Wordy Wednesday

Dinner Dates – Lately, I’ve been all work and not much play. It’s ok for now, but I’m happy to say I have three dinner dates this week. One was on Monday with my oldest friend Kyle, another is tomorrow with a more recently met friend Lisa, and the third is with a blogger friend Katelyn whom I have not yet met!

Me and Kyle...you'd think we could manage to get another picture of us together...this was almost two years ago. Old friends still should have new pics!

Sweet Potatoes – I am not a sweet potato person. Or, I wasn’t. Until yesterday. I was going to make brownies with a mini sweet potato (well, just one brownie–the mini sweet pots were bought strategically for Portion Control). Yesterday, as I mixed ingredients, I ate all the batter before I could morph it into a brownie. Today, before I even got to adding chocolate, I made the most awesome and simple thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. It rivals (beats?) avocado pudding.

Sweet Potato Mash

Chop – Lately, all my salads look like this. Chopped into small pieces with my mezzaluna. I swear these salads are better than regular ones.

Hometown – Last time Matthew was here, he convinced me he needed new hiking boots (I’m a sucker for buying my little man anything he needs. Second grade is rough, ya know? Plus, he knows how to play me). We tried every place I could think of in Rochester, and he suggested the mennonite store in Benton Center. I begrudgingly stopped there on my way to drop him off at home (I am a chicken about going to places like that). They had the exact hiking boots he wanted from Dick’s sporting goods website…only they were $10 cheaper. Who says you can’t buy clothes in Penn Yan?

Need a pair of hiking boots? Winter coat? flowery nightgown? No need for the mall...just go to Country Quest!

I also stopped at a little bulk/health food store in the country called Catlin’s. It’s where I get Dandy Blend (p.s. I bought an extra one to give away soon). I bought a sprouting lid, and dry organic chickpeas. Coming soon: sprouted hummus and sprouted socca. I know, you can’t wait—me neither!

Explode the nutrient content of your legumes....Sprout 'em! I spent $1.64 on this lid (yes, I could probably make one for cheaper)...at the health food store in the "city," the lid is $5.

Variety – I ate chocolate avocado pudding everyday last week. For the past two days, I’ve renewed my relationship with Vega products, and instead of chocolate, I added a scoop of Vanilla Chai Vega and a tbsp of Berry Shake ‘n Go Vega. It’s awesome, albeit ugly.

Greenie Yum!

New – I had the urge to buy new things in the produce department yesterday.

Watercress (not new, but not so common for me), mini sweet potatoes, yuca, and a kind of squash that I forgot the name, but it's an unsweetened version of an apple...I've been chopping and adding to salads---I love the crunch!

Let’s just look at this again for emphasis.

Beautiful. Delicious.

Do you like sweet potatoes? I really am not a fan of the traditional sweet potato dishes (not really even the fries). But this…total love.

Do you sprout things? Do you chop your salads?

Go check out what everyone ate!

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