That super grain-like seed, plus a new way to smash your taters!

It’s back-to-work-day for me…but I’m working from home, so no complaints (even though dragging myself virtually into my classrooms this morning was a little rough. The plus side? I think my students are dragging too because no one has posted anything yet! That means I’m just prepping for my two new classes—ones I’ve never taught before).

Joe likes to get his recipes from Runner’s World magazine (aka The Bible). Sometimes I question his devotion to this mag, as he can hear me spew some health or fitness information 10 times, but only try it out or believe when it’s published in RW. I don’t know if it’s a testament to them or me that we often agree on our health info!

Yesterday, he wanted to try smashed potatoes, and at least followed my recommendation to use red skinned potatoes (less starchy) and organic cheese (less hormone and antibiotic-y).

The Recipe from The Bible
Potatoes and greek yogurt
Plus cheese and stuff
The final product---I was kinda surprised, this was really good!

For breakfast, we both had cream of buckwheat (not a grain, and gluten free!), with half a scoop of Sun Warrior vanilla protein (my fave) and a chopped up banana. Β It would be even better with a scoop of nut butter! There’s something so cookie-like about this. It’s not beautiful, but I swear, I like it better than oatmeal. The town I grew up in (Penn Yan, NY) is known for its buckwheat production, and used to be the home of the World’s largest buckwheat pancake (there’s a huge griddle hanging on the side of a building). Buckwheat from Birkett Mills is sold in wegmans in the gluten free section, and is a great source of protein. You can buy groats or kasha (and even sprout the groats—because they’re raw), and you can use them like rice or other grains in savory dishes. Another great use for the groats is in cereals and granolas.

Nanners and protein
Cream of Buckwheat stirred in...this kept me full for a LONG time.

What is the town you’re from (or where you live now) known for?

26 thoughts on “That super grain-like seed, plus a new way to smash your taters!”

  1. Erica - Itzy's Kitchen

    Greek yogurt in mashed potatoes? I bet thats awesome. I really want to try it. And what delicious bfast bowls. I've never had buckwheat. Charleston is known for candied pecans & just delicious restaurants overall

  2. Your breakfast looks great! I honestly think im going to pick up some buckwheat next time im at the grocery store!

    I live just outside of Pasadena, CA which is mainy known for the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade.

  3. This city is known for sour dough bread. πŸ˜‰ But also lots of international cuisine. We added coconut milk to our mashed potatoes the other evening because we were out of milk. I hadn't thought of adding yogurt, which we have plenty of!

  4. I love all mushed together things. warm bananas are great for breakfast meals. I'm from Atlanta and Georgia is the “peach state” (even though I'm not sure agriculture is prevalent anymore), but Atlanta is known for having a million “peachtree” streets

  5. i live in ontario canada, and my city, waterloo, is known for…oktoberfest! so sausage-on-a-bun, sauerkraut, pigtails (those are actually quite tasty!) have put us on the map!
    runner's world DOES have some good/nutritious recipes!
    enjoy your day!!

  6. Yogurt in mashed potatoes? GENIUS! and for sure try out the compact daylight bulbs! They are worth every penny! Just putting a few in a lamp and hanging said lamp over your food should help with nighttime pictures — though you seem to have great photos to begin with! =)

    can't wait to read more! thanks for finding me!


  7. Gosh, I'd say LA is known for all types of food- primarily FUSIONS of sorts: Asian Fusion, French Fusion, California Fusion- the trends makes me chuckle a little on the inside… I myself adore all the Mexican/South American food options around town, from taco trucks to holes in the wall to fancy schmancy places, So Cal definitely runs the gamet of foods south of the border. Gah, now I'm hungry πŸ™‚

  8. Oooh, cream of buckwheat sounds so good! Warm and comforting, and the perfect start to a chilly winter day. The smashed potatoes look great too!

  9. Mmmmmmmmmm those look good! What a great recipe! I love the recipes they have in clean eating magazine! I need to make some of them more, have you heard of that mag?!

    Where I was born and raised in Pennsylvania we were known for Primantis Sandwiches! I lived near Pittsburgh, they are sandwiches with fries, a type of meat, egg, and coleslaw! They are famous and Fattening as ever! lol! I really dont like them! I had one once!

  10. I haven't heard of Clean Eating, but it sounds right up my alley!

    I've never heard of Primantis sandwiches…but I'm pretty sure that would make my stomach very unhappy πŸ™‚

  11. I had the buckwheat and banana for B'fast and I really liked it…we”ll see if my IBS gut does. So far so good! I didn't put the Sun Warrior in. I wanted to see the “plain taste” I did do a sprinkle of Truvia. Also only 1 cup of coffee instead of 3.

  12. The buckwheat is also really good with pumpkin puree (plus pie spices)…
    Have you tried flavored liquid stevia? NuNaturals and Stevia Leaf brands have all kinds of flavors like toffee, vanilla, chocolate, orange, etc. Truvia's good…I just don't buy it because Coca Cola owns it, but that's just a beef I have with them ruining America's health and stuff πŸ™‚
    Good luck and keep me posted on the Anti-IBS Campaign!

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