Sharing My Bliss: SunButter, Vega, Granola, Kimberly Snyder Detox Book (and more!) Giveaway!

Because I’m feeling like I should reward myself for working hard, I thought I’d splurge on some of my favorite products…and I also have an offer from SunButter to give away one jar of their organic sunflower seed butter to one of my readers. As a result, I thought I’d pair some of my favorite products with the SunButter in a giveaway. I’m also celebrating that I have spring break from one of my 8 classes this week and then another spring break for a different class the following week!

Here’s the loot:

1 jar of organic sunbutter (donated by SunButter)

I've never had the organic the winner will be obligated to let me know how awesome it is (it's unsweetened, which is the main taste difference from the regular creamy variety)

1 package Vanilla Almondilla Shake and Go Smoothie

With water or blended in a smoothie...this stuff is great!

1 package of Dandy Blend (herbal drink)

An amazing Herbal Drink (drink hot or cold). It's gluten free! I drink it in place of coffee.

1 batch of my super berry granola (raw, except the maple syrup)

Made from sprouted buckwheat, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, NY maple syrup (the only non-raw ingredient), and acai pulp. This stuff is amazing!

1 copy of Kimberly Snyder’s new Detox book

I'm ordering two from Amazon...the winner will get my extra copy!

That’s a lot of great stuff, right?  The only thing that is being donated is the SunButter…the rest is just stuff I thought of that I’d like to give away to one lucky person. I hardly ever enter giveaways because I like other people to win things—that is so weird, isn’t it?!  Maybe I should examine my issues with wanting to make other people happy…but I’ll do that after the giveaway 🙂

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what your most embarrassing moment was or a really funny story about yourself.

If you want additional entries:

1. you can tweet about the giveaway: “Check out @lisakthrives giveaway: @SunButter4Life, @Vega, granola, Kimberly Snyder’s (@kimsbeautydetox) new book!”

2.”Like” my facebook page.

3. If you really want to get creative, recruit other people to “Like” my facebook page—for every 2 people who do, leave a comment here with their names in it for an extra entry.

Good luck! The giveaway will close in a few days…probably on Thursday evening. Don’t miss it!

131 thoughts on “Sharing My Bliss: SunButter, Vega, Granola, Kimberly Snyder Detox Book (and more!) Giveaway!”

  1. Great giveaway!

    My most embarrassing moment was in high school when I was weight lifting with my sister and a friend after school. I was doing squats with a pretty heavy bar and I got a little overambitious and decided to shoot for 12 reps instead of 10. Well, on 11 my legs gave out and I fell face down on the floor with the weight on top of me. Besides getting hurt, the worst part was there were TONS of guys in there and they saw the whole thing! I was absolutely mortified! I immediately left the gym and started crying and I haven't told hardly anyone since. But can you blame me? It was a high schoolers nightmare!

    I also liked you on facebook! Yay!

  2. Allison Wickman

    Most embarassing moment – probably when my jeans were ripped in the butt and I didnt realize it until i took them off (thats all i can think of – i guess i havent experienced anythimg too embarassimg)

  3. Allison Wickman

    Most embarassing moment – probably when my jeans were ripped in the butt and I didnt realize it until i took them off (thats all i can think of – i guess i havent experienced anythimg too embarassimg)

  4. My most embarrassing moment happened in high school. We were taking some standardized tests, and the teachers passed out big wooden boards to sit in our laps to use as makeshift desks to write on. Apparently they had employed this tactic for quite a few years because the boards had accumulated lots of writings and doodles on them. Before the test started the teachers allowed everyone to sit around and chat. My friend was sitting a few rows in front of me. I saw her laugh, and she turned around holding up her board, “There's a big picture of Kermit the Frog on the back of mine.” She told me. I flipped my board over, held it up and blurted out, “There's a HUGE PENIS on the back of mine.” I guess I was a little too enthusiastic though because as I held the board with the huge drawing of male genitalia up in the air, my principal called out, “Quiet everyone, I think Kalyn has something she'd like to share with us.”
    I was so embarrassed that I literally cried.

  5. My most embarrassing moment: My baby fell asleep while nursing, and immediately after setting her down someone was at my door. Without thinking, I answered the door (quickly so they wouldn't ring the bell again) with my breasts completely exposed. Oops!

  6. Great contest.
    My most embarrassing moment, well not the most but it happened this morning as I was teaching a baby Sign Language class. I put in a song for us all to sign. Never really thought of how fast the song was and I couldn't keep up and either could anyone. Not major but still embarrassing.

