Mg the Magnificent!

Today, I begin teaching a new (to me) course called Vitamins, Herbs, and Nutritional Supplements. Β This is kind of fitting–as I’m prepping to write a succinct (hopefully) user friendly review of Magnesium, since it appears many people may be interested in this topic. (If you’re not, skip down to the bottom for a few pics!)

The oil---my recommendation is to find a pure one, like Ancient Minerals. I put it in a spritz bottle, spritz a little in my hands and then rub it into the major lymph node areas: tops of feet, backs of knees, groin (sort of), high heart area (upper chest), armpits
The Mg flakes---add to a warm/hot bath (or foot bath) and relax for 30 minutes. **Don't do this in the evening!!! It might keep you awake, and I don't want to be responsible for that πŸ™‚

Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, and potassium are very important to how we feel and to our body structure. They need to be in balance for optimal performance and structure (think: metabolism, blood, oxygen, energy, bones, tissues, etc).

Our food supply, unfortunately, is lacking in minerals like magnesium because soil is less mineralized than it used to be, and food is more processedΒ (and stripped), grows in blah dirt, and travels further to get to us. Additionally, processed and acidic foods in the body cause minerals like magnesium and calcium to be used up rapidly. This is a double whammy! We get less, and we waste more!

A side note: the reason some foods that are digestively acidic (citrus fruits, etc) become alkaline in the tissues (yes, you want to be alkaline in your tissues) is because of the presence of minerals like magnesium. If you’re deficient in minerals, the digestive acidity transfers to tissue acidity.

Other details of Mg:

  • Ca and Mg bind heavy metals, chemicals, chemical drugs and allow them to be washed out in urine
  • Mg helps stress management via increasing supply to brain and causing calmness and relaxation
  • Too much can lead to over-alertness, or the Draino effect if taken orally (enough said)
  • Long-term lack of Mg contributes to demineralization of the body (acidity of the tissues) which causes chronic disease
  • Stress causes the body to use minerals faster
  • Chlorophyll’s (blood of plants) primary mineral is Mg, so combination of green leafies and Mg causes increased energy
  • Mg leads to heart health– the heart’s concentration of Mg is 18 times higher than that of the blood, so adequate Mg leads to heart health
  • Mg is just as important in bone health (and teeth) as calcium, and to counteract acidity in the body (which leaches minerals in the bones), an increased Mg intake helps (1) alkalize tissues and (2) mineralize bones

In general, people who are deficient in minerals, especially Mg, find themselves feeling blah and tired, and they also fatigue quickly from exertion (exercise). Too little Mg causes the body work harder (including increased heart rate). Plus, being low in Mg can cause ickier PMS symptoms. Mg is known for preventing osteoporosis, heart attacks, hypertenstion, constipation, migraines, leg cramps, kidney stones, gallstones and lots of other things.

Why Mg Oil and Flakes?

The body’s largest organ is the skin, which is highly permeable (many people will say you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth!). Additionally, the body’s lymph system has several direct entry points via the skin. Lymph is pretty awesome—it is a system of fluid, nodes, organs, and cells that work closely with the circulatory system (but the lymph fluid in a 150lb adult is around 22lbs! This can be double the amount of blood in the body). Lymph bathes organs and tissues with nutrients—so why not give the nutrients directly to the lymph system and bypass digestion (where all types of things can get in the way of it reaching the tissues)?

My personal reason for using the Mg oil?

1. Osteoporosis runs in my family

2. I like the energy boost

3. I’m guessing I’m no different than the average (highly veggie eating) person whose food is deficient in minerals

4. I have a lot of joint pain and muscle soreness/tightness, and it helps me recover from workouts and relax some of the tightness

Do you take or use Magnesium or other minerals? Why? Does it help?!

**I’m not a doctor. I have a PhD in health, so I hope you value my professional opinions, but I would encourage you to consider this: Never take one source of information (person or resource) and follow it blindly. Every person is unique and has unique needs, so your best bet is to find a doctor who can be your Partner in Health, and then do your own in-depth research too!

Last week when Matthew (my 7 year-old nephew) came to visit, he brought his clothes in a clothes basket...I found this in it (his dad's). I was going to give it back and forgot. Why is this stressing me out? I have no idea what to do with it. p.s. It's one of those things that will leach your Magnesium!
I love my Vita-Mix---Cilantro pesto in the works!
Spaghetti Squash + Beets + Cilantro Pesto...I was worried the pesto was too bitter, but when I put it on the sweet squash and added beets, it was the perfect combo!

Do you throw food away (like that Mt. Dew?) or would you give it away?

40 thoughts on “Mg the Magnificent!”

