I Proved It Again!

A couple things….

Kristina and I seem to get to the point in the day (right before our sign language class) when we’re feeling a bit overloaded—-not with coaching, but with paperwork and crud that comes with coaching.  So, when our ASL instructor (Jennie) comes, we are most likely feeling like we should have practiced more and we don’t have time for this!

Last week, we made a comment or two about how busy we are. Jennie’s response was, “Everyone’s busy.”

My initial thought was something along the lines of, “Yeah, but….”

…But she was right. So we’ve changed our attitude (slightly….at times….) and honestly the day is much better when you just make a list and acknowledge being busy, and then do what you have to do without obsessing over it.

The other thing I realized (again) this morning was that I really need to go to the gym in the mornings.  I take Mondays off so I can get paper-grading done before work.  Last week when I was overloaded, I took Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun off.  So add Monday to that…..and by Tuesday morning I was a big BLAH.  Today and yesterday, I went to the gym….feel awesome now, and although I wish there were more hours in this evening, the crud that was weighing on me before (although still there) is not so heavy.

p.s. Spezzano and Sandy on the radio really help that hour of cardio go by…and if they’re not on, there’s always Little House on the Prairie on TV from 5-6.

30 thoughts on “I Proved It Again!”

  1. Well, you just took ME back 20 some years with the reference to Little House on the Prairie …. you CANNOT mean that show still shows?! DOn’t we have all those episodes memorized????
    On another subject, whythehheck do we seem to think it is almost-noble to be too busy? What an interesting comment … because everyone IS too busy!!! What is wrong with all of us – why don’t we just SLOW-DOWN!!!!????

  2. Hi Mimi. Yes…It’s still on, and I only watch when I’m desperate… I should have posted a pic from that era with the little house easter dresses we had. Nah…
    I’m all for slowing down—let’s escape!

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