The Perfect Salad

My favorite salads have three main characteristics:

1. Not too much lettuce (if any at all)

2. Small mostly uniformly sized pieces (including lettuce size)

3. Enough dressing (evenly coating the contents)

I often use a mezzaluna to make my salads perfect, but when I don’t use lettuce (like this one) I just chop everything about the same size.

Here’s my Perfect Salad from this past weekend:

Cucumber, Tomato, Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, and Olive Salad with a Creamy Sherry Vinaigrette

30 cherry tomatoes (halved)
15 olives (halved)
4oz mozzarella (cubed)
3oz blue cheese (cubed — as much as possible)

Creamy Sherry Vinaigrette Dressing
4T olive oil
2T sherry vinegar
1.5T minced shallot
3tsp mustard
3tsp mayo
3tsp sugar (or honey or agave)

Whisk dressing ingredients together and add to salad ingredients. Mix well to coat, and serve immediately or refrigerate.

This is really easy and yummy… the blue cheese takes up another level!

perfect salad



News/Notes: I am in the middle of moving… so my fridge is pretty much empty. I am also kind of scatterbrained… but I have plenty of papers to grade to keep me focused on something. I also decided to take some classes through one of the universities I teach for–I guess just for fun? I’ve been teaching online for 5 years, but I want to get a graduate certificate in online teaching just to boost my resume, to refresh my ideas and approaches to teaching (I don’t wanna get stale and boring!), and because I’m kind of an overachiever.

We’re gonna infuse vodka with serrano peppers this week. Why? Well, because we have about 900 of them (ok maybe not that many) growing on the patio. We will also be harvesting about 900 kumquats soon, dozens of tomatoes, 5 lemons, some grapes, and lots of herbs! If you’re on my Christmas list this year, you may be getting a patio garden sourced gift basket!

More soon… I have some reviews to post in the next week that include workouts!

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