Sweet Onion Sliders with Roasted Tomatoes and Blue Cheese

Today was one of those eat-what’s-in-the-house days. I dug around a bit, and came up with these:


I worked early, went to the gym…and then I really needed to eat lunch (at 10:45 this morning).

Sweet Onion Sliders with Roasted Tomatoes and Blue Cheese

For the burgers: I used a mixture of ground bison and sweet onion bison sausage, added 1 tbsp Parmesan cheese, and then formed it into three small burgers. I’m not sure exactly how much meat it was, about 1/4 lb. While you’re cooking the burgers, make coconut flour flatbread, and add 1 tsp oregano and 1/2 tsp onion powder to the batter. You’ll want 6 small flatbreads (instead of 4).


To the bottom piece of flatbread, add a thin layer of cheese (I used mozzarella, but use whatever you like). Next place the burger on top of the cheese (the warm flatbread and the hot burger will melt the cheese). Top the burger with roasted tomatoes, blue cheese, and a small scoop of roasted tomato salsa. Place the flatbread lids on, squish it down a little bit, and serve!

This tasted really amazing. I wish I had had someone to share with! I’m looking forward to making more sliders with different toppings!


How was your day? Did you go to the gym or do something active? I’m going to be starting a new fitness challenge soon, and as soon as I get the stuff I ordered in the mail, I’ll fill you in. I’m finding that focusing and  goal-setting for working out is working pretty well for me. If I stay aimless, I don’t work as hard and it’s way easier to take days off!

I’m also resisting my overachiever tendencies and not going to another yoga training this June. Whenever I do something new, I think I need to jump in and learn all about it, and become an expert at it. This approach has sometimes served me well, sometimes caused me to waste money, and sometimes just been fun but not productive.

I’m working on not always trying to get to the next thing or take a next step–just enjoying where I am. For now, I have already decided what to focus on, and I have to ask myself the question whenever a new “thing” comes up that I could do or learn about…

“Is this going to lead me toward my goal?”

If no, then I just don’t need to do it (so I nixed the yoga training, even though I’m sure it would be fun). I need to choose the activities that will lead me down the path to my goal and not get distracted by things that (although they may be good and/or fun) will not lead me there.

Are you good at focusing on a goal and working toward it, or do you get distracted with other things?

I was lucky today—it was so nice outside, and I was done with work early enough so I could visit Matthew after school. I made him cuddle with me, but don’t tell him I told you. I’m pretty sure cuddling is not cool anymore since he’s 8. I also visited some of my favorite people while they played on the playground. It seemed to stay daylight a little later, and it was definitely the warmest day we’ve had this year. There’s hope for spring!

16 thoughts on “Sweet Onion Sliders with Roasted Tomatoes and Blue Cheese”

  1. I find that setting goals definitely helps. I had a goal for my Personal Training Certification, but with everything going crazy here lately, I haven’t been doing what I need to do to finish it. I need to reset the goal and readjust my lifestyle to accomplish it. 

    Oh and seriously, this is what you just threw together? Could you come find some magic in my kitchen now, please! Have a great night my friend! I’m so glad you ended the day with Matthew. I’m sure that meant a lot to him too!

  2. I did some light cardio and some stretching (the boyfriend has a bad back so I was guiding him through some stretching/ breathing routines). I feel great now!

  3. I used to be very focused, but, depending on what I am doing, I now am more easily distracted.  The crazy thing is that the more I have on my plate, the more I focus and get stuff done.

  4. I feel like the best recipes come from “whatevers in the house”

    Can you believe this weather??? Good to know it’s nice up there too! It’s going to be like 70 here tomorrow! My brother goes back to RIT this weekend, so hopefully it sticks around for both your sakes!

    So cute about Matthew cuddles. And no, not cool when you’re 8 but I won’t tell him you told me!!!

    And I am as ADD as they come with distractions or taking forever to do things.

  5. Those are gorgeous! I have a hard time being present, and not always looking toward the next thing. I have to constantly remind myself that getting to the next thing involves working toward it, right here and right now, and that staying focused reaps big rewards. 
    One day at a time 🙂

  6. yea! i’m glad you got in matthew time (and cuddle time!). it was auntie day for me, too, yesterday, and we had fun at the playground and playing doctor’s office…and snuggling!
    that first photo is great, lisa! good job!
    thanks for sharing about yoga/your next fitness goal – can’t wait to hear more. i am good about working at goals, most of the time. but i, too, have fallen into the trap of jumping on board with a new activity/interest over-enthusiastically, then quickly losing steam…at least we’re learning!

  7. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    My husband loves blue cheese and would be all over those burgers. I’ll take the onions and a veggie burger please 😉 Can’t wait to hear about your new challenge. I definitely can be super over-achiever too. Sometimes you gotta scale back a bit LOL. 

  8. If that photo doesn’t make your mouth water, then I dunno what will!  DROOL! 6 more days and then I can use eggs to make all your wonderful coconut flour recipes.
    I go back and forth about setting goals. I’m pretty good at staying consistent just trying to eat healthy and stay active. Sometimes if I worry too much about setting goals, I feel like I’m not living in the present and just trying to obtain my goals. I guess I could say my “unofficial goal” is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  9. YUM for burgers!! I didn’t get to make ur donuts with lemon frosting yesterday and I’m so sad. I was just way too tired. I will make them by Saturday though! I have all the ingredients ready.

    Can’t wait to see what your fitness challenge is! I just did a 2 mile walk yesterday (I was exhausted all day) but I got in a great total body strength training workout this morning! 

    So fun that you got to hang out with Matthew. My 2 nephews his age won’t even sit still on the couch for more than 2 minutes! lol they have way to much energy!

  10. Oh wow, does that look good!  I’m just about to have lunch now and I wish I had a plate of those sliders in front of me.  🙂

  11. Oh my GOSHHH bison mixed with sweet onion sausage? Sounds SOO amazing! Roasted tomatoes and bleu cheese? Sounds DOUBLE AMAZING. Great recipe, Lisa! Now if only I wasn’t so cheap about buying bison… 😛

    I’m excited to hear about your fitness challenge! Yesterday I took an HIIT class at the gym that was pretty good, and this morning I did my favorite yoga video because it’s an active rest day for me since I have class tonight.

    I’m so like you with the overachiever tendencies. I’d be tempted to do that teacher training too! I keep wanting to become a fitness instructor but tell myself to just relax with my full-time job, blog, and MBA. I also overextend myself with plans. There are so many fun places to eat that I make plans to go out to eat a lot, but then I end up getting stressed rushing from work to gym/class to restaurant. First world problems, but I’ve already booked myself solid every night from last night to Tuesday – almost a week out every night! I’m feeling stressed just thinking about it haha

  12. I saw those on Instagram – sweet onion bison sausage sounds amazing! 

    I’m excited to hear about your fitness challenge – I think sometimes it is good to enjoy where you are at the moment instead of always trying something new. Yay for spring!!

  13. Ohhh my lorddyyy those sliders look so good..almost good enough to convert me back to a carnivore! OK not really..but they look amazing. I do pretty well with achieving my goals.. especially when someone else is trying to achieve the same goals with me. 

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