Pregnancy Update: 11 Weeks

I had a couple great days this week. I felt good. I had energy… I didn’t have rot gut or headaches. I also had a few days when I felt terrible. I proved once again that if I eat a lot of carbs/grains my gut feels better. I’m going with the flow and eating primarily sprouted grains (rather than unsprouted), but I’m also thinking about it a lot. I’ve been mostly grain free for quite a while, so I have to wonder if part of the reason I feel crappy is because I’m eating a lot of things I don’t normally eat (in terms of fruit, grains, sugar). If you’re thinking about reducing your grain intake, read Alison’s post—she always sums up the issues really well!

My update: Time is crawling. Seriously. I have gained a pound or two this week (probably–I haven’t weighed myself). I’m so so tired, so much that I’m often going to bed before 9 (ok, before 8). My back hurts, my head hurts, my gut feels awful 70% of the time. But… I’m really happy. Dave is taking care of everything, and even volunteered to learn how to make juice for me. I have no complaints at all. This is a good lesson for me to stay in the present moment—I have no way of knowing when/if this is going to get better, on which days I’ll have energy, or what food will make it better or worse on any given day. So I’m just going with the flow. I am hoping that I’ll keep having more and more good days… and then I’ll be able to start being active again. I know they say you can be active right from the start, but I really don’t think I can right now. It doesn’t feel right to “push through it.”

I’m really thankful that I work at home. I just found out that a friend of mine is pregnant right now too, due a few weeks after me–and she has to sit at a desk all day. I don’t know how she’s managing it! She hasn’t made her pregnancy public knowledge so I can’t say who it is yet, but she and I have been texting each other about how we feel—and we’re definitely preg-twins!

11 wks

What I ate this week: sprouted grain blue corn tortilla chips, mac and cheese (but not as much), macaroni salad, blood orange sorbet (amazing!), grilled cheese, apples, grapes, bananas. Meat sounds gross. Crackers sound gross. My sense of smell is so magnified that I can barely go into the grocery store–the meat and healthy food sections smell so awful it makes me gag. What a funny and weird phenomenon!

Supplements I’m taking:

whole food multivitamin (it’s not a prenatal—it’s better than any prenatal I could find ingredient-wise)
fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil
astaxanthan (antioxidant)
folate (not folic acid!!!)

I will be taking dessicated liver soon if I can do it without barfing (and if I can eat liver, I’ll eat it… but I doubt that will happen any time soon). I also have MSM in my cupboard, but am not taking it (not sure why, it sounds yucky), and I have gelatin that I’m trying to mix into my high-bread diet. Oh, one more thing… coconut oil. It sounds awful to me right now. But I am working on figuring out how to fit in 3 Tbsp a day. I’ll expand on why I’m taking those very soon. I am reaching a good point in my schedule soon, and hopefully feeling better, so I can work on a new project… and that project involves posting more often.

My goal for the coming week is to make more dinners. Lately, I’ve been eating mostly earlier in the day, and by dinner time feeling crappy or being full enough that I only want a snack (sprouted grain toast usually). Dave has been making dinner (but I’ve been squeamish about the meat and not eating what he makes). I don’t know if I’ll eat meat, but I think I can at least make some things and hopefully prepare meat for him. We’ll see!

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  1. Congrats…. But…. i’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be eating liver due to its high vit A content 🙂

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