The 8th Wonder?

My cousin, Kristen, is visiting from LA this week.  She is a lot of fun (and is super busy because she is going to be filming a season of her new show this winter in Vancouver).  The interesting things to me about having her here are (1) she makes it obvious to me how much I’ve changed in my eating habits in the last year, and (2) I have a long way to go when it comes to resisting being influenced by people around me (food-wise).

I’m not going to admit what I’ve eaten in the last few days (it feels so disrespectful to my fabulous raw weekend), but I’m really interested now in talking to people about how they get back on track when they’ve fallen off. It’s definitely not something new to discuss—I talk to people all the time about how having a re-start plan is even more important than having a start-up plan.

How do we figure out what our re-start plan is?  Well, we fall off the wagon and keep trying to re-start until it works…and then we try and remember what we did for next time!  Focusing on it seems to help. Also, taking a break from people and situations who will have a counter-effect on this goal can be helpful (and my cousin is leaving soon, so I’ll be back to calling Petra to go on a walk instead of making reservations and drinking wine).

The Cousin at one of the 7 Wonders of the World (she was slightly disappointed, and realized why I hadn't been overly excited about the trip!)

We talked about how we’re not really sure what the 7 Wonders are (should I be embarrassed about that?  I do know some of them!). If I had to come up with the real wonders of the world, they would be more physiological and having to do with how the human body pays us back in regards to how we treat it…but I guess the Wonders of the World thing is for more tangible non-human things.

That being said—I’d still like to add an 8th Wonder:

The Human Body

We get hung up on strategy and mental games and trying to talk ourselves into being healthy (and then beating ourselves up for not sticking to a plan—I’m totally trying to resist that this week!). Instead, maybe we can take a look at how awesome the human body is–and what it can do for us if we treat it right. Getting back on track is a primary key to maintaining and improving our own personal 8th Wonders!

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