Zucchini Carrot Pasta: Lemon, Herb, and Feta

I’m making dinner for Dave tonight, and although the main course is blue cheese burgers with prosciutto on coconut flour flatbread, I’m actually sharing our side dish with you today (there’s no recipe for the blue cheese burgers—I just mushed up some ground beef with an egg, some blue cheese, worcestershire, and hot sauce). It’s not new that I’m a big fan of the zuke pasta. When I first used to make it, I’d eat it raw, but I’ve found that it’s much much better when it’s cooked (and soaks up some of the stuff you cook it with!). Mom makes a version with lemon and feta, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Of course, I should’ve added some parmesan cheese, but for some reason when I was in Whole Foods, I was thinking that I’d try and stay on a reasonable grocery budget and I didn’t buy any. I knew budgeting was a bad idea…

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Zucchini Carrot Pasta: Lemon, Herb, Feta

1 small zucchini
1 carrot
3-4oz feta
6-8 mushrooms
juice from half a lemon
herbs (whatever you like! I used oregano, thyme, basil, and sage)

2 Tbsp butter from grassfed cows (I use Kerrygold usually)

Directions: spiralize your zucchini and carrot. You can do this with any type of spiralizer or a carrot peeler (for bigger noodles), or a mandolin, or a little handheld grater… or, I suppose, a knife.

In a skillet, add your butter and noodles, and heat to medium. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. Add chopped mushrooms if you want them, and then add herbs. Saute till hot, then add feta. When feta gets warm, but not totally melted, serve it! Add some sea salt and black pepper if you like. Parmesan cheese is also a great addition!

News/Notes: This weekend, I’m really craving to get some work done, but I know for sure it’s not going to happen. I have big plans… to hang out with Dave tonight, then wedding dress shopping with K tomorrow (I’m being a good sport—it’s not really my cup of tea, but it’s fun to do something with her that she’s so excited about… I’m also planning her bridal shower and looking forward to her Cabo bachelorette weekend in Feb. Girls do it for real out here in LA!). I also have a date with the beach, and need some time to sit and do nothing with Dave on his patio. What’s up with you this weekend?!

4 thoughts on “Zucchini Carrot Pasta: Lemon, Herb, and Feta”

  1. Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy

    Ohhh, this looks so delicious! I need to pull out my spiralizer thingy and give it another try (I tried zucchini noodles one time and wasn’t that impressed, but I don’t remember if I actually cooked it or if I just “warmed it” and put a spaghetti type sauce on top) I have some Miracle Noodles to use up (the expiration date is coming up next month), and I bet that would be good mixed in with the zucchini/carrot noodles as well. Thanks!

  2. I am making zucchini noodles tonight with the olive cod I’m making (as in, cod with olive son top, and other mediterranean ingredients). I’m using a carrot peeler because I don’t own a spiralizer yet….maybe one day!
    This weekend I’m working, although like you I’d like to get TONS of stuff done too!

  3. Andrew J. Galloway

    I think that taste good! I am planning of making this one when my carrot peeler from Kitchen Ace arrives.

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