Coconut Flour Donut Holes and My First Personal Training Session

First thing’s first… I made donut holes that had no sugar added, and no grains. And they actually turned out amazingly well. I won’t mention the donut recipe Matthew and I tried a few weeks ago that was disgusting. We made a huge mess, and were completely disappointed. Hey, I mean, it happens sometimes. Shortly after that, we went to my Mom’s house to see what she had to eat.

But I totally redeemed my faith in grain free donuts today.

If you haven’t checked out recipes at, you should. I got this donut recipe there.

The recipe’s great attributes include that it: is grain free, contains coconut flour, is baked instead of fried, and is SO easy.

Things I changed: I used ZSweet instead of sugar (I will use less next time, and also, I imagine you could use maple syrup or honey if you’re into those sweeteners over white sugar). Where the recipe gave the option for butter or shortening, I used Kerrygold butter (my favorite). For the coating, I left half of them plain (and they were awesome this way!), and the other half were rolled in a combo of 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tsp ZSweet, and 1/8 tsp stevia. The chocolate ones were great—I rolled them when they were still hot (and burned my fingers doing it), so the cocoa actually melted and they got kind of gooey—I saw this as a benefit.

I can’t wait to make these again! I am not crazy about the taste of ZSweet (it kind of reminds me of diet soft drinks), so that was slightly annoying (and my own fault for using it). However, I’m also not into using any sugar, so I have to compromise somewhere. I can see using maple syrup (I don’t use much honey due to the fructose content) because at least there is some good nutrient content in it compared to white sugar. I’ve found that since I don’t eat a lot of sweet things, I can usually cut the sugar amounts in recipes anyway, and still be happy with it.

Note: These were good hot/warm, but I strongly suggest that you hold off and put them in the fridge until they’re cold.

They are really amazing cold.

Here’s what it looks like broken in half—I’m not sure if you can really see the texture, but chill your donuts and have faith that they will be amazing!

News/Notes: I know you’re dying to hear about my personal training session today. Let’s just say that I was filled with optimistic skepticism at this plan when my alarm went off at 4am. Seriously, I’m an early riser, but that’s pushing it a little! I had all of my stuff ready to go, but I needed to have coffee and check into my classrooms first thing (since I would go directly from working out to work/wellness coaching). I was on the road by 4:45, and early enough to see my friend finish up her training session.

I feel like I’m totally ok with getting up that early one day a week—it may sound inconvenient to drive 40 minutes to work out, but if I go on the day I’m wellness coaching 5 minutes from this trainer’s gym, it’s actually like driving 5 minutes for a workout.

And besides, why did no one tell me how great it is to have a personal trainer? How have I always been the trainer and never been trained? Wait, don’t answer that—I know, I should have done it before this. I just want to say, I love not being in charge of my workout. Not only did it feel good to just follow directions, but it also made me work harder.

So, I’m going back every Tuesday. I also loved this trainer because he was super blunt, but still nice (kind of). I told him what I’m looking for, and he totally pointed out my flaws–that’s why my client/friend liked him too. When you’re not overweight or out of shape, no one will ever be 100% honest with you about what you look like. And that makes sense—really, would you tell a friend that they look good, but maybe they could work on their muffin top a little? (I hope not).

Having a slight tendency toward being an overachiever means that when I get an indication from someone else that I could be better at something, it helps me be motivated. Ok, it makes me want to be the best at it. But until this guy told me (yes, I’m being honest with you) that I could trim my inner and outer thighs and the backs of my arms (I was totally aware of the thigh thing, the arm thing surprised me), I’ve really only had my mirror to rely on (and it’s darn hard to see yourself realistically in 2D). I have strong legs, and so I’m looking forward to making them look a little more streamlined. And no, I’m not posting pics of my thighs here. Ha. But I am doing “Before” pics tomorrow morning, and Joe is going to record my weight and body fat (I can’t look at the numbers yet because I am not weighing myself till 2013, but I figure he can keep track for me so I can reflect on it later on). I think my “After” pics and measurements will happen in October. I’m not going to mention my weight here right now because I know that is not healthy for some people to read about that kind of thing (and it doesn’t seem necessary until I have some results to report). Let’s just say, I’m not overweight and my body fat and BMI are on the low end of “Normal.”

I’m taking a stand though, and saying that it’s ok to have goals to be even better than “good” by normal standards. Do I need to improve my fitness? Probably not–my heart is probably in pretty darn good shape already. But I want to, and sometimes that’s enough.

So how’s that for a post whose beginning and endings don’t go together?!  Except, I suppose, if you like donuts and want to get in better shape, these would be the ones to eat!

Do you have fitness goals? 

If you’re thin (or even if you’re not), do people tell you that you look great? And/or that you don’t need to lose weight? Do you have anyone in your life who will be totally honest with you about what you look like? (Does this dress make my butt look big?)

I think we can all improve if we want to—sometimes you improve because you need your health to improve, but sometimes you just want to take it up a notch. As long as the approach is healthy, it seems like an ok thing to do.

