Constant Change, and Comfort in Crab Cakes and Chocolate Desserts

How was your Wednesday? What’s for dinner?

I had Matthew with me last night and today, and we had a lot of fun—I got absolutely nothing productive done (except a little work when he was asleep)!

We did put together a lego alien spaceship (and then played alien invasion).

I try to not be stingy ever, but I'm kind of confused about legos. When I was a kid, we just built random things out of they all come in specific themes and packages, so all you can do is follow the directions and assemble one specific thing. In our case, an alien spaceship. And it cost $30. Maybe I'm missing something, but once you put this together, it's not "legos" anymore.

We also played Rummikub with my Mom, and went on a bike ride today (it was 46 degrees out!).

I’m never really happy about Matthew going home, but we’re getting better at the process—he used to get mad and cranky before he left, but now I think he is old enough to realize that we’ll always have more time together.

Mom and I always talk about how transitions are bumpy. For all of us. I spent several years of my life in “limbo” …not knowing where I was going, or what was going to happen (or at times, I thought I knew and then everything changed in an instant). I think, sometimes, that life is just like that—even when we think we know how things will turn out, there is always a potential for surprises and change.

I suppose there’s always some aspects of life that are in limbo!

I’ve learned to (mostly) roll with that. It makes for a lot less stress! I’m also glad I’m at a point where I have a job(s) that I like, and have a lot of freedom regarding my choices about how I live.

One constant in my life? I will always love crab cakes!

Dinner. They are not always pretty, but they are always delicious!

I also want to reconfirm the verdict about the chocolate mini cakes.

I think the next ones will involve almond, vanilla, and orange...
Cake-y and slightly dense---this one had not been refrigerated and it was stored in a plastic bag....the other ones were slightly dry by day 2 and 3.

One thing to note: I put some plain ones in a plastic bag, and the next day they were perfect and cake-y and slightly chewy. The ones that were in the fridge with the cherry berry coconut cream on top did dry out a little bit. I think next time, I’ll bake them for 13 minutes instead of 14, and also, I’ll only put the topping on right before serving so I can leave the cakes in a sealed container outside of the fridge. I have an idea for how to make another non-chocolate variety very soon (maybe tomorrow…).

I ate one for breakfast today, and it was a perfect start to the day.

Elimination Diet Update: I have added dairy back into my diet for four days, and have not had a single negative effect. I made sure to have it several times throughout each day (which is more than normal anyway), and I haven’t even had a symptom or suspicion even once. I’m going to dial back my intake to using dairy as an accessory, like I was doing before, and I’m going to add in nuts next. I have some almonds in the dehydrator right now…

I’ll be spending the rest of the week catching up on work and I want to go to yoga class again on Friday.

Do you go with the flow, or does change or the unknown stress you out?

What do you have going on for the rest of the week?





16 thoughts on “Constant Change, and Comfort in Crab Cakes and Chocolate Desserts”

  1. I am trying so hard to get better with change. I made a pretty huge change last week to only have another huge change happen today. I guess I’m getting put to the test these days. I’m rolling with the punches for sure. I know you know first hand that we are not in control of things and that making the best of it does help! Thank you for this post. I definitely can relate!

  2. Legos!! So fun. I remember before they came in fancy sets, too. Back when it wasn’t a huge deal if you lost a few pieces – it’s not like your spaceship wouldn’t fly if the vacuum swallowed them whole. 

    I’m pretty flexible and spontaneous by nature, so the thing that’s hardest for me is when there’s too much certainty or structure. You’re right: life is always in limbo. Even when we think we’ve arrived, something else comes along to upset the balance. 

  3. I try to go with the flow most of the time but I am a planner and change stresses me out sometimes. Those cakes look delicious as do the crab cakes!

  4. I totally agree with you about the Legos.  I bought my son a box of Duplos (he is still too young for Legos) that weren’t part of a pre-set package – trying to encourage free play. 

    I am just like a toddler, getting stressed out about changes and transitions.  I do need to work on how well I adapt to things.  That is critical as a parent.

  5. change stresses me out if its all a bunch of things at once, I like how you focus on what is constant in your life to hold it together!

  6. oh, i can imagine that matthew does not want to leave your place! and yes, i totally agree re legos!!! when we were little, it was just assorted pieces, add in some people and wheels…and you created! i am not as jazzed about these theme kits (although that is better than a lot of other toys!).
    so glad to hear the re-intro of dairy is ok! that is great news!
    i used to get VERY stressed if my schedule did not go exactly as i had planned…or life, for that matter. i have learned that everything happens for a reason, and it’s ok to have a fork in the path. that said, i do still love when a plan comes together!
    good luck with your work today! 

  7. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Legos sure have changed since I was a kid. I still have an old Rummikub set! We played all the time as kids. I am trying to be so much better about going with the flow. It makes life happier. 

  8. I’m totally a planner, so change tends to stress me out a little…trying to work on this though, lol!  Your crabcakes look amazing and so do those mini cakes.

    Yay for no problems with dairy!

  9. Glad to hear that dairy is A-OK for you. This dairy queen was hoping you wouldn’t have to give it up or cut back TOO much! Good luck on the nuts, excited to hear how that goes.
    I used to play Rummi with my sweet next door neighbors back when I was in elementary school living in FL. They were “snowbirds” and only around at their house in the winter months, but loved having us over to play games and swim in their pool. We were like honorary grandchildren!
    Glad you got to enjoy a bike ride too, isn’t this weather just fabulous?
    As usual your crab cake photos make me drool 🙂 I’m going to eat tonight at a place that has fantastic crab cakes, maybe I’ll have to get them!

  10. Yay for cupcakes for breakfast and for dairy not bothering you! 🙂

    My nephews love legos too! I wouldn’t want to leave your place too since you seem like such a great and fun Aunt. Glad you guys are getting better at the process though!

  11. I’m glad to hear you had a great time with Matthew! You two are so cute. I was never a big lego fan, buy my little brother is obsessed! I still want to try these cake bites. I love cake so much I will still eat it dry. 

  12. I’m with  you on the legos.  The kids love to build but the themed ones make it hard to stay entertained with it.  Once James puts it together, he loses interest in playing with it again. 

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