A Test and A Plan

Life often gives us tests, don’t you think?  It’s an interesting game to try and figure out how to pass the tests—I have this theory that if we choose the “wrong” or less “right” options, we’ll generally have to face the same tests again later in a different form. With that theory in mind, it’s worth it to figure out and take the best path from the beginning even if it is more difficult in the moment.

That was my preface to this: I just agreed to teach two more classes starting on Monday. This puts my total number at 5, and this may seem somewhat irrational (impossible?), considering I also have a full-time job. You really didn’t know I was Superwoman, did you?  Honestly, I’m not. I am a little frightened at this moment, but also excited (I can see the balance on my student loan account slowly diminishing!).

As a result of this decision, I have an experiment to do!  I hope you’ll follow me on it, and maybe encourage me a little bit too (after all, I’ve made the choice, so telling me it was a dumb one isn’t going to help me at this point!). Related to this: I did a lunchtime seminar today about getting and staying motivated. One of the keys to successful sustained lifestyle changes (i.e. lifelong motivation) is planning. The first step is to make a decision about what you want to do (I have chosen to teach 5 classes, work at RIT, and continue doing other things like helping with the Autism Council, spending a little time with friends, working out and doing yoga).

The second step is to figure out how to fit it in.  I can easily make a time management plan—I get up at 4:30 and work till I go to bed.  It fits!  The issues arises when my Cup is Full, and I don’t have the capacity to actually do the work.

I have done an experiment with this once before (March 2009), and it worked. My plan includes getting up at 4:30 to do work, integrating 20 servings of veggies a day into my food/drink intake, and working out in the evenings.  It’s pretty simple—not easy, simple.

Do you think I can do it?  What goal can you make today?  What plan can you put into place to help you reach it?  My advice is to keep it simple (not necessarily easy!).  Let me know—Let’s work on something together!

P.S. You may not want to follow my lead for work/life balance. However, I know it’s temporary, and I have a good reason for it!

3 thoughts on “A Test and A Plan”

  1. I am all about the list – if you are like me when your cup is TOO full, you sometimes get overwhelmed and cannot focus on ANYthing. Time passes, I wander around breathless and nothing is accomplished – much less finished. If I have a list as a crutch, I look at it and do what it tells me to do next. Even with that, it is sometimes true – it’s simple, not easy.

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