The Soup Diaries and a Freebie Snow Day!

Today is a snow day in Rochester…and I’m not sure why (aside from the media hype). The storm totally missed us, but I’ll gladly use the extra hours at home to be productive (or blog and tweet!). The past 7 days have been full of soup! There aren’t really any recipes—I just put things together in the crockpot and stir it once in a while (note: tomato based with fresh-dried herbs seems to taste the best). Most of them are meatless, except the first one has crab meat and clams in it.

And this, for emphasis on how awesome it is (even in the winter):

Do you have a snow day today?

What’s your day like? I’m going to do work like crazy all day, and prep for my smoothie workshop scheduled for tomorrow evening. My friend, Petra, who is my counterpart in the smoothie workshops, is stuck in Milwaukee…so it may be an interesting experience! She’s super good at the prep details, and now I have to make sure I’m not forgetting anything… We have 40 people signed up and 14 on a waiting list. I was thinking we may not even get 40. who wants to learn about smoothies in February?!

Do you use Skype? I’ve recently been skyping with Matthew and with my Dad, and I can’t believe I never did it before! It’s great–even when all Matthew wants to do is make faces.

I’m thinking of cleaning up my diet a little more and focusing on detoxing–even though I’m not crazy about that word. I love Natalia Rose and Kris Carr, but I am going to come up with my own based on my own needs. Is that too boring to blog about??

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Hope you have a great day, Friends!

30 thoughts on “The Soup Diaries and a Freebie Snow Day!”

  1. The tomato based soup with beans looks amazing! Any chance we can get a more detailed accounting of what went into it? Looks like it would be a perfect addition to the homemade bread were making today! 🙂

  2. Joe made that one—I'll see if I can find out his secret plan (I do know

    that he used dry beans and forgot they would expand…so he had to take half

    of them out after they started to soften and get BIGGER!). Homemade


  3. I love soups. But I prefer the heartier end. The “stew” version. Delicious ingredients that combine the essence of sitting by the fire after a long day of hiking in late Autumn.

  4. I'm so with you! Most of my “soups” end up with essentially no liquid at


    …and there's definitely something about a great hearty soup that can

    transport me to that by-the-fire feeling!


    Thanks for the comment—have a great day 🙂

  5. Nope, no snow day. Just a cold day here. Ate least we've got sunshine finally. My day is just another work day. Maybe weights after work or maybe a rest day. And I'd be very interested in your “detox”. I think I could use one of those.

  6. The soups look perfect for all this cold weather. We do not have snow here in Atlanta, but it is freezing and overcast. Gross weather and I am over it. I am not a detox person, but I can see how some people benefit from it.

  7. I got a snow day too, love it!!! Since it's really bad outside I will just spend the day relaxing and cleaning, I'll eventually make it to the gym. Exciting stuff 🙂

  8. I get to work from home today because of the ridiculous snowstorm we have in Chicago. The visibility is zero. It's insane!! Have a great snow/ice day!

  9. Yum! I looove soup! My favorite is French Onion! =D
    No snow here!
    A typical day for me consists of school in the morning and afternoon and then family time at night! =D
    I use Skype a lot, especially to stay in touch with American friends and family while we're in Brazil and vice versa.

  10. it's a snow day here, too! all schools/colleges closed, so husband is home, too! at first, i thought they were premature in calling it, but now the snow has re-started, so looks like a wise move!
    i, for one, would love to hear about any “detoxing” that you do – or any incorporations/deletions you decide to try!
    i skyped with my little nieces and my brother and SIL when they were overseas this summer, and it was so awesome to see them and chat. what a marvelous invention – and it's free! amazing!
    good luck with your smoothie prep – can't wait to hear how the seminar goes!

  11. Snow days (wheter they're warranted or not) are always welcome! Great looking soups, when it's this cold outside, soup is definitely my favorite thing to make!

  12. Ummm….NO. Definitely not to boring to post about for me!!!!

    I was TOLD I was getting a snow day so I went to bed late…and had AWESOME plans with the kiddos.

    THEN I woke up to a text saying to be at the office. Craptastic.

  13. This is the 2nd day of ridiculous cold in Colorado (below 0 degrees!), and while it could be worse (it's sunny! )it is so painful to walk outside! I go to a private college that operates on a special, non-adjustable schedule, so we don't have a snow day, but my prof has been letting us out of class pretty early. So now I'm checking blogs and skype instant messaging with my best friend from home!

  14. Thehealthyapron

    gotta love a freebie snow day. The snow did NOT live up to the hype where I live either. Oh well, I'm happy not to have to go in to work today 🙂

  15. I love soup! Nothing better in the winter. I don't use Skype, but I do use Google video chat with my sister who is in college – it's fantastic! Unfortunately I'm at work today and it is absolutely miserable out! Wishing I was home cooking instead 🙂

  16. Oh man… I've been putting clams and oysters in a lot of pasta dishes lately, but I totally need to put them in some SOUP!

  17. So jealous of your snow day! We had just high winds and flurries, but it was way cold! No cause for a snow day though, especially when it's inventory day! Boo!

  18. Ooh, that soup looks so good! Too bad it's really hot here today or I would definitely be in the mood for some. I'm looking forward to hearing about your smoothie workshop, and detoxing would most definitely not be too boring to blog about. 🙂

  19. Seafood in soup is always bueno! I would love to read about your detoxing if you do it, stuff like that always intrigues me! Hope you're stayin warm!

  20. No snow day 🙁 but I did get a delayed start for school which meant one of my classes was cancelled! Always a plus 🙂

  21. thank God for Skype. i live in Australia while my family lives in Canada, yet we still manage to talk (for cheap!) every week! it certainly makes the world feel smaller.

    and i think reading about your detox would be really interesting. have you ever done one before?

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