What Super Powers Do You Have?

Super Power #1: I’m the Idea Queen.

I have lots of ideas, often. I’ve been told I don’t follow through on things, but in my habit of upcycling my thoughts and not focusing on the “buts” of my statements…

I like to look at it as brainstorming (and I like to brainstorm out loud!). Some ideas catch on and move from my brain to my life, and others don’t make the cut. If I never had any ideas…what would I ever do?

Sometimes my ideas turn out to be bad or disgusting---like spaghetti squash and Daiya---but now that I'm a grown-up, I don't have to bury wasted ingredients in the yard to avoid anyone knowing about it!

Super Power #2:  When I wellness coach, I have this way of getting people to think more positively without having to sound or feel fake or cheesy (well, I can be cheesy sometimes, but it seems to work). I’m a chronic upcycler, and I’m pretty sure that my success at wellness coaching has as much (or more) to do with how I interact with people as it does with all the knowledge behind the PhD. I’d like to share some of my client’s success stories on the blog if anyone is interested in reading about them! (Note: I’m not trying to sell services or anything like that–It’s just for inspiration’s sake)


I saw this article about Self-promotion on Crazy Sexy Life today, and I loved this line:

“I’ve got what I’ve got, which is a lot. If that warms your cockles, let’s talk. If not, my engine is running, and I trust that your tribe is waiting for you elsewhere. meep meep.”

Related to that:

I just bought Crazy Sexy Diet and can’t wait to read it.


I have no good pictures from yesterday. I stayed inside and did work, until I went to the grocery store. At the store, I wandered aimlessly for an excessive length of time thanks to the blizzard hype—everyone shopped the day before in anticipation of being snowed in, and I could have totally danced through the aisles (if I wanted to).

I also Skyped with Matthew. He was spending his snow day morning in his dad’s insurance office.

He left his "office" for a minute to go get something...this is a big box in which he has put a blanket, a stuffed dog, the laptop, some magazines...
Just enough space to lie down and chat about dogs and hunting and stuff. He sang me a song too.

What are your Super Powers?

Do success stories motivate and inspire you?

Do you have a special little person in your life?

The Ultimate Smoothies Workshop is tonight! So far, my partner in crime is still in Milwaukee, but hopefully she flies in before the event… Hopefully I’ll con someone into being a photog for the event so you can see it tomorrow! What would be in your favorite smoothie?

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