Take Responsibility: Take Action: Eat, Move, Manage Stress

Currently, I’m sitting in Starbucks in Greece (NY), and it’s in the middle of their half priced frappuccino happy hour deal… I’m drinking iced green tea, thankyouverymuch. But I can’t help but wonder if all these people slugging down the frapps are going to then go eat dinner too? Doesn’t a frappuccino have something like a day’s worth of calories in it? If every Starbucks is doing this promotion…how long will it take for the average weight of Americans to go up?

I suppose I’ll keep my mouth shut at the moment, but I’d like to offer a blood pressure check to some of these (probably wonderful) people.

*Steps off soapbox*

I’m going to share a couple random things.

1. A line from Dr. Junger’s Clean book (one of my faves): “Taking a pharmaceutical probiotic while continuing to drink coffee and eat doughnuts is like throwing a Tic Tac at a charging elephant.”

Interpretation: All those dumb products in the store promoting belly health and probiotics in yogurt are not going to help you. They are full of sugar, and you have to change a lot more than just adding a little good bacteria to the junk.

2. A lot of what Americans eat today is not food—it is substances produced with technology, made to look like food. Don’t be fooled—eat whole foods. Invest the money and time, and make your own chicken nuggets, if you must have them. Joel Salatin, who wrote the book Folks, This Ain’t Normal (and also was in the movie Food, Inc.), states (paraphrased) that if you kill a chicken, you will nowhere find parts called “nuggets.” They are not food.

3. Whenever you have a symptom, trace it back at least several steps upstream and find the root cause. If you put bandaids on symptoms with medications, you are not fixing anything, and you’re probably causing other issues.

4. Food, Exercise, and Stress Management are all the Real Medicines. (and this is why I will always have a job)

5. Your wellness should be at least a part-time job. Invest now, or pay later in low quality of life and healthcare bills. Of course there are no guarantees, but there’s probability. Hedge your bets and take responsibility!

Ok, that’s all I have for today. I hope your weekend is amazing. I’ll probably post tomorrow from the air, and possibly throughout the weekend too. My cousin is moving tomorrow morning, so I’m not sure what the Internet situation is–I have to work, so I’ll need to scope it out somewhere (I’m thinking juice bars and/or Planet Raw with a goji maca cocktail)

8 thoughts on “Take Responsibility: Take Action: Eat, Move, Manage Stress”

  1. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Starbucks didn’t fool me into their half priced frappuccino! I’ve probably had them less than 5 times in my entire life. Glad I’m not a huge coffee drinker!

    Anyways, loved this post because it shows your personality and you always make me laugh! Have a great trip!!

  2. safe travels, lisa!! and i hope you start having fun in cali as soon as you exit the plane!! make the most of your time!!
    it’ was half price frapps here, too, and my work associate said our starbucks was just packed…so it’s a canadian issue, too! (meaning obesity epidemic, over-eating, and consuming excess fat and sugar).
    i agree with your five points!! and esp love #3!

  3. I love your #5. I sometimes fret that I spend too much time thinking and reading about health, nutrition and fitness. Others might call it an obsession. But, overall, I’m glad I know what I know and do waht I do.

  4. I, too, wonder whether people eat dinner after drinking a frap! It’s like 500 calories a drink. Not to mention how much sugar those babies contain!

    And yes, yes, yes to number 5! There really isn’t much that’s more important than health and wellness. My son is first, my health is second. And even so, I couldn’t take care of my son if I wasn’t healthy – so health is almost tied for number 1!

  5. what are your recommendations for belly healthy, then? i have been struggling with IBS-C for the last 8 years…and I am only 25 🙁


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