Pet. I’m sure it was made in China or somewhere equally non-US. But, wow, we love it.

We also split a salad at Half Moon...olives, cheese, shrimp, grapes, and ranch, anyone? Ick, but I will never discourage a salad from being eaten by a kid.
Slave labor? An hour of juicing (to be frozen: carrots, celery, cilantro, parsley, lemon, stevia)...only the carrots were too tough for him!
Zippy the sled. No really, its name is Zippy---there's a handle, and I'm told it's the best sled ever.
This was not the time he let go of the Zippy at the top of the hill and had to chase after it with the other sled. It was, however, after we had been there for two hours and my fingers were frozen.
The Band. True or False? These guys sound as good as they look!

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