Juil Fall Collection: Review of Grounding Shoes

I was thrilled this fall when Peter from Juil asked me if I wanted to try out a pair of shoes from their fall line. A few years ago, I bought a pair of Juil flip flops… and I wore them until they fell apart (which was just recently, after I wore them almost everyday for a year straight when I moved to California). I plan to do that again in the spring when flip flop weather returns (ok, so it never totally goes away here, but I still plan to wear regular shoes for at least a couple months!)

You can check out Juil’s fall line here. I highly recommend it–in fact, I had a ridiculously hard time choosing which shoes I wanted most.

Click here to find out why these shoes are my favorites, and also why I think you’ll love them! (Why do they have “dots” anyway??)

I ended up choosing these (the Bumi in color Sand):


Once the weather finally cooled off a bit here, I started wearing them everywhere. I love that they go with everything, and they’re so comfortable, I feel like I’m not really wearing shoes (I think I put “real” shoes on twice the entire time I was pregnant).

We went to the Promenade in Santa Monica yesterday, and I wore my Juil shoes–we must’ve walked a couple miles (and I had an extra 18.2 pounds I was carrying around!).




We were in Santa Monica to buy a new bed–and I ended up spending an arm and a leg on the perfect non-toxic mattress and bed frame. The woman working there complimented my shoes and so I told her all about them. I love talking about things like these shoes with people who are health conscious and interested, but the best part about this particular shoe line is that in addition to having the grounding feature, they are also super cute and awesome quality. My cousin stopped by the other day and saw them–she does not care about grounding in the slightest… but got the website from me anyway because she loved the way the shoes looked!

Have you ever worn grounding shoes?

(Note: I received these shoes for free, but the opinions here are all my own!)


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