You Know You’ve Changed When…

I am helping to plan a baby shower for this weekend (although Kyle has done most of the work since we are having a hard time meshing our schedules…for the last 6 months or so). I’m bringing some of the food, and for some reason this is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.  I have a mental struggle between serving people SAD food (that they probably expect and enjoy) and healthier food that they might think is weird.

I made Sarma’s macaroons yesterday—as I was mixing the batter, I checked my email quickly and got an email from One Lucky Duck saying they have improved their blonde macaroon recipe!  Well…I used the old one from her book, which I think is totally fabulous (coconut, almond flour, maple syrup, etc.).  I guess they took out the almond flour and made changes to lighten up the cookies, which also sounds great.  Anyway, I made the blondies and the dark chocolate cookies, and threw them in the dehydrator…and sampled a few when they were warm.


Straight Bliss...aka Sarma's Macaroons. I'm not sharing the recipe because I think you should buy her book! But, if you want it, email me and I'll probably share it. I'm sure you could make them in the oven instead of the dehydrator.

I’m having a dilemma. Are they normal enough to serve at a party of Penn Yan-ers?  Do people eat dark chocolate (and I’m talkin’ dark chocolate, like un-alkalized raw cacao…but with the maple syrup it tastes like regular super dark chocolate)?  These cookies are so awesome—they are chewy in the middle and have a little crunch on the outside (yes, Petra and Dave, I’ll bring you samples at work this morning!).

The point of this?

I know I’ve changed a lot because I don’t know what’s normal anymore.

I know what my cousin eats after spending the week with her (and if I ate like her I would shortly curl up and die from too much meat and …she orders everything with the veggies taken out).  But, I don’t know if she’s normal either.

What do you think?

Also, when Petra and I throw our raw dinner party, would you like to come?  Only people who don’t use the word “ew” about raw food are invited!

The other things I’m planning for the shower (one or the other) are:

Pasta salad with tortellini instead of spirals (thanks Lisa B for that idea a few years ago—I make it for every picnic and people always think it’s so fancy!), with pesto

Red skinned potato salad (because red skinned potatoes are less starchy and I have to feel like I’m doing something right)


12 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Changed When…”

  1. I think the macaroons sound devine!

    What about a standard veggie tray w/ some homemade “kitchen sink” hummus that you make? That's pretty “standard” “predictable” faire for most people.

    Petra makes an awesome watermelon/black bean salsa. Made that and a mango salsa w/ pita chips or tortilla chips?

    I'd love to come to a raw dinner party! 🙂 Are those veggie pizza going to be on the menu!?!

  2. Like we say'celebrate the differences…..

    I think Miranda's ideas sound great … if no one likes them, it will be more for YOU.

    And I am definitely “in” for the raw dinner party … don't forget, you have to include the recipes with the meal.

  3. I thought of another idea. Have you seen those Edible Arrangements? The fruit ones are basically fruit kabobs, you can cut pineapple, melon into cute shapes w/ cookie cutters (I'm sure they have ones that you could get w/ baby themes–bottle, baby carriage etc) I did those for a party once and they were a huge hit!

  4. I don't remember the tortellini / pesto salad recipe but it doesn't sound very healthy!
    Right now I'm stuffing about 100 cherry tomatoes out of my garden with bacon, lettuce and mayo to take to a poolside lunch. I know…BACON…but everyone loves the little BLT bites.
    PS I'm in for your raw party too!
    Lisa B

  5. Hi Miranda,
    Thanks for all the ideas! I don't know why I never thought to make hummus—I think you're right, it's normal enough! I love the fruit idea too—I need to hurry up and decide 🙂
    I think Petra and I will be strategizing for the raw party very soon, so I'll put a vote in for the pizzas!

  6. Hi Mom,
    You're right—I hope I don't come off as judging my friendly neighborhood SAD eaters—I just don't fit in with them anymore (which is not a new concept for me!). Obviously, you're coming to the raw party, as if you have a choice 🙂


  7. Hi Lisa B,
    I think I added the pesto to the pasta salad, but you gave me the idea to use tortellini instead of spirals….definitely not healthy! But people always love it. The BLT bites sound fabulous!
    I'll keep you posted on the raw party.

  8. These were fantastic, thanks or sharing. I liked the blonde ones over the chocolate. Well sort of like Super Fantastic and Fantastic. These won't last very long at your party, if I'm wrong then call me and I'll see what I can do. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Dave ,
    I'm glad you liked them—I totally agree, the blondies are awesome and the chocolate ones are just alright. I threw some in the freezer (they don't get rock hard), and the chocolate ones were better that way.
    No one said anything about them at the party—but I think they were pretty much gone. Gotta make more!

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