Enviable Post Baby Body and Mind (online course)

Pilar and I launched another course entitled, Enviable Post Baby Body and Mind. We’re excited about it because it’s a blend of yoga practices (6 of them) and nutrition information that will help new moms recover from pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and also help them to reach their post-pregnancy body goals. We’re especially thrilled to share this course because we followed Pilar’s journey through the postpartum yoga practices—we began filming at her 6-week postpartum date, and filmed one video every week for 6 weeks.

Here’s the informational video for the course:

Even if you’re not in the market for taking this course, I hope you’ll watch the video (it’s only a couple minutes long), and pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested!

Because you read my blog, I’m gonna let you take the course for free 🙂

You can find the course here.

Enter the coupon code: postbaby

News/Notes: My Mom and Matthew are coming to visit next week… so I’m working like crazy now in anticipation of being a total slacker next week!

I haven’t been making a lot of new recipes—no time to be creative at the moment, but I have some fun new projects going on. My next courses to share are: Natural Skincare (focusing on how to get clear skin) and Food as Medicine: How to Cure Arthritis with Food. Pilar and I are also working on a Press Handstand Workshop series, and I’m doing a training plan for how to conquer the Santa Monica stairs (that one will be free—I know it doesn’t appeal to a wide audience, but it’s still fun to do!).

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