What Is This and What Am I Doing With It?

Leave a comment with your guess. A random person (who guesses correctly) will be chosen to win a prize...If no one guesses, I'll keep the prize for myself, and if you win and you don't live close by, I'll mail it to you.

14 thoughts on “What Is This and What Am I Doing With It?”

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  2. I think it's almonds (with the skins off), and I'm guessing you're making it into cookies!

  3. miranda_avery

    My guess is that they're blanched almonds and you're going to try to make your own almond milk! 🙂

  4. They are almonds and you are going to make me something with them. Almond milk, almond butter or almond cookies….

  5. Haha, Karen! I will bring you some, because it's definitely going to be gluten-free! However, they are almonds….no one has guessed correctly about what I'm going to make with them! They are soaked and peeled, but not blanched….. Ok, enough of a hint!

    Thanks for guessing 🙂

  6. I am guessing you are going to make some kind of lotion or cleanser or some such skin-thing.

  7. Kelley Reynolds

    I know there almonds,and I think you're going to make some kind of cream or a drink

  8. So….No one wins a prize! You were right if you guessed almonds, but what I made out of them was CHEESE.

    Yep, fermented almond cheese. I was going to post about it this morning, but apparently, I needed a nap instead and now I have to wait till later… I'll tell you, I think this cheese could be delicious with a few tweaks—but I'll fill you in on that. I'm not calling it a total fail, more like a practice round!

    Thanks for guessing….I'll see what else I can come up with.

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