Grow, Learn, and Do

First, enter my giveaway! Vega Shake ‘n Go, SunButter (donated), Dandy Blend, my (almost) famous and (almost) raw granola, and Kimberly Snyder’s new detox book!

Thinking of adding this to my professional repertoire...when people say they'd buy something from you, do you believe them?

Second, check out my Guest Post at Healthy Heyday (and leave a comment for Jody Lynn!)


We began talking about weight and the overweight/obesity epidemic in my nutrition course, and I was reminded how much I like and care about my students. I’ve also been watching episodes of Secret Millionaire, and somehow these two things have combined in my head to remind me that focusing on helping and educating individual people is more fulfilling than trying to change the world.

Also, If you’re interested in contemplating topics like:

  1. Is it ok for high schools to sell candy to kids during the day to raise money for sports programs?
  2. Should health insurance cover bariatric surgery?
  3. What could the potential health gain be if workplaces took a harder stance on health (there’s this car dealership guy who sends his unhealthy employees to “health camp” and pays for it)?
  4. Is a treadmill walking workspace a good (and effective) idea?

Check out this CNBC special on Hulu: One Nation, Overweight.

Also, watch this season’s first epidsode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The kids bring in their “School Food” and all of it comes out of a plastic wrapper—much of it has been heated up in the wrappers. I think the second episode is on this week!

I’ve learned:

1. My mom told me about a quote from the college president, “Make new mistakes.” I love this–mistakes are inevitable, so I’d rather just focus on learning my lessons and moving onto new ones! I get tons of new ideas and try things all the time…and many times it doesn’t work out. But sometimes it does.

2. Broccoli has more protein per calorie than steak.

3. If you’re a coffee drinker, take a travel mug to Starbucks on Friday (Earth Day) and get free coffee.

Last thing:

I’d like to do something useful and important for Earth Day. Since I’ve decided not to single-handedly save the world, I’m going to plant some things on my porch (or maybe inside if it keeps snowing and being so cold here in NY).

This year's crop is coming soon!
A great reference!

Last Last thing:

My cousin Kristen, the one co-producing The Killing (you can watch free online), spent the weekend in France and she said that in Monaco (1) you could rent a space for your yacht for $350K per week, and (2) when using public (co-ed) restrooms, there is a little machine that comes out and washes and dries the toilet seat before you use it.  Based on my irrational fear of public toilets, I think I may have to move to Monaco! Do you know anything interesting or quirky about another country?

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