Just Another Bacteria Filled Sunday…

I got up early today (partly because I always do, and partly because I had hoped to get all my work done then and have the rest of the day to do what I want…no dice. I wasted time online and then went to the gym…and then went to Lori’s to pick up some more delicious fermented foods because I want to give some to my Mom).

My goal is to write this post as I finish my salad, and then work till 4:00.  I hope I do it! I think I can be caught up if I do.

Here’s what I bought today:

Everything Raw and Fermented: Salsa, Dill Pickles, Kombucha, Ginger Carrots, Cashew-Dulse Cheese, and Cashew Cheese

I was starving when I got home from Lori’s (I drank a green water that I concocted and a Mate/Sencha shot in the car—clearly mood boosting but not stomach-filling!). I wanted to try everything I hadn’t had yet. So I did. I’ll review them here….Please note, fermented foods are tangy—if you don’t love sour flavors, you may have to work up to these.  I’d love to let you sample mine so you don’t fork over the cash for something you hate, so (if you’re in Rochester) let me know and we can arrange a sample test!

Zukav’s Mild Salsa:

YUM. Tangy, and tomato-y. I only took a bite, but it was really good. I can dig this.  I have Blue Corn Chips on my list of things to make soon (I’ll tell you why when I do it!), so I’m looking forward to this one. Also, my friend Kyle recently told me celery with salsa is totally delicious, so maybe I’ll try that too. Lori’s had $1.00 off coupons sitting next to the Zukav’s products, so I bought this one totally guilt-free (who am I kidding?  I never feel guilty about spending money on quality food, especially when it comes from local farms and sources!).

Real Pickles:

Real Pickles - Ingredients. Check them out at www.realpickles.com

These were good!  I was a little hesitant (not really, but I did notice) that the liquid in the jar was slightly cloudy, and a couple of the pickle spears looked a little bit toad-wart-ish. Truth told, the pickles were not super-crunchy like a brand such as Claussen.  BUT, the benefits outweigh the costs in my head—these really were delish, and there was no ferment-y taste. So if you’re hesitant about the fermented thing, try these first!  I ended up chopping up a couple and putting them in my lunch salad today.

Dr-Cow’s Aged Cashew with Dulse Flakes Fermented Cheese:

Aged Yummy Beautiful Fermented Dr-Cow's Cashew Dulse Cheese. I'm in love...sorry dairy cheese, I'm over you!

This might be my favorite cheese yet. Dulse is a great addition to any diet for several reasons, one being its high mineral content. I’ll write another post about the benefits of sea veggies very soon.  I had to stop myself from eating this entire hunk of cheesy love…I ate half (plus a slice).

For the other things, the ginger carrots and the kombucha, look at my last post and keep a lookout for a future post on fermenting at home.

Today’s lunch:

Chopped Spring Mix, Ginger Carrots (will I ever get sick of these? ---I don't think so!), two chopped Real Pickles, Dr-Cow's Cashew Dulse Cheese. Is it impolite to lick your salad bowl when you're home alone?

I’m going to tell you that I’ve spent to much money at Lori’s in the last couple days (what else is new?). I’ve also spent lots at the Body Ecology site and Sunfood. I’m determined to become healthier and wake up everyday being excited about what I’m doing, and feeling like I’m in control of my own health.  I spent many years on antibiotics when I was a teenager, and I have lots of ridiculous side effects. Doctors seem to want to medicate me and put band-aids on my symptoms.  I can’t stand for that anymore—it’s how I got here to begin with! I see what it has done to my Mom, who may be a projection of myself 27 years down the road. I’m feeling really empowered by the fact that I’ve found ways to become healthier at the liver-level (you know what I mean, right?  Inside where you can’t see what’s going on, but where the damage has been done, and is causing the symptoms impacting how you feel and what happens to your body externally).

I found a Natural Doctor, Dr. Coan in Clifton Springs, who is all for getting to the core of a person’s health problems. Maybe we can go more into this someday, but for now the point for all of us is to look at (1) where we are now and (2) what small step we can take today that is heading in the healthier direction.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t be perfect, just be better than yesterday!

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