Mixing the Old with the New

Today was my first official day “off” after being done wellness coaching at RIT. Somehow, I filled the entire day (until now) with work…but what a fabulous feeling to not get up at 4am! Even though I’m still busy (somehow I ended one job and added three…we’ll see how that goes!), I feel like I should have more free time.  Here’s a re-cap of the last few days…

My first batch of kombucha, to be ready in 10 days or so...yes, the scoby (fungus pancake) is kinda gross.
Ice cream cake from the baby shower I helped plan on Sat---I didn't make the cake, but I did take many of the suggestions you gave me here and via email. Thanks! I think it was a success.
Breakfast today---yes, it's veggies. I needed to use stuff in my fridge...tomatoes, cukes, fermented ginger carrots, dilly beans, and leftover olives/feta/oil from the Mediterranean bar at Weggy's. How is it that stuff like this always turns out so awesome, and when I try really hard it's just "ok"????
Mom and I stopped at the PY hospital one night last week to use the restroom before heading home. How weird is it that I have no place to pee in my hometown? This also reminded me of an incident caused by the previously mentioned cousin at an old folks home one evening when we were drinking wine with her grandma...
No more polo shirts for me. Goodbye Orange Ugliness! Any ideas about what I should wear in my new corporate wellness coaching job? I don't have any polo shirts---just business casual? Or should I go more sporty?
Tonight's Dinner: Before
Tonight's Dinner: After 1...I always feel like I should make a use for this stuff. It's so pretty, and I'm banned from adding more compost to my Mom's composter
Tonight's Dinner: After 2, the ingested part. Yum! I need to detox from a week of eating crap--I feel pretty awful, and juicing is the best way to get back on track for me. This is cuke, apple, lime, sprouts, ginger, beet, watercress, cilantro, parsley, carrot (I would have skipped the beet, but Joe left for the week and left on-the-edge beets in the fridge)

How is your week going?  I love the hot weather—I love my porch too.  I sat out there all day after going to the gym this morning.  Aside from a glitch in the system with final exams, I am caught up on grading, started 4 classes today, ended 4 classes yesterday, turned in paperwork for a new teaching job, started week 3 of online training for another new teaching job…wrote about 60 welcome notes to my new students…and wrote this post. Oh, and I went in the sauna for an hour and took a nap!  I anticipate spending time with my nephew this week and hopefully catching up with some friends.  I also have to get permission from a couple who is having me do a juice cleanse for them next week to let me post about them here.  I think it will be a fun process to document!

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