Coconut Flour Chocolate Mini Cakes (gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and an option for sugar free!)

I have been looking at a lot of recipes for coconut flour based baked goods on Pinterest lately. If you follow me there, you may have noticed that all I’ve pinned lately is food! I’ll admit I’ve tried a few things that did not turn out great, but that is bound to happen. I think sometimes the recipes are not that great, or it’s just a matter of doing something differently and not really realizing it.

I’m not a huge chocolate cake fan. I’m more of a vanilla girl. That’s why I made this chocolate cake recipe into mini cupcakes—they’re bite sized, and I figured that would help me not eat too much of something I’m not likely to be crazy about.

But then I made them, and realized I better give some away or I would eat them all in 24 hours!

Dense, chocolate-y, and truly guilt free---I mean, what chocolate cake tastes awesome and is full of great things like fiber, eggs, and healthy coconut fat?!

I cut the recipe in half, and it made exactly 24 mini cupcakes. It probably could have made 25 or 26, but I sampled the batter to see what it was like and to determine if it needed more sweetener.

Go here to find the recipe.

As it instructs, you must follow the recipe exactly. I did not change anything at all, except the following:

  • I cut the recipe in half
  • I used coconut milk instead of cow’s milk
  • I used a combination of erythritol and stevia to sweeten the batter instead of sugar (1/2 cup + 1/3 cup erythritol and about 4 droppers full of stevia)
  • I baked them for 14 minutes (b/c they were so small), and probably could have gone with 13

For the frosting, I used Cherry Berry Coconut Cream, with an additional tablespoon of tart cherry concentrate compared to the original recipe.

Cherry Berry Coconut Cream....It's pudding doubling as a frosting! This is a great complement to the chocolate....Mom and I decided that salted caramel or a cream cheese frosting would be awesome too.
Unfrosted these are great too---they really have a perfect cake texture, slightly dense and also fluffy at the same time.
Fred and Mimi's tray of treats! They both like them a lot! Joe wouldn't try one, but he doesn't really like chocolate, so he wouldn't have been a good judge anyway.



I had such a great day today (in addition to having chocolate cupcakes for breakfast!). I got so much work done this morning that I was able to take the afternoon off and pick up Matthew for a play date with our friends. The kids played for four hours, and there was a lot of chit chatting going on amongst the grown-ups too—an awesome day! I still have yoga and sauna to do tonight, and a little work, and tomorrow morning I’ll be wellness coaching. Then I’m picking up Matthew for a sleepover–he’s on winter break and I just so happen to have a really light week of work due to final exams in two classes and a week off in another. I’ll take it!

What was your most recent awesome creation in the kitchen?

Do you try to invent your own treats or do you like to use other people’s recipes? I like a little bit of both—the hemp seed breakfast cookies were 100% my creation, but I decided with these that there was no reason to re-invent the wheel when I would most likely not be successful on the first try!

18 thoughts on “Coconut Flour Chocolate Mini Cakes (gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and an option for sugar free!)”

  1. I agree sometimes you don’t need to change things up …  but it is fun to create your own sometimes!  These look amazing!! They look like like little brownie bites..   And chocolate and cherry???  I can’t wait for my coconut cream to get here!

  2. So glad you had a great day! 🙂
    These cupcakes look amazing! It’s my nieces birthday next week so maybe i’ll make these to bring along!

    For baking, I usually follow a recipe with little changes, but now I like to play around a little bit more to experiment!

  3. wow! congrats on finding another winning recipe, lisa! you are on a roll!
    i would definitely try the cream cheese frosting!! have to say that i am more of a chocolate than a vanilla girl…esp for frosting, ice cream, girl guide cookies!
    enjoy your day – love that you have matthew time this week. our colleges/universities have reading week this week, but school kids will not be off for march break week til mid-march. have a great day!!

  4. I LOVE coconut flour! I don’t normally bake with just coconut flour though since my oldest isn’t the biggest fan. He likes subtle tones of coconut, but not a ton. These look delicious! 

    I normally come up with my own treats, but sometimes when I see something that really blows me away, I have to try it! Tweaked of course. 

    I hope you had a great time with Matthew!

  5. I have never been one to bake so when it comes to that aspect of making food I will always utilize someone else’s recipe. I’m just not that good at it. But, when it comes cooking I like to modify recipes quite a bit to make them my own.

  6. GetHealthyWithHeather

    Delicious!!! And I do both too… definitely use others recipes as inspiration for my own.

  7. If I had erythritol, I promise you I would’ve made these last night! Drool….. Stevia is allowed on my detox, but not sure about erythritol. Is it similar? I’ve never used it before.

    They look absolutely divine! Love that they are supper healthy too!

  8. These really are fab…I love the choc-cherry combo, and since the cake is dark chocolate, the sweetness of the topping is a perfect complement! You’re gonna have lots of fun playing with your coconut cream!

  9. The reviews on this recipe say that people couldn’t even tell the difference—I do think it’s slightly denser than regular chocolate cake, but not dry like a lot of coconut flour baked goods. It would be a fun experiment to see if you could trick people!

  10. Chocolate is my weakness! These mini cakes wouldn’t stand a chance in my house! They look delicious!! I have baked with coconut flour a few times and I love the nutty flavor it gives the treats. My favorite recent creation would have to be my black bean burgers I made on my birthday! 

  11. It’s definitely worth it! The only thing is that it has SO much fiber that it needs tons of liquids…until I got the hang of that, everything I made turned out super dry. The whole recipe for this chocolate cake called for 10 eggs! It’s super healthy though, so I’m going to keep using it (vanilla cake and pancakes are next on my list….).

  12. You did such a good job on the icing, each cupcake looks so delectable, like something out of a bake shop! Maybe you should think about starting a healthy baked goods biz 🙂 I tend to use other peoples’ recipes because I get worried that my inventions won’t work out – and I tend to lack the creative juices required to think of something new. Plus there is just SO much out there that people have already put into recipes for me to make. I see so many each day, wish I had enough $/stomach space to try it all!

  13. we want!!! those sounds perfect 🙂 with or without the frosting!! YUM
    we like to make our own treats but do like trying out friends recipes too, so many creative people out there!

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