Cheesy Herb Cauliflower Rice

No one I know really loves cauliflower in its natural state—it’s ok, crunchy and dip-able, even alright steamed with butter…but not really amazing. Making pizza crust is my top choice for cauli, but cauli rice definitely takes a close second place.

I served it to Kristen (cousin) and Dave (boyfriend) on Saturday, and after I told them what it was made of (before they tried it), they were both hesitant (Kristen more than Dave). Turns out it was amazing–which I already knew. Seriously, cheese and herbs make most things amazing, and this was no exception.

Cheesy Herb Cauli Rice

3 cups riced cauli (steamed and packed in measuring cup)
1 cup parmesan cheese (less if you’re stingy)
1 Tbsp butter
herbs – your choice, a couple shakes of each or finely chopped fresh herbs (I used basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, parsley, and minced onion)
2oz (or so) of any type of cheese, diced (I used smoked gouda)

I apologize in advance for not including the herb measurements, but I never measure them… I will try it again soon, and attempt to keep track, but I don’t really think it’s necessary – you just have to taste it as you go.

Here’s what you do:

Steam an entire head of cauliflower (chop it first). Rice it in the food processor (chop till it’s in rice sized pieces). Heat skillet to medium, add 1 Tbsp butter and melt. Add cauliflower and parmesan to the pan and mix well. When parmesan is well-incorporated and melted, add herbs. Taste it, and add more herbs if needed!

cheesy rice



Cauli rice is actually amazing. It’s also filling and good for you. I had some of this leftover after Saturday night’s dinner (I always make too much food), and I added it to scrambled eggs the next morning. I can’t believe how good that was—it was 4 eggs and 1 cup of the cheesy herb rice leftovers. I can’t wait to do it again and jazz it up a bit more… and then take pics of it so I can share it with you.

If you missed the crunchy macadamia ranch chicken tenders recipe, check it out here.

News/Notes: I’m working on three different workout plans currently. No wait, four. My brain is swimming (figuratively… I actually can’t stand swimming)… but I’ll have so many things to share with you by next week!

I’m also in crazy moving-planning mode. Moving sucks, but I’m really excited about this move! Hopefully I’ll have the details worked out by next week. My apartment manager is already showing my apartment to potential residents (which means I have to keep it spotless—seriously, I mean, I keep it spotless always anyway. Really, I do). Did I tell you yet that I’m moving in with Dave? We’re going through all of our stuff to pick out what to put in storage and what to use in the apartment. So far, my kitchen table and chairs are in, pillows for the (his) couch, my butcher block, my bench (probably to hold his ginormous TV—for which we will use a Roku and not cable–see, we’re perfect for each other!), my computer desk, and my Herman Miller chair will reside there. I’m also putting him through knick knack rehab this week (you know I’m allergic to knick knacks)… and he’s handling it amazingly well. We are both going through stuff and asking the questions, “Do I need to keep this?” and “Do I need to see this everyday?” —it’s making selecting what to put in storage more of a black and white process. I’ve already gotten rid of or stored lots of stuff prior to moving to this studio apartment, so I just have a few pieces of clothing to ditch… but he has all this amazing stuff from all over the world that reminds him of when he lived in Spain and Italy, and traveled to places like Africa. Seriously, it’s cool stuff… but we’re going to be in a one bedroom apartment. He’s definitely ahead on the “keep” list for wall hangings (I have one and I think he has ten). But, on top of traveling so much he’s also a photographer–he has better wall stuff than I have for the most part.

How do you keep your living space clutter–free? We went to a bbq on Monday at a friend’s house, and their house was so amazing—put together with cool stuff and no clutter. My solution has always been to eliminate knick knacks and “Stuff” but I know it’s possible to stay classy and have “Stuff” too.

When I mentioned to Dave that I have a blender, he was like, oh I have one too I think. My response, “Ok, but mine cost $500” (I said that without thinking—because it’s obvious that we’ll keep mine)…and then he probably rethought living with me because who spends $500 on a blender? Wait till he sees the rest of my kitchen stuff…


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