Cheesy Broccoli Tots with Ketchup

One thing I’ve missed since I cut down on my starch/sugar intake is…french fries. And other crunchy starchy potato-y things too. It’s not that I ever ate tater tots, but suddenly, when I stopped eating potatoes, I really wanted some.

I saw a recipe on Pinterest for cauliflower-based tots, and I intended to make them at some point. Then, on a whim this evening when I got home from the gym, I decided to make broccoli tots (because I didn’t have any cauli). I didn’t look at the recipe online—apparently, I like the idea of winging it and seeing how big of a mess/disaster I can make. Luckily, many of my experiments have worked out very well lately! But…these are definitely inspired by the cauli tots, so I highly recommend checking out the recipe!

This is what I came up with…

Broccoli Tots

In the food processor:

2oz cream cheese
2oz grated parmesan cheese
1 cup raw broccoli
1 egg
1 Tbsp coconut flour (you could use almond flour or other flour, but I’d at least double the amount since it won’t soak up liquid like coconut flour does)
herbs (I added 1/2 tsp pizza seasoning)

Process until pureed. Pipe onto non-stick cookie sheet. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. Flip over, and bake until browned all over. My second batch were more brown than the ones in the pics…and they were crispier too, so keep that in mind! (How crispy do you want your tots?!).

Serve hot with ketchup. The ketchup is mandatory! (Just kidding, but really the sweet/tangy taste of ketchup was a perfect complement to the cheesy-broccoli flavor).

Note: if you don’t like broccoli, you won’t like these! The broccoli flavor is not overwhelming, but it is there!


These tots are flat and browned on the bottom, and you can make them as brown and crispy as you want on top (they don't brown on top till you flip them)



Happy almost #WineFriday! Will you be partaking in happy hour this Friday? I’m going to a workshop on the Pursuit of Happiness, and I’m really looking forward to it. Then I’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday in yoga workshops (Sunday will be my first workshop for instructors—it’s about how to do hands-on assisting, which is something I’m really interested since I’ll mostly use yoga with my one-on-one clients!).

This week has been so great–I’m feeling like I’m really in my groove with work, and have made significant progress on other projects too. I got a report from my Mom about whether or not they liked the peanut butter cookies…the verdict was good, with one vote for eating the parts (cookies/vanilla cream) separately, and one vote for eating them together!

Are you a french fry or tater tot fan? Ketchup?

What are your weekend plans?

18 thoughts on “Cheesy Broccoli Tots with Ketchup”

  1. oh hell yes!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE BROCCOLI! I bought some premade broccoli bites and they will surely rot at the bottom of my freezer they were so gross and nuggety with so little broccoli taste — these look like perfection love =) totally up my alley! <3

    happy almost fridayyyy!

  2. I am a french fry person. It’s best not to even start because they are SO addictivve! Especially when Michael gets waffle fries from Chick Filet. OMG. They had swweet potato ones I had once or twice…and Mike went there this week I wanted a treat and they don’t have them anymore! I guess it was best 🙁

    These little tots look great!!!!

  3. Lauren@spicedplate

    I am totally freaking out about how amazing these look.  I made cream of broccoli soup today — these would have been an amazing side dish! ::drooling::

    I’m really obsessed with ketchup right now — although I was weird and put mustard on that broccoli soup…

    This weekend is a yoga teacher training intensive!  whoo!

  4. I have made something similar for my little guy.  It was a great way to get him to eat some veggies when he had less teeth, so couldn’t chew them as well.  He loves them with a homemade ketchup I make (actually, he loves anything with ketchup).  I’ll have to get that recipe posted on the blog soon.  I love making it homemade – no added sugar, so it is like sneaking in some more veggies for him.

    Visiting my mom this weekend.  We are going to a Chocolate Festival.  Not very healthy for the body, but I think it will be good for the mind and soul! 

  5. what a cool idea!  I’d eat cauliflower OR broccoli tots, thankyouverymuch!  Was it a huge pain to pipe them out with a pastry bag?  That’d be the only thing I’d be leery of… seems like a lot of effort to do regularly.
    And oh yes, I would totally be whipping out the ketchup or bbq sauce!

  6. yes to ketchup! on potatoes/fries and on mac n cheese (well, we did that as kids, anyway!).
    so glad you had a great week, lisa! and your plans for today and this weekend are FUN! please report back on that workshop today?? i am totally intrigued!! i am going to see “the vow” tomorrow eve and have a coffee outing lined up for sunday aft.
    these broc tots are SO COOL!!! what a creative idea. and i would side with whoever voted to eat the cookies in separate layers!!
    happy friday!

  7. The Vow and a coffee date sound like the makings for a great weekend! My mom liked the cookies in separate layers…
    I’m drinking my veranda blond roast right now, and chuckling. Bet you won’t choose that on your coffee date! 🙂

  8. I should’ve mentioned how I piped them…. I use this pampered chef thingy that I’ve had for 10 years…; categoryCode=BK
    Who would have known that the product I bought because I felt like I had to purchase something at one of those parties would actually be something I use! I mean, the press button is broken, but I can still push down on the plunger thing from the top to make it work. In fact…it’s super easy to use and to clean (which is a requirement in my kitchen!).
    I bet for the broccoli tots, you could just plop scoops of it on the cookie sheet too…..
    Bbq sauce would be yummy!
    You could totally eat these in your jammies as you bask in the sun….

  9. I look forward to the ketchup recipe! I’ve made it before too, but not in the last year or so. With no kids in my house, I tend to use ketchup about once a year. Lol.

  10. Once again..DELICIOUS looking recipe. My goodness..the ideas that flow to your mind when you are limited on ingredients. You rock girlfrann!! These look and sound amazing. I would hoard these by the plateful. 

  11. These tots like so good! I could never come up with recipes like this on my own!

    No big plans for the weekend! Just going to start looking for nursery furniture and finally buy little things for the baby!

  12. Wow, Lisa, you are amazing…this recipe is so unique and impressive!  It looks like the perfect healthy treat to satisfy a craving for something that isn’t nearly as healthy, lol.

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