Shamrock Ice Cream — No Sugar Added, but better than the real thing (at least, in my opinion)!

I used to be a die hard Shamrock Shake fan. Now, the thought of buying something from McDonald’s doesn’t appeal to me, and neither does the ingredient list for the shake (I heard McDonald’s milkshakes are dairy free—is that true?).

Today, I thought I’d try making my own version of a Shamrock Shake, even though I know that has been done a bazillion times already. My version is sugar free—well, it’s free of added sugar. The way I figured it, the entire batch I made today had 4g of sugar. Of course it’s high in fat and protein—that’s how I eat, and that’s what makes it so amazing!

Shamrock Ice Cream

I started with a batch of Vanilla Coconut Cream Mousse:

Mix (with hand mixer or stand mixer):

8oz. coconut cream (I used the Wilderness Family Naturals 8.45 oz package)
1 scoop protein powder (I used vanilla Jay Robb)
2 droppers full of liquid vanilla stevia (you should probably do this to taste) or other sweetener to taste

I added:

1/2 tsp mint extract (add a little at a time–depending on the brand, this may be too much)
2 droppers full of liquid stevia (again, this will depend on the brand you use. Start with 2 and add more as needed)
1/2 tsp green food coloring (I used the natural kind, so it’s more of a forest green than an artificial bright green)
1 tsp cocoa powder

Mix until the color is completely blended. Taste, and add more mint and/or stevia if needed.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Put small scoops of the green mixture on the parchment. I used the Easy Accent Decorator—it just seemed neater. Place in the freezer for a couple hours.


Put the frozen green blobs into a high speed blender or food processor, and add 1/4 cup milk (I used half & half).

Blend until smooth.


I’m going to try strawberry this weekend, and possibly use the ice cream maker instead of the freeze-and-blend method. I want to see which way works best!

I’m pretty happy I can fill my Shamrock Shake craving without poisoning myself or consuming a lot of sugar! In fact, I’m so happy with the ingredients that I would have this for breakfast without one single bit of guilt.

Are you a Shamrock Shake fan?


I mentioned before that I’m not weighing myself until 2013. I’ll admit…I really want to right now. The reasons for that are (1) I am feeling very lean so I’m curious, and (2) I want to check my stats before I start a new fitness program. I think the urge will pass though—after all, it’s not about numbers, really!

I’m heading to two yoga classes in the morning, my infrared sauna after that…and a dinner date with my great friend Carol tomorrow night! Every year, Carol and I try to go to dinner to celebrate our birthdays (in June/July). We never went last year, so tomorrow’s our birthday dinner. I’m so lucky to have Carol–I inherited her from my sister. They were neighbors and great friends, and when Jen died and I moved in with my bro-in-law to help with Matthew, Carol became a best friend of mine almost immediately. There may or may not have been several times when she ran up the street to help me figure out what to do for situations such as a crying baby with an ear infection… She was a more experienced mom (by a whole year)…and I was an auntie who jumped into the job overnight. My solutions for most things were to cuddle and/or dance, and occasionally that didn’t work. Matthew loves to look at pics from when he was a baby—there’s one where I’m giving him his first bath–he’s screaming and there’s barf on my sweatshirt. Ah, the good old days…To my friends with little ones: Time Flies, so have fun!

What’s on tap for you for #WineFriday?!

13 thoughts on “Shamrock Ice Cream — No Sugar Added, but better than the real thing (at least, in my opinion)!”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I hope you have a great time with Carol tomorrow. It kind of made me smile but also a little sad picturing that. So great that she was there for you and I just love how you are there for Matthew. 

  2. Ok, I have confession…I’ve never had a shamrock shake!  And now after seeing your version I don’t think I ever will, lol.  I definitely will be making this (I had trouble finding the brand of coconut cream you use so I just ordered it online yesterday…can’t wait to try it finally!). 

    I think the little frozen scoops of shamrock shake look fantastic too — I’m seriously thinking about leaving them like that and dipping them in dark chocolate for healthy little frozen bon-bons.  🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful dinner tomorrow!

  3. ok, i am glad to see i am not the only one who has never had a shamrock shake! i loved mcdo’s choco shakes, as a child, but i have never been a mint fan, so bypassed the green shake quite easily. i have heard, too, that mcdonald’s shakes are dairy free – is that good or bad?!
    enjoy your dinner with carol! i love that you are celebrating NOT on someone’s bday. my brother and i are big fans of choosing alternate celebration dates – any time of the year! and thanks for sharing how you came to be friends. the circumstances were not great, but that is wonderful that you have the shared memories from over the years.
    great job with your recipe, by the way! 

  4. Gina (Candid RD)

    YUM!!!  Ok, so the McDonald’s shake definitely sounds amazing to me, I’ll admit it, but I wouldn’t ever buy it.  The commercial is lame and I’m sure there is stuff in there that I don’t want to know about.  THIS recipe, however, is Pin-worthy!

  5. You’re really on a cooking/creating spree these days!  I think your shamrock “buttons” look so cute. 

  6. Cosmic Cowgirl

    If you’re curious about your weight, you could commit to not peeking – and have someone else do it for you. Have them record it and keep the information until you’re ready for it in the future.

  7. They tasted darn good right out of the freezer too….they have the texture of a fudgesicle…. I may or may not have eaten the entire batch of that recipe between the batter, buttons, and ice cream…..

  8. I have never been much of a mint fan when it comes to dessert. The idea of anything Macd’s related make my blood pressure spike though. That place gives me the willies and I won’t even buy a salad from there. 

    Your version of the shamrock shake sounds delicious, and looks so fluffy! 

    I have been weighing myself more lately, only because I am loosing weight (I’m not trying to, it’s just happening due to lots of good working out and food!) so it causes me to be curious as each day goes by! You’ll do fine not weighing in, but I can understand the temptation when you feel leaner! Have a great weekend! 

  9. It’s very pretty! I haven’t had a shamrock shake in years (last time I followed it up with a bunch of beer and then had the worst stomach ache of all time… never again). I have been thinking about making my own version though, with much less sketch than the Mickey D’s version

  10. I’ve never been interested in having a SHamrock shake until now!!!

    I need a cookie press, I like how cute you froze the little cubes!

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