  1. My bf is all over this magnesium information! I'm going to pass this post along to him for sure!
    That pesto looks awesome!
    I say throw it away. I really hate wasting “food” but it's not actually food. Drain it first and recycle it. πŸ™‚

  2. Erica - Itzy's Kitchen

    Interesting stuff. Osteoporosis runs in my family too so I was eager to read all about this. <3 spaghetti squash- I haven't made it in quite some time. I'd throw the dew out!

  3. osteoporosis runs in my family, too…i take a cal/mag supplement.
    thanks for all the mag info, lisa! very interesting reading…
    i wouldn't throw the dew out, to be honest…i'd leave it to the parents to decide! although pop+kids=not the best choice, i agree!

  4. That cilantro pesto looks amazing! Yes, I need tips on teaching the wellness class, lol! Do you do powerpoing or lots of open discussion? Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am excited to read yours!

  5. That's super interesting information!!!!
    I'd probably try to find someone to give any food that I don't want away to. I just hate throwing anything away!!!!
    By the way, what is your cilantro pesto recipe? It looks really yummy!

  6. Now I have to turn around and go back out to the healthfood store! Great new info for me. Thanks. I've been reading a lot about lymph system and the benefits of “rebounding” on the mini trampoline. Thoughts, before I go out and buy yet another piece of equipment?

  7. Buy a rebounder! I bought one at Dick's about 3 years ago, and now I can't

    use it because I'm in an upstairs apt. It's not really great exercise, and I

    think people often expect to get that from it, but it is one of the best

    lymph detoxers. Ella and Harrison will love it too πŸ™‚

  8. I think my best quick advice would be:

    1. spend a lot of time (even more than one whole class) getting to know your

    students. If you do, you'll have a good time in class (b/c they will talk

    more) and they'll learn more too if they are way comfortable with you.

    Sometimes when I haven't done this, I find myself realizing after the course

    is half over that I'm just getting to know them (aside from just memorizing

    their names).

    2. Powerpoint is good, but I show tons of youtube videos too, and also have

    them do mini-exercises a lot (they chat with each other about some concept

    and then have to tell the class what they think). This helps it not be

    boring, and makes them participate more if they're particularly quiet.

    3. I try and use current events a lot, and even make them find news stuff to

    bring in that's relevant.

    4. Try to have a course website—then you don't have to make as many

    copies, and no one can ever tell you they didn't have the materials they

    needed to do their work!

    I'm sure there's more πŸ™‚

    How exciting for you to start teaching—you can ask me any questions you


  9. LOVE THIS…great information THANKS!

    when I find a rogue soda, I pour it down a drain and let it clean it.

    it's probably what it's best for.

  10. Ha—I think you're right! I once heard on tv that if you put a nail in a

    glass of coke, it will dissolve over time! (Not sure if that's true, but the

    fact that it sounds believable is a bit scary)

  11. I am super interested in Mg's stress busting and energy boosting abilities. I am a big worry wart, so anything that can quite those silly worries is definitely worth a shot!

  12. Thank you so much for your thorough review of Magnesium! Sounds like it has a lot of benefits and I'm definitely going to seek out more info on this. Hmm, about the Mountain Dew…was it opened? If so, I would toss it. (If not, I guess I would probably give it back.)

  13. ComfortablyDomestic

    Who knew Mg did so many things?! You did, obviously. I take a super multivitamin every day, (try) to eat a well balanced diet, and call it good. I would definitely throw the Mt. Dew away. Blech!

  14. This is fantastic! I learned so much in one article! LOVE IT! I have you bookmarked in my reader so I can come back and learn more =)


    ps: bahhhh under the sink cleaning IS the worst! I did my master bath sink but the kitchen one scares me. the owners left behind too many chemicals and junk!

  15. Great blog post/informational article. It's not often that I really learn a ton from a post, so thank you for that! πŸ™‚ Can't wait to read more!

  16. This is really interesting- I bet I'm deficient. (insert obvious joke here πŸ™‚ )
    When I end up with food I don't like I usually give it to someone who will eat it or… (shame face) eat it anyway because I can't stand food going to waste… I know my body isn't a trash can, but I have some sort of weird guilt issues with wasting food! And I never lived through a depression or anything!

  17. I've heard that police keep 2 liters of coke in their trunks to help clean up blood at crime scenes (sorry, too gory?) Ew.

    On a lighter note- I LOVE the colors in your squash/beets/pesto meal! Beautiful!

    And I'd love to give the Mg spray a try for energy boosts when I'm working doubles! Let's talk more about it this weekend?

  18. Wow, I really haven't ever thought about my magnesium levels. Thanks for the information!

    I try not to throw food away, but on occasion, I do. I bought some peanut butter last year and I ended up throwing it away because I was completely failing at “moderation.” =O

  19. It is hard to throw things out — that mt dew is still sitting on my

    counter, and a year or so ago I would have totally drank it! I definitely

    eat things to “get rid of them” …wonder what that's all about! πŸ™‚

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