Pregnancy Update: 10 Weeks

This past week was my worst week yet. It was rough. I had two days that were OK, and luckily one of them happened to be the day I was throwing a bridal shower for my cousin. It was a wine tasting—I watched. The other OK day was Wednesday. I kept waiting for the “hangover” to return, and aside from the exhaustion, it just didn’t happen. My brain can’t help but jump to conclusions and create a fantasy that I’m going to feel good from now on. But hey, it could be true!

My weight: Up 2 pounds.

Food details: I know exactly where the 2 pounds came from (and they are worth every bite)—I survived on red macaroni and cheese (recipe soon), grilled cheese, sprouted grain toast with butter, lemon sorbet (based on a recommendation), and organic fruit snacks. The thought of crackers (last week’s obsession) made me want to vomit, and I couldn’t even look at meat or vegetables. I found that if I ate more of the non-barf foods, I felt better, and if I didn’t eat almost constantly, I felt worse.

Imagine the worst hangover you’ve ever had. That’s how I felt for most of the week. I questioned why anyone has more than one baby–I see how we all get tricked into doing this once. But, geez.

However, I feel pretty darn OK right now, so I can already see how a person would do this more than once—I know what it’s like to have a new baby (I took care of my nephew with my brother-in-law after my sister died on the morning after he was born), and I know how amazing it is. My brain has a little adjusting to do in this case though–this baby is actually mine.

If I keep feeling good, I swear I’m going to yoga soon. And I’m going for a walk soon (everyday!). I’ve been so exhausted and out of breath, and even trying to talk on the phone while walking back from Whole Foods has been a disaster (just ask Kristina–she’s finding this very entertaining).

The 10-Week Bump

10 wks

That tiny bump (I know, you can’t see it—for some reason, I look smaller than real life in pics) is like 90% food-survival-baby and 10% baby-baby. It’s crazy how perspective on food and weight can change when eating becomes about combating illness and survival (dramatic, but that’s what it felt like) rather than about fueling for energy and baby-growing.

I don’t have anything really eventful to share this week, nothing impressive on paper. But seriously, I’m thrilled that I survived, and I’m feeling optimistic. We bought a new car to prepare for baby, and we had a minor issue fighting with the landlord this week about having them not spray for pest prevention in our apartment. They agreed not to, and we like the new car—so I’ll deem this a successful week overall!

Everyone says “morning sickness” (which usually hits from from 11am-till bedtime and beyond) goes away after week 12 or 13. Can anyone please give me hope that it could go away before that? Or maybe it’s common to have one week that’s really bad and then a few that are not perfect but bearable before week 13-ish hits?

Coming soon:

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This has been saving my life… I’ll share the recipe soon.

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 10 Weeks”

  1. Awe, I Love reading your updates! I hope you feel better soon. It’s a great sign of a healthy baby if that helps 🙂 I also had to eat regularly/constantly to keep from feeling ill with all three of my pregnancies, especially in the first trimester. Jason would laugh at me as I’d get up at 5 am to eat and then go back to bed!

  2. The morning sickness queasiness stopped pretty quickly for me, but the sensitivity to smells & food aversions continued on through week 16 or so…the plus side is you are nearly into the second trimester & you’ll feel amazing until week 32 or so!

  3. 5am is when I have my first breakfast 🙂
    Second one is around 8am…. then third at 10:30. This is definitely helping! However, I’ve never been so full in my life..
    Thanks for sharing your experience—it’s really interesting and helpful!
    I miss you!

  4. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Poor Lisa!! Gah, the beginning is so rough but hang in there. You WILL start to feel better soon I promise!! I think for me it was after the 12th week I didn’t feel as nauseous! You made me laugh when you said why do people have more than 1 child. haha I get scared whenever I think about trying for a second child because I have no clue how you’re supposed to handle morning sickness and take care of another child!! I had very bad pain in my back ribs from like week 10 to the late 20’s and it was just horrible. I so hope that does not happen again when the time comes!! Eekk!!

    That recipe looks delicious and I know Rinaldo would be all over that! Hoping that these next couple weeks will go by fast and that you see major improvements in how you feel!

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