A Test and A Plan

Life often gives us tests, don’t you think?  It’s an interesting game to try and figure out how to pass the tests—I have this theory that if we choose the “wrong” or less “right” options, we’ll generally have to face the same tests again later in a different form. With that theory in mind, it’s …

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Willpower and the ‘Slacker’ Brain

A new friend at RIT shared this very interesting story with me the other day.  I highly recommend listening to the recording describing this study that looked into why we make certain food choices. “The brain is anatomically organized into different systems…..  You have a rational deliberative system which is sort of more to …

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Did you ever see the movie Ten Things I Hate About You?  There’s a line from it, said by Bianca Stratford’s ditzy friend, that I always think of when I’m overwhelmed. As the two girls are walking along, the ditzy friend says, “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed.  But can …

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