Grain Free Quesadillas and a New ‘Do

Today, I got a haircut. The funny thing is that I was a total 14 year-old about it and took with me a picture of Jennifer Aniston and her “long bob” style to show the stylist. I didn’t choose it because I want to look like Jen, but I searched Pinterest for “long bob” and I liked her straight shoulder length (no layers) look best.

The stylist actually chopped it about 2 inches shorter than I asked for. But I still like it!

Here's a pic---it's a little fuzzy because I used a weird filter in instagram so it would be harder to tell that I have no makeup on. At least I'm honest!

I went to yoga this morning (I’m still sticking to my 5 times a week yoga/infrared sauna plan), and felt kind of yucky (and my knees hurt)…so I skipped the second class and went to the health food store. I was looking for “healthy” food coloring and a few other things. I bought the food coloring and it was over $12 for an ounce…my plan for it better turn out like I want it to! (stay tuned for that one)

If you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to make one interesting thing in the kitchen each day—most of them are really simple. And that’s because, well, most everything I do in the kitchen is simple (or… I never do it again).

Today’s creation was a spin-off lunch — kind of similar to the coconut flour flatbread, but actually more simple, and it involved quesadillas.

There was a time in my life when I always ordered quesadillas at restaurants. Always. I loved them. I made them at home too.

At one point, when I was the fitness program manager at Hanscom Air Force Base, I worked in a building (the health and wellness center) with just 3 other people. We had a full kitchen for food classes (that didn’t happen very often) and some fitness testing rooms. The front desk Air(wo)man, Melinda, and I  would hang out in the kitchen and make jello and other snacks on our breaks….and everyday, I made a quesadilla (just cheese) in the toaster oven. For breakfast.

Then I flirted with the unit fitness reps all day. Just kidding. There were only three I flirted with.

Today, I thought maybe I’d turn my flatbread grilled cheese into a quesadilla. I saw a recipe online recently for a grain free quesadilla, but it called for boiling chicken broth and psyllium powder, and some other things. I thought I’d keep it much more simple and see what happened.

It worked! So, the “tortilla” part of this is not chewy—it’s got a great texture (in my opinion) but it’s definitely not chewy like a regular tortilla would be. It tasted good though, and it fulfilled my quesadilla craving.

Grain Free Quesadilla

In a bowl, mix:

1 Tbsp coconut flour
1 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese
1 egg
1/4 cup milk (I always use organic whole milk)
herbs (as always, I was lazy and used 1/2 tsp pizza seasoning)

When the ingredients are well mixed (no lumps), pour half of the batter into a frying pan that has been heated to medium (with about 1 T butter melted).  When the bottom is browned, flip it over until the other side is “done” too. Set it aside. Repeat with the remaining batter, but after you flip it, add cheese and whatever else you want in it and put the set-aside tortilla on top. You can turn the heat down toward low, and this will allow the insides to melt before the bottom is done. Flip it for a minute at the end to re-heat the other side, and then transfer to a plate and cut into triangles!

I would have served this with sour cream (or plain greek yogurt) and guacamole too, but I didn’t have any on hand. It was just fine like this with roasted tomato salsa that I made last week…




Are you a quesadilla fan? 

Do you ever buy exorbitantly priced items for a recipe (like my $12 food coloring)?

16 thoughts on “Grain Free Quesadillas and a New ‘Do”

  1. The new ‘do is very cute!  I can take or leave a quesadilla, but my little guy is a fan, especially with leftover Mango Avocado Salsa.

  2. Such a cute haircut!  I’m a new follower and a fan.  I pinned your broccoli tots yesterday and people are going bananas!

    I paid $8 for a kabocha squash last week.  I’m not proud.

  3. The haircut looks great and so does you quesadilla!

    If something seems overpriced, I usually go without it.  I expect all that to change once I’m out of school and back in the workforce.  🙂

  4. Oh yes, my dear, I can sure relate to that! I have memories of many years of having to abstain from buying things…Now, it’s a wonderful freedom to splurge and although sometimes I still feel guilty, at least I can still pay my heat bill!

  5. Thanks for stopping by!
    Ah, kabocha…you’ll make up for that when they’re in season and you get one dirt cheap at a farmer’s market (isn’t that the law of averages or something?!).

    I highly recommend the broc-tots—-they’re yummy 🙂

  6. thanks for sharing your photo! your haircut looks great – and your skin looks very clear!
    you know, i am not sure i have ever had a quesadilla. just not something i gravitate towards…thanks again for another recipe! and i liked hearing your quesadilla stories!
    i have exhorbitant prices for zucchini and melon – usually it is because i don’t realize the price til i am paying, and then i am just like, ok whatever. also, $6 for a box of puffins! rather extravagant when you consider the box is not that big and you can get other cereal much cheaper!
    enjoy your weekend of yoga, lisa!

  7. I do the same thing—-load up my basket, and get to the checkout to find I’m spending $5 on a little tin of mints (I did that yesterday…). But by that time, I just go with it.
    I figure it all balances out in the end, right? Like, all the great deals make up for the spendy indiscretions…at least that’s how I justify 🙂
    Hope your weather is good in Canada….it was SO nice here a couple days ago, and now we’re in high winds and rain. At least I’ll be creating my own sunshine in yoga. Ha.
    Anyway, I hope your weekend is great at the Store and/or the Other Store if you’ll be working….and have fun at your coffee date! (non-blond roast, I’m sure).

  8. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I love the haircut. Fresh & fun! I am a big quesadilla fan. I love how you can fill them with just about anything. I usually load mine with lots of veggies, but thy are actually great with hummus too. And yes, I definitely buy more expensive items (like GF flours) for specific recipes. But, at least I have them on hand for other recipe adventures right?

  9. Your quesadilla looks fantastic!  So creative too.  I’m definitely making this for lunch sometime this week.

    Your haircut looks great!

  10. FIRST of all..LOVEE the haircut! OHhh my goodness it looks great on you!!! SECOND..I am a quesadilla FIEND! I loove them sososo much. This recipe sounds delicious! 

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