The end of kid week—and the beginning of veggie week!

Matthew spent this week with me, and although it’s not his fault, my veggie consumption has been seriously low (or maybe it really hasn’t, but my non-veggie consumption definitely went up significantly) since right before Christmas. I’m not making resolutions for 2011, but today, I really want to make a plan for food this week (which I’m hoping will include more vegan Daiya mozz sticks with Kristina).

So…I have no food pics from yesterday’s dinner because we ended up eating at Wegmans! I’m actually quite sure all three of us were pretty happy since we could get whatever we wanted (and I wasn’t constricted by a greasy rib menu—but we heard the rib place was yucky, so that’s the real reason we didn’t go there).

I love K'nex, but I was not invited to participate (actually, I was asked, "don't you have some work you can do on your computer?")
Little Flake and Camo, just hanging on the seesaw
What are you lookin' at? I'm lookin' at videos of the biggest rabbit ever (p.s. it's creepy and gross and like 24 pounds). ...Then we watched a youtube video of the ball dropping in 2005 so we could go to bed at 9:30.

Even though I’m feeling a little under-veggied, my little friend has gone home and I have something in the oven that I think is going to be really good…so I now have a goal for this week to try something new (and by new I mean uncommon for me) in the kitchen everyday.

What new things (or uncommon things) will you do this week?

10 thoughts on “The end of kid week—and the beginning of veggie week!”

  1. I thi k I may actually have to leave the house today to stock up on veggies for eatin' and juicing' I feel yukky from to much alcohol and crap. Serious detox needed! Gonna follow Natalia Rose's Detox for Women.
    Love the pics of the boys!

  2. I'm going to do Natalia's detox this week too, maybe I will post about it. I think I may not go outside at all today—just did sauna. If you wanna work out together sometime this week or next let me know—I can make us up a boot camp or we could do something of fitnessista's and make each other work hard!

  3. Hi Christine,
    I'm hoping to keep the veggie goal going well into 2011… it's weird how something like a date (New Year's!) can be such a turning point. I like it though–feels like an external push in the right direction.

  4. I suppose after I got over the initial shock of the size…it is kinda cute. But, I used to have a dwarf rabbit that weighed about a pound, and even his legs could pack a mean punch, so I'd hate to see the damage the huge rabbit legs could do! 🙂

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