Healthy Cocktail: Vodka with Pomegranate KeVita and Lemon Stevia

The other night when I was at my Mom’s house, I was really craving a cocktail, and I came up with this…

Back in the old days (2001) when I lived in Boston, my drink of choice was vodka and cranberry juice. This pomegranate KeVita with vodka reminded me of those Cape Cod beverages… except this one has way less sugar!

Pomegranate KeVita with Vodka

1.5 ounces vodka
3.5 ounces Pomegranate KeVita
1/8 – 1/4 tsp lemon stevia (I used NuNaturals)

Mix and pour over ice!

Of course you should change the amounts of ingredients based on your tastes. I really enjoyed this drink! I tried it with the lemon ginger KeVita too, but it wasn’t as good.

Recently, I went to a KeVita focus group tasting in Santa Monica—they unveiled new KeVita flavors,  Mojita and Daily Cleanse. Honestly, I don’t like mojitos, but I have to say that I think the Mojita KeVita just might be my favorite flavor. KeVita is a probiotic drink, cheaper to buy than kombucha, and has only great ingredients in it.

News/Notes: I just went to coffee/dinner with my future cousin-in-law, and we caught up on all of our holiday season escapades (plus our “foreigner” contemplations about Santa Monica—I’m from NY, he’s from London). It was fun, and we had mexican food for dinner. There’s a great place on the promenade that gives an a la carte option for tacos, and they offer them in lettuce cups too! I had one beef and one nopal cactus themed taco. Oh, and a margarita. The KeVita cocktail is definitely healthier, but the margarita was definitely worth it!

It’s going to be in the 70’s here for the next several days and I’m super happy about this. I just want to be warm! I am catching up on work, and have a lot of things planned over the next week. Oh, and I made pesto kale chips today (I’ll share the recipe soon!)…they were awesome! I’m trying to do a food budget at $150 a week, so I made my own green juice today instead of buying it. I’m loving the simple green juice—Soon I’ll share what I’ve been doing for juice along with how I’m eating.

Last thought: I’m back in the land of yoga heaven! I went to yoga class this morning, and although I still maintain that yoga teachers here are generally so snooty that they don’t provide any sort of customer/client service, I seriously don’t care if they don’t want to be my friend (or even pretend to notice I’m present)—the classes are beyond fantastic.

Do you have a juicer? My fave cheaper juicer is the Juiceman Pro and my fave for best quality is the Greenstar.

Have you tried KeVita? 

Do you pay attention to your probiotic intake?

5 thoughts on “Healthy Cocktail: Vodka with Pomegranate KeVita and Lemon Stevia”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    My sister would be all over that drink – probably my hubby too. I’m not a huge vodka drinker. I’ve never tried KeVita and don’t really pay attention to probiotics like I probably should. My sister, however, does. I can’t wait for 70s here again too. I think we’re hitting upper 40’s today though. It’ll feel warm 😉

  2. I’m not a mixed drink kind of gal – but I can still appreciate a healthier option!

    I took a fantasic yoga class when I was pregnant – it was my first class at a real yoga studio (vs. yoga classes at the YMCA and yoga podcasts at home) and it was so wonderful, I really miss it. I hope to find a class at a studio soon that works with the schedule, I know exactly the feeling that you’re describing!

    I’ve got the Breville Fountain Plus, I go through phases with juicing – juicing a lot and then not for a while. My all time favorite is Natalia Rose’s “Green Lemonade” – romaine (or kale), cucumber, lemon, ginger and an apple – that lemon/ginger/apple combo could make dirt taste good!

  3. Alexia Kulterer

    as a yoga teacher, i love going to other teachers classes but often dont find time to! i easily get addicted and so happy to find new great teachers!!!
    whenever i am in a cocktail mood (which does not happen often bc i am usually just sticking to wine), i will have a yummy mojito, bloody mary or gin tonic. but your vodka creation looks amazing! might have to start experimenting myself!!!
    i do take probiotics regularly, i find they really help my digestion and bowel movement 🙂 but also try not to take too much of it, i want to be natural and not having to rely on all those supplements all the time!

  4. Oh this sounds lovely! I’ve been hooked on dirty martinis lately, but perhaps I should switch to something sweet rather than SALTY!
    I do have a juicer, but I never use it. It’s too labor intensive, too many parts. I wish it was easier.

  5. We share similar taste in drinks my friend. Vodka and cranberry for me too. I love this idea though, my waistline will too!! I haven’t had much of a problem with snooty yoga teachers yet. Maybe because I live in WA and not in CA. I can see the snooty snatchy ones living in CA!

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