12 thoughts on “Coconut Flour Donut Holes and My First Personal Training Session”

  1. Ha! You start with donuts and end with trimming your thighs. Love it. Only you would have guilt-free donuts though 😉

    I had a trainer a few years ago. IO used to have a bunch of trainers working for me and I hired one guy from LA who was a “trainer to the stars” out there. he trained some big names actors, so I felt cool he was training me. He was tough. And honest…but not like the guy your seeing. I think it’s cool you can hear that and be okay with it. I don’t think I could deal with someone being “100% honest” with me, it would seem almost nit picking to me, something I already have had a tendency to do with myself! On the other hand, it is refreshing to know someone that will be honest and blunt. My husband is like that, but never ever about my weight or looks. I usually take someone being quiet, or not commenting as opposed to saying you look “great” as that they agree. Like after I had the baby, my baby-less friends who always came to me for food advice, or ask me what I’m eating, etc kind of stopped for a few months and stopped commenting on how “great’ i looked. Oddly I took that as I must look like crap haha. Then I lost all the baby weight and the texts on “should I eat this or that” started again. Weird, huh? Anyway…

    I am happy  you’re happy with the trainer! It’s always great to start a new challenge and not have to think about your workouts!! I am so picky with trainers now but I would love to find someone I click with to train me again!

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Have I mentioned I haven’t had a donut since I worked at a donut shop about 19 yrs ago? These I might could do if they didn’t smell anything like a donut 😉 I can’t wait to hear more about the training. Blunt can be good to a point though. I’m an over-achiever too so I could see that going one of two ways (bad or good or maybe just overboard).  I’m thin, just a petite person overall and I hate some of the comments I get. I don’t want to be called skinny. I work really really hard to build muscle and it has nothing at all to do with weight. But, I won’t get on that soap box.

  3. Knowing that people think you’re wonderful regardless of your pant size is a fantastic thing… but having people be honest with you, because they’ve known you well enough for long enough to know that you probably aren’t happy with what you’ve got going on, and telling you that you need to take action, is what true life friends are for.

    Even better?  Having a friend who knows when you’re ready to hear it, and can offer the help to make it happen.

    I’m looking forward to Sunday.

  4. the texture on your donuts looks great- I’m impressed that you took another stab at it and that it turned out so well!

  5. love reading about your training session and that is cool that you decided to go for a once-a-week meeting with this pt!! i totally agree with your statement that it is ok to “bump it up a notch.” if you’re motivated and want to pursue some goals, go for it!
    i love that the donuts were a hit with you and matthew. i bet it was funny the day they did NOT turn out…way to go on perfecting the recipe (that is neat that there is a whole website for coconut recipes!).

  6. Those doughnut holes look fabulous!!!
    loved reading about your personal training session….it  sounds like it went really well!

  7. First off, the donuts look amazing! YUM! As for working out with a trainer, it seriously does do something different for me even though I can do it myself. It’s strange, I don’t have many people that are honest with me mostly because they think I’m skinny and I hate that. I work hard on being in shape, but there are always places to improve. Tony is pretty honest with me if I ask him about how something makes me look, but he normally thinks I’m crazy when I ask about how my butt looks in something…

  8. I love your honesty — and totally agree. While I wasn’t “out of shape” before I did the 60-day challenge at barre n9ne, I definitely had “pudgy” or “trouble spots” that I really wanted to see lean out. I always just kind of thought my body was stuck where it was and I should just be happy with that. But once I started to see the changes and realized that my body COULD look better than “normal” and I could change the look of my thighs or my stomach or whatever, it was super empowering. I’m excited for your journey here, especially your positive attitude about it. You’re going to learn a ton, I dig that! PS. the coco on those donuts looks so yum!

  9. It is interesting reading your thoughts about your personal training session…  Sounds like you are feeling good about it, and that is what counts!

  10. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    I’ll be getting some xylosweet in the mail tomorrow and I cannot wait to do some baking with it!! I want to give these donut holes a try as well as a brownie recipe too! ahhhh I can’t wait! 🙂

  11. I’m so glad your session went well! Maybe I need to look into trying a PT just to learn some new workout moves, but for now I have been getting them from group fitness classes I attend. Plus, I’m a cheap-o.

    The only comments I ever get about my body are being too skinny and that I need to GAIN weight. Not that often but every now and then, mostly from older adults. It really bothers me that they are commenting on my body but at the same time I do know that I am very gangly and that I probably do have room to gain a little more weight – but it’s not like I’ve been consciously trying to lose weight or even stay at the weight I am for that matter. I’ve been pretty stagnant for almost the last year in how much I weigh and I feel great so I try to go by how I feel, not comments people may make.

  12. We are so similar! “I love not being in charge of my workout.” <–me too! My first unofficial personal training session was a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I'm a control freak so I thought I would want to be in control of my own workouts. Turns out, I'm completely find with handing over the reins to someone else. And he corrected me on my form when I thought I was doing it right. Now there's motivation.

    And yes, I have people tell me that I don't need to lose any more weight. I want to lose about 5 lbs of body fat while gaining muscle – so the scale may not change but I should lose inches. When I share this with others, they usually say that I'm good how I am. But what if I want to be better than good? 🙂

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