  7. Hi, my most embarrassing moment? Well I´ll tell you, but not tell anyone! :)) I am working in other city than I live, so I am always staying overnight at my chef´s house. Once I was pretty tired after the work and I thought that mysbe if I do some workout, it will cheer me up a bit. Since I don´t brought any workout clothes, I left just my tank top and strings (yes, you hear me right:) on and strated with some squats, lunges, deadlifts and so on.. After like ten minutes, I heard sommething like this:”Ehm Ehm Ehm”. I turned my head (just doing side lunge, to the right, if you are interested:) and there he was – my chef was standing in the doorway, wanting to invited me for dinner (probably I don´t need to say that the dinner never happend:). Embarrassing a little?

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  9. My most embarrassing moment would have to be in tenth grade when I tripped (over my own feet, d'oh!) in the cafeteria and all the contents of my lunch tray landed on no other than my history teacher's backside. I thought things like that only happened in cheesy movies, apparently not! She was pretty cool about it though which helped with the embarrassment factor.

  10. One of my most embarrassing moments is when I was giving a speech in high school in my theater class about SAT testing…In one of the very first lines, I said “SAT breasts” instead of “SAT tests.” I immediately burst into a rumbling laughter that lasted for what seemed like a lifetime. Needless to say, I failed that speech.

    Great giveaway btw! I also liked you on facebook and tweeted too!

  11. One of my most embarrassing moments would have to be in high school when I accidentally called my history teacher by the (rather rude!) nickname my friends and I gave him. The embarrassment got even worse when he started calling himself by the nickname for the following two weeks or so. Oops!

  12. I had a period leak accident in middle school. Luckily this was the late 80's when wearing leggings under a skirt was in style, so my leggings were ruined but I had a skirt over. I ran to the office to call my parents, but my mom and dad were both at work and were not avail to come to the phone. I had to call my GRANDPA to pick me up. I couldn't bare to tell him the truth, so I told him I thought I had the flu and had just thrown up in the bathroom, and luckily he did come get me.

  13. Riding the school bus (mind you I am in 11th grade at this time) and the radio is playing Elton John's Crocodile Rock and I am singing away as I watch the road go by. I'm the new kid in town, don't really know anyone else on the bus and scared because I am obese and unpopular… anyway the bus comes to a stop at the school and as I get up to exit all the kids shout the chorus of the song at me, “LAAAAAAAA, la, la la la la, la, la, la, la, la.” and here I am red faced cause I didn't realize anyone could hear me. Oh yeah, la, la, la, la, is now ha, ha, ha!

  14. I have too many embarrassing moments! One time in high school my friends and I were running out of the building towards my car and I saw my crush, went to wave, missed a step and face planted in the gravel. So cute. 🙂

  15. I fell down the stairs on a first date. Yep, just like a movie scene…my junior year of high school while my parents and soon to be boyfriend (apparently he liked a clutzo!) watched. I'm trip over my own feet sometimes (don't ask how I am a runner) but it's all about laughing at yourself and not taking yourself too seriously 🙂

  16. Awesome giveaway!!! I would love ALL of these prizes! *crossing fingers!*

    Oh, jeez… What is my most embarrassing moment? I feel like I have so many. 😀 It could be the time I was on a skiing field trip with my middle school class, and slipped on some ice & went crashing into the ski chalet right in front of my crush! He, and a bunch of other kids, pointed & laughed! It felt like it was right out of a movie because my skis went flying & I stopped just short of smashing my face into the building. Luckily, I wasn't hurt whatsoever, and now I'm sure I would just let something like that roll off my back, but at the time & with my fragile 7th grade ego, it was terrible. Haha

  17. Well when I drove a 12 foot truck under a 9 foot bridge….pretty embarassing! Or being arrested in college for drinking in the back seat of the car…they just hand cuffed me in the middle of the street! I was hoping no one would recognize me. haha!

  18. Came over from Katelyn's blog … love yours, too!!
    Ok, embarassing moment: misinterpreting and asking an acquaintance (with an excited face) whether she was pregnant. Yeah … it really is as awkward as everyone thinks it is. end of story 😉

  19. Amazing giveaway!!! I would love to try all of these products!!

    My most embarrassing moment in my whole life was in first grade when my friend accidentally pulled down my skirt and underwear in front of the whole class. I will never ever forget it!

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